Best Dog Food For Basenjis (2020 Reviews)

Basenjis are definitely one of the most exciting dog breeds out there. They were first bred for hunting, which explains their exceptional eyesight and sense of smell. They are known for being cat-like due to being able to groom themselves like cats. They are also known for not barking, yet they still growl and yodel.

Basenjis are affectionate dogs towards their parents, and they are very protective of them. You know you are very much loved if you have a Basenji for a best friend. To return the favor, we have prepared a list of best dog foods for Basenjis and added a buyer’s guide at the end of the article for new pet parents. 

Blue Buffalo Wilderness Grain-Free Salmon Dog Food
Blue Wilderness Adult Salmon
our top pick

Here are the best dog food for a Basenji in a quick glance:

  • Blue Wilderness Adult Salmon
  • Solid Gold – Leaping Waters with Cold Water Salmon
  • Rachael Ray Nutrish Zero Grain Natural Dog Food
  • FROMM Four-Star, Grain-Free Gamebird Recipe
  • Wellness Core Grain-Free Original Turkey & Chicken
Blue Buffalo Wilderness Grain-Free Salmon Dog Food
Blue Wilderness Adult Salmon
our top pick
solid gold
Solid Gold - Leaping Waters with Cold Water Salmon
Runner Up
rachael ray
Rachael Ray Nutrish Zero Grain Natural Dog Food
Best for Budget
FROMM Four-Star, Grain-Free Gamebird Recipe
FROMM Four-Star, Grain-Free Gamebird Recipe
Best for Picky Eaters
• Wellness Core Grain-Free Original Turkey & Chicken
Wellness Core Grain-Free Original Turkey & Chicken
For Sensitive Stomach

Our Top Pick: Blue Wilderness Adult Salmon

Blue Buffalo Wilderness Grain-Free Salmon Dog Food
Blue Wilderness Adult Salmon
our top pick

About: Blue Wilderness’ dog foods are specially prepared to mimic the diet of dogs’ ancestors. Their products are grain-free and prepared with a mixture of whole meat as well as meat meals. Blue Wilderness Adult Salmon is a great option for those who want to feed their Basenji with a high protein diet.

Features: Blue Wilderness Adult Salmon is an impressive dog food due to having salmon as its first ingredient. It is a fantastic source of protein and Omega-3 fatty acids. Chicken and menhaden fish meal are the following ingredients as the additional sources of protein.

All the Blue Wilderness products are grain-free. Instead of using wheat or corn, they provide carbohydrates through peas and sweet potatoes, which are much healthier choices for pups. Their products also contain carrots, blueberries, cranberries and parsley to improve the taste and provide the antioxidants that dogs need.

Blue Wilderness products are made in the U.S.A. They do not contain any artificial flavors, colorants or additives. Instead of such unnecessary and harmful ingredients, Blue Wilderness prefers adding vitamins, minerals and probiotics to their recipes to keep your dog as much healthy as possible. 

Runner Up: Solid Gold - Leaping Waters with Cold Water Salmon

solid gold
Solid Gold - Leaping Waters with Cold Water Salmon
Runner Up

About: Solid Gold – Leaping Waters with Cold Water Salmon is a greats second choice on our list, especially if your dog has a sensitive stomach. Featuring protein-packed ingredients and probiotics, this one might be the new favorite of your pup.

Features: The first ingredient of this particular dog food is again salmon, which is an incredibly rich protein source. Ocean fish meal is the second ingredient as an additional source of protein.

It is a grain and gluten-free dog food that uses chickpeas, lentils and peas as carbohydrate sources in the recipe, making it much healthier for pups and easy on their digestive system. The salmon oil found in the recipe is a rich source of Omega-3 and Omega-6 fatty acids to keep your dog’s skin and coat healthy. Probiotics are added to help the digestive system.

 In addition to all these fantastic ingredients, Solid Gold – Leaping Waters with Cold Water Salmon contains fresh vegetables such as carrots, pumpkin, parsley, apples, cranberries, blueberries and broccoli. 

Due to being chicken-free and free from grains as well as gluten, it is a great food for dogs that have a sensitive stomach. If that is the case for your Basenji, you can safely opt for this one. 

Best for Budget: Rachael Ray Nutrish Zero Grain Natural Dog Food

rachael ray
Rachael Ray Nutrish Zero Grain Natural Dog Food
Best for Budget

About: Rachael Ray Nutrish Zero Grain Natural Dog Food is a great choice for those who are considerate of their budget who wants their pups to be healthy due to being grain and gluten-free. It is simply designed to provide dogs with the nutrients that they need while being delicious and budget-friendly.

Features: Rachael Ray Nutrish Zero Grain Natural Dog Food’s primary ingredient is real turkey, which provides high levels of protein. This dog food is free of grains, gluten and any fillers. The brand makes sure that the ingredients are nutritious to pups and not harmful in any way. 

This product does not contain any artificial dyes, colorants, flavors or preservatives, but it is full of minerals, vitamins and flaxseeds to improve your dog’s diet and health. Since there are no grains, gluten and artificial additives, it is unlikely to cause any allergic reactions.

However, the recipe lacks the benefits of fruits and vegetables to be budget-friendly.

In any case, it is a product that contains high-quality ingredients that will provide the nutrients with your dog needs. If you are in the lookout for a budget-friendly but high-quality dog food, this one might be a great option for you.

Best for Picky Eaters: FROMM Four-Star, Grain-Free Gamebird Recipe

FROMM Four-Star, Grain-Free Gamebird Recipe
FROMM Four-Star, Grain-Free Gamebird Recipe
Best for Picky Eaters

About: FROMM is not a well-known dog food brand, yet it is worth checking out because their products are full of great ingredients that dogs will love to get a taste of. Specifically, the Gamebird Recipe is their most popular recipe that is delicious for dogs, even for those picky eaters.

Features: This dog food has duck meat as its first ingredient, which is known to be found tasty by dogs. It also contains turkey and chicken meat as additional sources of protein. Gamebird Recipe is free from grains. Instead of wheat, rice or corn, potatoes are used to provide pups with a healthy source of carbohydrates.

FROMM Four-Star, Grain-Free Gamebird Recipe is packed with probiotics for proper digestion, antioxidants, fruits and vegetables to make the recipe even better. 

The Gamebird Recipe by FROMM is incredibly impressive with its premium ingredients, and it reflects on their prices, which seems to be the only drawback of the product yet, it is understandable. Even the pickiest eaters seem to love this recipe, but some prefer FROMM’s other recipes, especially the salmon recipe over this one.

 If your dog is allergic to meat, you might want to try out other recipes since this one is packed with various meat. However, if your dog is just a picky one, you might want to give this one a try. 

Best for Sensitive Stomach: Wellness Core Grain-Free Original Turkey & Chicken

• Wellness Core Grain-Free Original Turkey & Chicken
Wellness Core Grain-Free Original Turkey & Chicken
Best for Sensitive Stomach

About: Wellness Core Grain-Free Original Turkey & Chicken is a great dog food option for the pet parents who have best friends with a sensitive stomach. Not lacking in nutrients, this recipe is quite rich in protein, providing anything and everything that your pup needs to be healthy. 

Features: Wellness Core Grain-Free Original Turkey & Chicken contains deboned turkey as its first ingredient along with turkey meal and chicken meal as additional protein sources. It also contains animal-derived ingredients such as chicken fat, chicken liver and salmon oil that provides Omega-3 and Omega-6 fatty acids

Since the recipe is free from grains, peas, potatoes and sweet potatoes are used as the sources of carbohydrates. In addition, these, the recipe contains various fruits and vegetables such as broccoli, apples and blueberries to provide needed vitamin, minerals and antioxidants for dogs. It also contains glucosamine and chondroitin for healthy joints as well as probiotics for proper digestion. 

The only controversial ingredient found in this recipe seems to be tomato pomace. While it is not a harmful ingredient to dogs, some pet lovers believe it to be a cheap filler. 

Wellness Core Grain-Free Original Turkey & Chicken is a bit expensive compared to other dog foods, which may not be ideal however, keep in mind that this is a recipe packed with protein and it is grain-free. 

If you cannot seem to find a dog food that is easy on your pup’s sensitive stomach, you might want to give this one a try and see if it works. 

Buyer’s Guide

Which Nutrients Dogs Need?

When choosing a dog food, it is essential to know which nutrients dogs need. When dogs consume these nutrients in the amounts that they need, it leads them to have healthy and happy lives

When it comes to these nutrients, there are a few fundamental nutrients that dogs need.


Protein is the most essential nutrient as it is the building block of organs and cells. Cell growth, maintenance and repair is only possible when there is enough protein. Dogs mostly need protein to maintain their hair. Dogs can intake protein from different sources.

The most common protein source in dog foods is animal meat such as beef, lamb, chicken, turkey and fish. While vegetables can also be protein sources, they are not as beneficial as the protein provided by animal meat, and they usually cause digestive issues.

It is important for dog foods to have animal meat as its first ingredient in order to provide high-quality protein. Animal meals can also be the secondary sources of protein in dog foods. However, make sure the animal meat or meal is properly identified, such as a chicken meal. If the animal is not identified, try to avoid that dog food.

Blue Buffalo Wilderness Grain-Free Salmon Dog Food
Blue Wilderness Adult Salmon
our top pick


Fats do not only provide a great amount of energy that your pup needs, but they also provide fatty acids such as linoleic acid, Omega-3 and Omega-6 that are important to maintain healthy cells.

Fats also help vitamins such as A, E, D and K to be absorbed since they are fat-soluble vitamins. When essential fatty acids are not provided to a dog, they may suffer from skin problems and growth issues

Some dog foods contain salmon as their first ingredient. Fish are not only amazing sources of protein, but they also provide the fatty acids dogs need, especially Omega-3 and Omega-6. 


Essentially, dogs do not need carbohydrates for energy since they primarily get energy from protein and fat. However, some carbohydrate sources can be quite beneficial for dogs. Fibers are important kinds of carbohydrates since they are easy on the digestive system and can help with digestive issues such as chronic diarrhea. 

Whole grains supply iron and minerals as well as other nutrients for dogs. However, it should be mentioned that some dogs may be sensitive to grains. In that case, there are dog foods that provide carbohydrates from vegetables such as peas or potatoes


Vitamins are needed in small amounts in dogs’ daily diet. They don’t need supplements unless they are diagnosed with a specific vitamin deficiency. Most dog foods provide the vitamins dogs need through vegetables and fruits. 


Minerals are another essential element that dogs need, especially for healthy bones and teeth and therefore, for healthy growth.

What Should You Look for In A Dog Food?

There are certain ingredients that you need to look for in dog foods if you want your Basenji to have a balanced and healthy diet. Let us take a look at some of the fundamental ingredients that you need to pay attention to. 


Meat is the most essential ingredient that needs to be the first one in the ingredients list of high-quality dog food as they are listed by weight. Meat should make up a majority of dog food because it is an essential source of protein. Many trusted brands use real meat such as beef, lamb, chicken or fish as their primary source of protein. 

Meat Meal

Even though meat meals are controversial ingredients, they are incredibly high in protein, and they are usually the secondary sources of protein in dog foods. Meat meals provide more protein and nutrients than you may think.

The one thing that you should be careful about is the animal that meal is made of. In the ingredients list, the animal needs to be identified, such as a chicken meal. If the animal is not identified, we recommend that you avoid that dog food altogether.


Grains are mostly used as carbohydrate sources in dog foods. Unless your dog is allergic or sensitive to grains, it should not pose any problem. What you should be mindful of grains is that there are low-quality grains, and then there are high-quality grains that are much healthier for dogs.

Low-quality grains are corn, soy and whole wheat, while high-quality grains are peas, oats and barley. Their placement in the ingredients list should be lower. Some low-quality dog food may list grains as the primary ingredient, which is not an ideal diet for dogs.

Blue Buffalo Wilderness Grain-Free Salmon Dog Food
Blue Wilderness Adult Salmon
our top pick

Vegetables and Fruits

Vegetables and fruits are healthy ways of providing vitamins and minerals to dogs while having many other benefits on the side. Apples, blueberries, sweet potatoes and broccoli are some of the most preferred options in dog foods. 

What Should You Avoid in Dog Foods?

You need to be careful about what you should strictly avoid in dog foods as much as what you should look for. The ingredients we listed below are known to be harmful to dogs in one way or another. Simply put, they are not healthy. When you are looking for the right dog food for Basenjis, try to avoid these ingredients.


BHA and BHT are chemical preservatives mainly used to preserve fat in dog foods. Even though they are banned in many countries, they can still be used in small amounts in the U.S.A., Canada and Europe. BHA is known to cause kidney problems, while BHT is known to be linked with cancer. If you want to be on the safe side, avoid these preservatives at all costs in your Basenjis food. 


Ethoxyquin is another preservative that can be found in dog foods. Ethoxyquin was originally used as a pesticide. Even though it is used in small amounts in dog food, ethoxyquin is known to cause kidney and liver damage, liver, spleen, stomach and skin cancer, blindness, immune deficiency as well as leukemia. It doesn’t worth the risk. 

Propylene Glycol

Propylene glycol is mostly known for being used in antifreeze. The reason why it is used in dog foods is to reduce moisture while preventing bacteria from growing.

The problem with propylene glycol is that it reduces all sorts of bacteria growth, even the good ones living in your dog’s body that he actually needs. It can also decrease the moisture needed for proper digestion. This may result in cancerous lesions or intestinal blockage in dogs, which is why it is a good idea to avoid it.

Unidentified Meat and Meat Meal

As we have mentioned before, meat and meat meals are excellent sources of protein for dogs, and they need to make up the majority of dogs’ diet. The problem occurs when the meat or the meat meal is unidentified, which means it is not written from which animal it is derived from.

If there is just “meat” or “meat meal” in the ingredients list, it is safe to assume that it is derived from the worst, lowest-quality source possible because it can come from anything, even diseased or dead animals. Yikes!

Artificial Colorants

Artificial colorants used in dog foods are simply unnecessary. It makes the food look more appealing. While they may look cute in all different colors for us humans, it doesn’t matter to your pup unless it tastes good. These artificial colors can cause hyperactivity and other health issues


Artificial colorants used in dog foods are simply unnecessary. It makes the food look more appealing. While they may look cute in all different colors for us humans, it doesn’t matter to your pup unless it tastes good. These artificial colors can cause hyperactivity and other health issues

Blue Buffalo Wilderness Grain-Free Salmon Dog Food
Blue Wilderness Adult Salmon
our top pick


MSG, aka monosodium glutamate, is used both in dog food and processed human foods. It is usually used to make everything taste better, but it causes many problems. Low-quality dog foods tend to contain MSG to cover up for the lack of flavor.

High-quality dog foods do not require such enhancement as the taste comes from real meat as well as fresh vegetables and fruits. While you can see monosodium glutamate in the ingredients list, it can also be hidden in other ingredients. It is best to stick with trusted brands.  

Corn Syrup

Corn syrup is another ingredient that can be used in dog foods to improve the taste. Just like sugar, corn syrup is not suitable for dogs’ health at all. Sugar and, in this case, corn syrup can cause spikes in the blood sugar and after dropping it, along with diabetes and obesity.

Another downside of corn syrup is that it is addictive, which means your dog will develop an addiction to sugar in time. It is best to avoid any form of sugar in dog foods.


Soy can be used in dog food as a filler and source of protein. Protein sources other than meat are not exactly suitable for dogs because the meat is their primary source of protein, and vegetable-based protein may not contain essential amino acids dogs need.

 Even though soy has all the essential amino acids, it is difficult for dogs to digest soy. It often causes gas and bloat. Since it is cheap, it is used in low-quality products to improve the protein percentage. Soy is also known to cause allergies. It is best to avoid it entirely since it causes many problems for dogs.

Animal By-Products

Animal by-products are anything that remains of the animal carcass other than the muscle meat. We mean anything. It usually contains diseased organs, tissues and even tumors. It can also include things like hair, beaks and hooves.

Low-quality dog foods contain animal by-products as cheap fillers and protein sources, yet it contains only a very small amount of protein. No matter what you do, do not buy dog food that contains animal by-products. 

Best Dog Food For Basenjis (2020 Reviews)

In this article, we have listed the best dog foods for Basenjis. You can choose any one of them that suits your budget and your Basenji’s needs. If you are planning on becoming a pet parent or if you are new at this, we also provided you with information as to what you should look for and what you should avoid in dog foods. 

It is important for you to get to know your Basenji and choose a dog food that can provide everything that your dog needs. If you are confused and not sure which dog food to want, we highly recommend you consult your veterinarian

two dogs

Dog Beds For Two Dogs (2020 Reviews)

If you have two dogs that you are taking care of and they do not like to sleep separately, buying a dog bed for two dogs might solve this problem. Otherwise, it would definitely hurt to see them sleep on different spots. So make sure to check our selections of dog beds for two dogs.

But the thing is, believing that buying a large enough bed for two of them will be enough is actually not true at all. There are different types of beds out there, and if you buy one that is designed for a single dog, your cuddly pups might not get comfortable together. Because that kind of a dog bed will only have one spot to get a good night’s sleep.

However, there is no need to worry because we will help you to pick the best dog bed for two dogs in our review. Your canine besties will never be separated. We also include a Buyer’s Guide for extra information at the end of our reviews. Make sure to check it out!

Now, let’s take a look at our selections:

  • Our Top Pick: KOPEKS 7-inch Thick High-Grade Orthopedic Memory Foam Dog Bed
  • Runner Up: Friends Forever Orthopedic Dog Bed
  • Best for Budget: Furhaven Pet Dog Bed
  • Best with Bolsters: Laifug Orthopedic Memory Foam Extra Large Dog Bed
  • Best Memory Foam: Big Barker 7″ Pillow Top Orthopedic Dog Bed

Our Top Pick: KOPEKS 7-inch Thick High-Grade Orthopedic Memory Foam Dog Bed

About: With its double water-resistant zippered covers, it is impossible to get any kind of liquid into KOPEKS 7-inch Thick High Grade Orthopedic Memory Foam Dog Bed. This bed is literally ancient and mess-free. Furthermore, its top is the softest thing your dog can touch, and the bottom is anti-slip rubber.

Features: Thickness and comfort is all this dog bed for two dogs offers. As a plus for its already thick base foam, it comes with a 3’’ thick headrest to provide the ultimate comfort for your pups.

The memory foam used in this bed is hypoallergenic. It is not a mix of any other foam or an egg crate foam. You can compare this pure therapeutic memory foam to the ones you can find in high-end mattress stores. That makes it a must for dogs with arthritis or joint or muscle problems.

Even if your dogs are not suffering from those problems, who can get hurt from extra comfort and quality, right? This dog bed for two dogs also consists of two layers. The interior cover is made of waterproof fabric that is attached with a zipper.

The exterior cover is the softest material you can find in the dog bed market. We should also mention that the bottom is anti-slip, which will make sure that you will find your pups’ bed in the same place every time.

Thanks to the covers of this bed being washable, this one is a very easy to clean dog bed. Also, there is one more thing to add. The memory foam is made of really durable material so the foam will not flatten overtime ever.

The only downside of this dog bed is that it is not suitable for dogs with chewing habits. So, if one of your dogs is a chewer, we are sorry, but this dog bed is not for them.

Runner Up: Friends Forever Orthopedic Dog Bed

About: Give your dog a good night’s sleep with this extravagant, resilient orthopedic bed. Made from baby mattress class memory foam base, Friends Forever Orthopedic Dog Bed is known to give your dog an outstanding relief, even for dogs with joint pain and arthritis.

Features: Friends Forever produces beds that aim comfort at all costs. This bed is manufactured with the same aim at mind. Your two dogs will get an excellent night’s sleep on this dog bed while sleeping together. Cushioned, poly-filled bolsters give a good and safe space to rest their heads and hips as well as providing the best possible bone support.

The cushioned poly-fill bolster is added for extra comfort and relaxation for your precious pups. That makes it especially necessary for dogs with joint pain, muscle pain or arthritis.

With its water-resistant liner, this dog bed can last for a long time for your two dogs. However, being water-resistant does not mean that this bed is waterproof. It is not waterproof, so if there are heavy accidents, it is likely that any liquid can go in the bed.

Other than that, the company tests their dog beds for two dogs to see how durable they are every time. This bed was also tested and proved to be very long-lasting. There are different size options to fit any kind and size of dogs. You can surely find a dog bed to fit the two dogs that you cannot separate.

The cover is removable and machine washable. You can remove the cover anytime with the YKK pure metal zippers and keep your dog’s bed clean and fresh. The cover also does not hold onto fur or hair. With its hair-resistant cover, it is not very likely that you will see any unwanted fur in your home and on your dogs’ bed.

This is the ultimate ideal comfort source for pups. The company also claims that every dog owner’s purchase is covered by a 1-year warranty.

Best for Budget: Furhaven Pet Dog Bed

About: Furhaven Pet Dog Bed comes with a super faux fur offers a cuddly comfortable sleeping surface and trims the corners of the bolster to a chic style. L-shaped bolsters are added to support the back and hips of your dog, providing better support. The L-shape also creates the perfect nook for pets who like to nest in safety.

Features: Because this bed from Furhaven is produced as an L-shaped dog bed with bolsters, your two dogs can find places for themselves to rest their heads individually wherever they want. That makes it a perfect cuddling dog bed for two dogs in case they get bored of cuddling each other.

Plush faux fur covers the mattress pillow, supported by luxurious bolsters covered in silk velvet. These fabrics are comfortable on the noses and paws, providing a blend of elegant coziness and cuddly warm snuggles.

As you know, we always recommend getting a dog bed made of memory foam, no matter how many dogs it is going to be purchased. Unfortunately, this dog bed is made of the egg-crate foam base. As the manufacturer claims, it can still distribute the body weight evenly to provide optimal support.

Recycled fuzzy rails offer orthopedic help for aching joints. The bed is also made available to elderly and disabled dogs since it is the best when it comes to relaxing those aching joints and muscles.

There are also lots of colors and sizes: Sable Brown, Merlot Red, and Deep Sapphire colors and Small, Medium, Large,  Jumbo and Jumbo Plus sizes to fit every dog and every home decor.

At Furhaven, they definitely know that pets can bring some specific cleaning difficulties, and that is why they made the cover of this dog bed fully washable. However, being made of egg-crate foam and a cover not suitable, this dog bed is not for chewers.

Best with Bolsters: Laifug Orthopedic Memory Foam Extra Large Dog Bed

About: Handsomely loaded outer bolster offers excellent support and sleeping opportunities. Laifug Orthopedic Memory Foam Extra Large Dog Bed is the perfect dog bed for two dogs, no matter their ages. It provides special comfort to dogs that are dealing with joint pain, surgery, or coping with conditions such as arthritis, hip dysplasia, or other joint, bone, or muscle disorders.

Features: This dog bed for two dogs is cleverly designed with double pillows. Its smart design has a 4-inch thick pillow at one side and 2.5-inch thick pillow at the other, so two dogs can generously benefit from both of them whenever and wherever they want. This will provide maximum comfort, support, and security for those two best buds.

This dog bed for two dogs from Laifug is filled with the famous Laifug foam. It is guaranteed that it will retain at least 90% of its shape for the next 3 years. If the bed gets flatten over time, in 3 years, the manufacturer claims that they will replace it without any cost. So, your money is safe.

This dog bed is available in many sizes, and the large option can hold dogs up to 200 pounds. It is very convenient for two dogs sleeping on one dog bed. The material used is breathable and skin contact safe.

The cover is 100% microfiber, water-resistant and tear-resistant. You can also remove the cover whenever you want to clean it and wash it in any kind of washing machine. Also, you can put it on the dryer on a gentle setting. This Laifug dog bed for two dogs will become their favorite sleeping and playing place.

The cover is made available of removal with the help of Laifug premium zippers. As they are heavy-duty, it is nearly impossible to damage these zippers.

Best Memory Foam: Big Barker 7" Pillow Top Orthopedic Dog Bed

About: Big Barker 7″ Pillow Top Orthopedic Dog Bed one is especially good for extra big dogs. Big Barker thinks of the pups that are very big in size and produces beds that aim their special needs. They think that big dogs need more than just a normal bed, if you think the same, you might consider buying this one for your extra-large pup.

Features: After their tests and observations, Big Barker realized that they should produce their beds according to three criteria: comfort, easy cleaning, and design. For that reason, every dog bed they produce, including this one is very supportive for joints and muscles and will not flatten over time. Good design is always a necessity, of course.

This dog bed made especially for big dogs comes in three sizes: large, x-large, giant xx-large. This dog bed is the perfect one for two big dogs, but unfortunately, it might not be suitable for small ones.

The manufacturer believes in their products proudly, or else we cannot explain the 10-year warranty they provide. They claim that the foam will retain 90% of original shape and loft for 10 years or they will give your money back. Since it is made of American therapeutic foam at best quality, it will not flatten ever under the heaviest dogs.

This dog bed for two dogs is also very easy to clean, and it is %100 microfiber. With its soft and beautiful fabric, it looks like a beautiful piece of furniture that will go well with others in your home.

The foam of this dog bed is very similar to the ones we sleep on every day. Big dogs will not sink into the bed, and even a full grown-up can feel like sleeping on his or her own bed. The foam qualifies CertiPUR-US standards for content, emissions, and durability.

Buyer’s Guide

A dog bed is an essential need for most of the dogs. It is necessary to give them a place to get a good night’s sleep and gain the energy to play and protect. Buying a dog bed is especially important for big breeds, and we will shortly touch upon that issue.

We know how difficult it is to pick just one bed from the market when there are thousands of them. We tried to help dog parents of two dogs that do not separate from each other in this hard quest and reviewed 5 best dog beds for two dogs.

But most dog owners might still feel like they need a lot of extra information when picking the right dog bed for two dogs. We want to help you further by giving these tips:

Does your dog really need a dog bed?

Of course, a dog bed is not a need, like water or food. But they do not need toys, vaccines or flea pills either. Of course, your dog will go on without these, but how appropriate would it be?

We’re assuming that if you’re reading a post about dog beds, you value your puppies and want them to have the highest quality of life imaginable. So, in this case, we are going to say yes. Most dogs need a bed.

If you are letting your dogs sleep with you, the dog bed is not necessary. However, there are some situations where a dog bed is necessary. For instance, a dog bed would come in handy when the bed is occupied by your spouse or when guests come, or even when you travel.

We can give many more examples of the situations that you will need a dog bed for your canine friend. However, the main reason should be to provide your pup with a proper place to sleep.

You might see your dog laying down on the cold hard floor, seeming like he does not mind at it all. Or the couch might look comfortable enough for him, but neither will provide the best comfort and support that a dog needs.

Dog Bed Crucial Materials: What is inside Dog Beds?

Dog beds are generally stuffed with three different types of materials. Memory foam, a comfort foam and textile-based stuffing. Let’s analyze each one of them individually.

Textiles (Polyfil, Cotton, etc.): Textiles are usually the filling medium of choice for producers who are trying to keep the price of a bed as small as possible. As a consequence, most cheap end-of-price beds feature cotton or poly-filled cores.

Although a bed filled with cotton or some other cloth is definitely better than none, these types of filling materials do not provide the kind of help most big dogs require. Cotton and polyfill will continue to flatten under the heavyweight of your dog. These materials will appear to extend to the edges of the bed, causing an uncushioned collapse in the center.

Comfort foam: Comfort foam is usually made of polyethene, polyurethane or related materials. This type of foam is mostly used in sofa cushions and other forms of furniture and offers a good combination of comfort and support. Comfort foam beds are also a good alternative to use for big dogs.

Memory foam: Memory foam is one of the most common filling materials used in dog beds, but it also provides greater protection and padding than most other filling products. Overall, it is the safest option for big dogs, so it generally makes sense to spend a little extra to have a bed with memory foam.

How to tell if a dog bed is a quality one?

  • The bed should be thick. If you’re looking for a dog bed in a cot-style bed, you will want to make sure that you pick one that’s large enough to accommodate your dog.
  • Even if you pick a bed with the greatest memory foam accessible, you will need to make sure that you choose one dense enough to prevent your dog’s hips and shoulders from pushing down on the floor underneath.
  • Get a dog bed with a removable and machine washable cover. Your dog’s bed is going to be pretty messy over days, so it is always smart to limit your options to those versions that have a reusable, machine-washable covering.
  • Remember that non-skid bottoms are lifesavers. If you are planning to put your dog’s bed on slippery or hard ground (including linoleum, hardwood or the base of your pet’s cage), here you will certainly want a bed with a non-skid bottom.
  • Else, then you will find the bed moving around quite a bit because it slips and slides every time your dog sits down or gets up. Most non-slip beds have a rubberized, textured surface on the bottom.

Conclusion: Dog Beds For Two Dogs (2020 Reviews)

You are probably looking for a dog bed that is comfortable and durable enough to endure two dogs. And you have the question of “What are the best dog beds for two dogs to buy in 2020? What are the best options for dog beds for two dogs in the market?”

To answer these questions, dog owners must know that there are lots of things to consider when buying dog beds for two dogs. And this does not make your job easier but do not worry because we know your struggle.

What you must first do is to search well on the net and then make a choice. We reviewed the best dog beds for two dogs in this article to help you out. When we write our reviews, we try to include dog beds for two dogs for every kind of pet parent.

We give place to dog beds for two dogs according to their price, comfort, endurance, used materials, etc. So every pet parent can find at least one dog bed for two dogs according to their needs. We hope that you also found the one best suitable for your best buddies with the help of our review of the best dog beds for two dogs.

Best Bedding for Dog Kennel (2020 Reviews)

If you are a dog owner and you want the best for your fur baby, you will probably want to get a safe, cozy place for your dog. Do not worry about feeling like locking your pet up, as it is common with dog owners. Your four-legged baby will appreciate a den of its own, where it can stay comfortable and warm during cold nights or rough weather.

It does not, however, end there. After providing your dog with the best kennel, you have to provide the best bedding for dog kennel as well. It is essential because of various reasons. For example, the dog kennel might not be warm enough during winter. Good bedding will cushion the floor and entrap the heat, keeping your furry friend warmer.

Another important factor is comfort. Since your dog will spend a lot of time in the kennel, it is better if it is as comfy as possible. Sleeping on a soft kennel is a lot more comfortable than sleeping on the bare ground. An outdoor bedding can also protect the dog kennel’s floor against scuffs and scratches.

If you have made your mind up about this matter, then you are in luck. We have carefully evaluated a lot of products on the market and prepared a list of the best bedding for outdoor dog houses for you and your canine companion.

Before getting to our detailed reviews, let’s take a look at the best beddings for dog kennels in a quick glance:

  • Kuranda Reversible Fleece Pad
  • Pet Dreams Dog Crate Bed

Our Top Pick: Kuranda Reversible Fleece Pad

About: This dog bedding by Kuranda is a customer favorite due to its extra softness, ease in cleaning, and relatively low price.

Features: The Kuranda Reversible Fleece Pad is an excellent option if your aim is to increase the floor comfort, as it is made from memory foam along with a microfleece cover to provide maximum comfort.

The materials are of great quality, as many customers report that the fleece material does not shed. Another important quality is that it offers ease in cleaning, as the bed itself is suitable for machine wash.

If you are thinking about going with this product, you will most likely find an appropriate size for your dog kennel as there are as much as six sizes available.

This bedding is not as thick; therefore, it is not recommended for dogs with joint problems. It is also not suitable for destructive dogs, as it is not chewproof. If that is the case, there are more durable options available at higher costs.

Machine washable
Extra comfortable
Multiple sizes available
Good price
US shipping Only

Best for Budget: Pet Dreams Dog Crate Bed

About: The super comfortable Original Kennel Mat by Pet Dreams is a great choice for all seasons and tight budgets. The cotton side provides comfort when the weather is warm, and the Sherpa side provides warmth when it is cold.

Features: This extremely soft, comfortable bed is made with premium fabrics, and filled with resin bonded poly-fiber for maximum durability against diggers. All materials are of high-quality, produced with care in America.

The best thing about this bedding is that it has two different sides and can be used all year round. The Sherpa side is thick and entraps heat to keep your dog warm during winter. The cotton side allows air circulation, which makes it cool and comfortable during warm weather.

This pillow does not include any zippers, bolsters, or covers, and thus it is fully machine washable. You can safely put it in the washer and dryer, and it will not even bunch up thanks to the decorative stitching in the center. This quality is excellent as dogs usually tend to make a mess inside their kennels.

Multiple sizes and colors are available for this bedding. You can easily pick one that suits the size of your kennel. Also, note that this pillow is very versatile and lightweight, so you can take it with you to vacation and even use it in the car.

Please do not forget that dogs that tend to chew on their blankets and bedding should always be supervised around kennel bedding. This bedding may be durable against diggers, but chewers can still damage it.

Different sides for different seasons
Soft & Comfortable
Multiple sizes
May not be as fluffy as described

Best for Cold Weather: K&H Lectro-Soft Heated Bed

About: The K&H Lectro-Soft heated bed uses electricity to provide warmth, and is a great choice for cold climates. If winters get really cold in your area, you may want to consider a heating bed instead of a regular one. It is made using orthopedic foam, which makes it soft and comfortable. It is also waterproof and durable with three size options available.

Features: This lectro-soft bed comes with a free removable fleece cover that provides additional comfort and heat for your four-legged baby. It is also machine washable, unlike the bed itself.

However, the bedding only requires cleaning with a damp rag, so it is fairly easy to clean. Do not forget to let it dry before plugging it back in, and you will be okay.

The main property of this bed is that it is equipped with an energy-efficient thermostatically controlled heater, which adjusts its warmth to the normal body temperature of your pet. It will never overheat, so rest assured.

Easy to clean
Multiple size options


About: If you are living in a warm area, consider buying self-cooling bedding to prevent overheating and dehydration. This mat from Arf Pets includes a solid-gel to keep your dog comfortable and healthy in the most humid and hottest climates.

Features: The innovative cool gel technology regulates the body temperature and provides a cool, soothing environment for your furry friends for up to three continuous hours. Then it will automatically recharge in 15-20 minutes. It does not use any electricity, batteries, water, or refrigeration; requiring no effort for maintenance.

It is an excellent choice for dogs suffering from joint, stress, or skin issues or dogs recovering from surgeries as it soothes the pain and helps them relax.

Arf Pets uses nylon, which is a much safer option than latex which is widely available on the market. This bed is non-toxic for the pet, owner and also for the environment.

The exterior is puncture-resistant, so it is durable against tearing and very long-lasting.

It is also good for travelling as it is lightweight and easy to fold. So, you can just take it with you when going on a vacation etc.

The mat may not be machine washable, but it is still easy to clean. Just wipe it with a mild soap and water mixture and let it dry.

Self-Cooling & Self-Charging
Safe, non-toxic materials
Comfortable, soothes pain
Easy to Clean
Only Two Sizes

Buyer’s Guide

Is Bedding Necessary for a Dog Kennel?

We already know that lots of dogs survived and had no issues with sleeping on the bare ground, so if you are skeptical about the necessity of bedding, we cannot blame you. It is not a strict requirement for most dogs.

However, you may want to raise the standards higher by providing your pooch nice bedding. It will not only keep your pet comfortable, but it will also keep them warm and happy in the place where they spend most of their time in.

Good Bedding Choices for Your Dog’s Kennel

If you are a dog owner and have a dog kennel in your yard, chances are you are among the people who have used various different materials to keep your pet comfortable. These may include the following:


A simple yet effective substitute for bedding maybe a blanket, towel or a sheet.

They do not last long, so you may want to find a dog-friendly blanket that you will not miss.

Do not neglect washing it regularly to prevent odor development. Also, take it out and shake it frequently as pests and spiders may use linens as hiding places. 

Also, note that dogs may suffer from health problems if they consume fabric or other filler material. Therefore, examine the blanket once in a while to make sure that it is not chewed.


Rugs can make excellent beddings for dogs as they are fluffy, have all the benefits of linens. They can resistant to moisture due to the rubberized back most of them have.

You can use a classic, old rug, but it is advised using an indoor-outdoor rug for durability.

A negative property that sets rugs apart from linens is that your dog cannot scrunch them up like blankets, which makes them not suitable for very cold climates.

Rugs with long fibers can provide extra warmth and comfort if your dog does not tend to chew on furniture. If that is not the case, however, then stick with a short-piled rug to prevent your dog from ripping it off.

Wood Chips

Most dogs will be happy and comfortable on wood chip floors, especially if it is made of pine or cedar. Wood chips are also great insulators that keep your pooch warm.

These two chips are great insect-repellers, so you probably will not have to worry about any bugs or fleas sharing room with your pet.

They also smell very good, but some dogs with sensitive noses or respiratory systems may get irritated. Do not forget to check for signs of nose or lung irritation, for example, sneezing.

However, be cautious. There is a difference between wood chips that are comprised of small wood chunks and thin shavings.

Wood shavings are suitable places for bacteria to grow. This may not be an issue if your dog is an adult, but puppies usually get sick, so refrain from using wood chips if you have puppies. The same thing applies to pregnant or lactating females as well. Go with a different choice if that is the case.

Dog Beds

Ultimately, the most effective solution is to use a dog bed for maximum comfort, safety, and warmth. They may be the most expensive option, but your dog will appreciate this kind gesture.

A good orthopedic mattress can provide great comfort that no other substitute can. A self-heating mat is great for keeping your furry friend warm in harsh weather, and a self-cooling mat is the only thing that can cool them down while also providing comfort.

It is important to be cautious while shopping for a dog bed. Considering the products on the market, only a few of them are suited for outdoor use. The others may not be as durable, and you may need to replace them frequently if you go for a cheap option.

It is an excellent choice to invest in a durable, quality dog bed to use it for long periods of time. It will especially be worth if your dog gets attached to its cozy mattress.

Conclusion: Best Bedding for Dog Kennel (2020 Reviews)

Now you know why you want bedding for your four-legged companion, and the hunt for the best bedding for dog kennel is approaching its end. All you need is to simply pick the one that works the best for you, your pet, and its kennel from the list.

Make sure to thoroughly take measurements before ordering. You do not want to end up with bedding that does not suit your pet. Even if you can easily return the product, it is still extra effort.

If your dog is suffering from joint issues, you may want to pick one of the orthopedic options to help relieve their pain.