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5 Best Dog Food For Puggles (2020 Reviews)

Thanks to their distinct characters, loving personality and cute looks, Puggles have been becoming more and more popular in recent years. It is not surprising because this mix breed of Pugs and Beagles is unique in their way of bringing joy to every household that they have become a member. Puggles are often playful, sweet and intelligent, they tend to get along with other dogs and make a great companion to every family, and they are usually fortunate pets because their owners love them to death, so, they often get the best dog food, best toys, and best care.

Since you’re reading this, we believe that you got the other two aspects right and looking for the best dog food for your Puggle; therefore, we created a list of 5 the best dog foods that are available for Puggles currently in the market to help you with your search.

Also, there is a buyer’s guide below the list to make your life easier when making your choice.

5 Dog Food For Puggles

Earthborn Holistic Small Breed Dog Food For Puggles

1. Earthborn Holistic Small Breed Dog Food

This dog food is specially made for small breeds, and its small kibble size will be easy to chew and swallow for your Puggle’s small mouth.

This is a grain-free product that gets all of its carbohydrate content from vegetables and fruits such as peas, spinach, apples, blueberries, cranberries. It is free from corn syrup, gluten, and any kinds of other allergenic ingredients and so for Puggles that have allergies to such ingredients, this dog food might be one of the best options.

We should mention that the first protein source of this food is the chicken meal, which is a concentrate of chicken and we could say that it is not ideal. However, chick meal contains more protein than chicken meat, and if the quality of the chicken meal is adequate, there is no problem. Since Earthborn is a company that is trustworthy enough that we can believe the chicken meal used in this dog food would be high-quality.

Other than the chicken meal, this product contains whitefish meal, and it contains high levels of DHA, which is a very beneficial Omega-3 fatty acid. Omega-3 fatty acids are very healthy fats, and they have various benefits such as boosting your Puggle’s immune system, reducing inflammation, and also promoting healthier skin.

Also, we should mention that pea starch is included in this dog food, and it is a by-product of peas. It is usually used as a thickening agent in dog foods and considered a low-quality ingredient.

CANIDAE PURE Real Lamb Dog Food

2. CANIDAE Grain-Free Pure Dry Dog Food

CANIDAE makes some great dog foods, and when you look at the ingredients, you will instantly realize the high quality. It has a very high protein content with below average carbohydrate levels.

This dog food has lamb listed as the first ingredient, and it is the primary source of protein. However, it also gets the protein source from ingredients such as menhaden fish meal, chicken meal, and turkey meal.

This product is also free from grains, and it relies on the vegetables such as sweet potatoes and chickpeas, which is a very good thing because sweet potatoes are an excellent source of vitamins like vitamin C and A and they have more fiber than white potato.

Chickpeas are also good sources of fiber, and they have a considerable amount of potassium in them, which is very beneficial for the heart health of your Puggles. However, we should also mention that they have a fair amount of protein them, so, we could say some of the protein content in this product comes from chickpeas.

Another essential feature of this dog food is that it does not contain a wide range of different ingredients, and that makes it one of the best options for Puggles that have allergies.

This is overall a very high-quality dog food, and if you have the budget for it, you will do your pooch a favor getting this dog food. 

Merrick Classic Adult Real Beef For Puggles

3. Merrick Classic Adult Real Beef

This is an excellent dog food for all dogs, including your Puggle with its high protein content and high-quality ingredients.

Beef is the first ingredient in this dog food, and it is the primary protein source. We should mention that since beef is very rich in amino acids, minerals, and vitamins, it is very beneficial for your Puggle. Other sources of protein are pork meal and lamb meal, and they will provide all the necessary protein that your dog needs in its daily diet.

As the main sources of carbs, this dog food contains whole grains like brown rice and barley. So, it is fair to say that this dog food is not gluten-free and not among the best options for Puggles that have allergies to gluten. It also contains quinoa, which is a gluten-free seed, and it has high levels of amino acids that can be very healthy for your pup.

Other sources of carbs come from vegetables and fruits such as peas, carrots, apples, and blueberries. Carrots are excellent sources of various vitamins, and they are an excellent source of fiber. Apples are also full of vitamin A and vitamin C, and they can be very beneficial for your pup’s teeth and keep them clean.

However, this dog food also contains pea protein, which is a by-product of the pea, and although it is not necessarily harmful to your pup, it is usually considered a low-quality ingredient.

Eagle Pack Small Breed Dog Food Chicken & Pork For Puggles

4. Eagle Pack Small Breed Dog Food Chicken & Pork

Considering its price, Eagle Pack produces some great dog foods, and this one is no exception. It is fair to say that this is a dog food that will provide all the necessary nutrition that your dog needs.

The main sources of protein are the chicken meal and pork meal in this dog food. The fact that the first ingredients are not meat could be concerning for some, but the meal usually contains more protein than the meat because most of the protein in meats is lost due to overcooking that the dog foods are exposed to. Considering the price tag, the fact that chicken meal and pork meal are the first ingredients in the recipe is not that bad.

We should mention that this dog food does not contain any significant amounts of vegetables and fruits, and gets most of its carbohydrates from grains such as oatmeal, ground brown rice, rice, and barley. There is a chance that ingredients like oatmeal, ground brown rice, and rice is gluten-free. However, barley often contains gluten, so, this dog food might not be the best option for Puggles that have allergies to it.

This dog food also has flaxseed, which is considered a super food, and it has many benefits for dogs just like humans. It will promote a healthier and shiny coat because of its Omega-6 Fatty Acids content, it will also assist the digestive system of your pup, and it is an excellent source for Omega-3 Fatty Acids.

Victor Dog Food Grain-Free Canine Formula Dry Dog Food For Puggles

5. Victor Dog Food Grain-Free Canine Formula Dry Dog Food

Even though it is not the most popular one among our selections, Victor makes high-quality dog foods with really impressive ingredients listed, and most of the dogs seem to love this recipe.

Beef meal is the first ingredient in this dog food and chicken, pork and menhaden fish meal are the other sources of protein, and it is one of the best options for Puggles that are very active. Seeing menhaden fish among the ingredients is essential because they are filled with Omega-3 fatty acids.

Owners of the Puggles that have allergies to grains would love to hear that this is a grain-free product and gets all the carbs from vegetables such as peas, sweet potatoes, and carrots. 

Also, this dog food also contains glucosamine, which is very helpful for easing the pain in sore joints that your pup might have, and that makes it one of the best options for senior Puggles with arthritis or muscle stiffness.

Taurine is another ingredient that is very beneficial in this product. It is an amino acid often found in our energy drinks, and the supplementation of it is essential since its deficiency might cause problems, including abdominal pain and breathing difficulties. This is especially essential for Puggles since they are a short-nosed breed and they often have breathing problems, so, it is always best to include taurine in their dog food.

We should also mention that this product does not contain any low-quality by-products that are used as binding agents in dog foods such as pea protein, pea starch, and potato starch.

Buyer’s Guide

What Should Be In a Dog Food?

nutrition for dogs

High Quality Protein

Although it is true that dogs are omnivores, it goes without saying that the most crucial part of their diet is high-quality protein. It is how their ancestors fed in nature, and that is why it is protein is essential for a dog’s system to function.

Protein consists of all the essential amino acids for your Puggle to thrive and live a healthy life. Protein is helpful for your pup to build muscle mass, recover from injuries, have a healthy coat, and have more energy throughout the days. Energy is a huge factor, especially for Puggles because they are usually an active breed, and the best way to provide them with enough energy is to feed them high-quality protein dog food.

One of the best benefits of protein is that it will keep your Puggle full and thus, it will not stare at you to get a nibble of your food whenever you’re enjoying it. Because a high protein diet will not make your pup’s blood sugar rise like high carbohydrate diets and the desire for more food after one hour of eating will disappear.

Just like their ancestors, the best way for dogs to get their protein is from meats such as lamb, beef, chicken, fish, and pork. Even though it is true that fulfilling their protein requirements from vegetables such as chickpeas and peas is not the end of the world, providing your Puggle a dog food that has significant meat content would be the best thing you can do.


The modern-day dog foods usually consist of three macronutrients, and fat is one of them, the other two are carbohydrates and protein. Even though it is generally seen negatively in both human and dog diets, they are crucial, and they have numerous benefits.

Fats are found in vast amounts in a lot of different foods such as beef, lamb, pork, fish, and some oily vegetables. They can be a very economical energy source because the body uses it as a back- up energy when it is not getting it from protein and carbohydrates.

Fats are also essential for vitamins such as A, D, E, and K because fats make it possible for them to be absorbed and stored in the body; therefore, these are also called fat-soluble vitamins.

We believe that fats are often misunderstood by dog owners and humans because they are usually seen as a way to gain weight and to store excessive fat in the body. However, it is not true, and high-carbohydrate diets are generally the culprit of any human or dog with excessive fat.

So, even for Puggles with an extra couple of pounds, the best thing that the owners can do would be giving them a dog food that contains an adequate amount of fat and cutting down the carbs in their tail-wagger’s diet.

Healthy Carbohydrates

Before getting into a debate about whether carbohydrates should be in dog foods, first, we would like to clarify that dogs do not need carbohydrates in their diets to sustain their lives. However, that does not mean all the carbs are bad, and they should not be in your Puggle’s diet whatsoever.

We should mention that every dog food contains some carbohydrates. Many dog owners share the general misconception that the grain-free dog foods do not contain any carbs, and that is not true. Every dog food needs to contain carbs because otherwise, it wouldn’t be possible to bind the kibble together.

However, as mentioned above, even though they are not necessary, some carbs have benefits for dogs and to understand that we should explain the distinction between good carbs and bad carbs.

Good carbs usually come from vegetables and fruits, and most of them have great benefits.

For instance, carrots are excellent sources of vitamin A, K, and C, and they are full of potassium. Peas, on the other hand, are excellent sources of magnesium, manganese, protein, zinc and vitamin K. We should mention that we’re not talking about pea protein, which is a by-product of peas and they are considered as a low-quality ingredient.

Bad carbs usually come from grains, rice, corn, and sugar, and they typically have a common trait of having a high glycemic-index and raising the blood sugar levels. So, the best thing that the owners of Puggles can do for their dogs would be to try and avoid any dog food that contains such ingredients.

Best Dog food for puggles: Puppy waiting for his food

Small Breed Considerations

Since small breeds like Puggles have a different metabolism than larger breed dogs, their dietary need is also different, so, when you’re getting a dog food for your pup, the best thing you can do would be to consider such differences.

Even it might sound surprising since they have a higher metabolic rate, small breed dogs need a higher caloric requirement per pound of the body weight. There is another meaning to that, and it would mean they need more protein and fat in their daily diet for their well-being.

Another thing to consider when getting a dog food for a small breed like Puggles would be the size of the kibble. The size of the kibble should be small enough for your pooch to swallow and digest.

Also, small breed dogs tend to have longer lifespans than their larger cousins. Puggles are not an exception, and they can live up to 15 years old and to ensure that the best thing to do would be getting a dog food that has all the necessary nutrition for their needs.

Health Problems in Puggles

Since they are a mixed breed of Pugs and Beagles, Puggles are susceptible to most of the health problems that occur in those breeds, and it is always best to take into consideration those issues when buying a dog food for your pup.


Just like humans, dogs can get allergies too, and, in fact, around 20% of dogs get some kind of an allergy during their lifetime. They get can all types of allergies such as skin allergy, food allergy, and seasonal allergy.

Food allergy is a condition where your pup has a hypersensitivity to a certain kind of food. This can be any food that contains protein or carbohydrates. However, we should mention that sensitivity to some foods is more common than the other ones in dogs.

We could say that gluten allergy is the most common one amongst the foods that are causing allergic reactions in dogs. Also, soy, dairy products, eggs, and some types of meats are also usually associated with food allergies in dogs.

Best thing owners of the Puggles with allergies can do, would be to implement an elimination diet to detect what food is causing the allergic reaction for their dog.

The way to do that would be to remove every possible ingredient that might be causing allergic reactions one by one and see if the symptoms that are causing the allergic reactions will stop or diminish. If so, you should slowly put that ingredient back into your pup’s diet and see if the symptoms will revert. It that is the case, then you found the culprit that is causing the allergic reactions.

Puppy ate the the dog food


Since they are a cross breed between Pugs and Beagles, Puggles have the characteristics of both breeds, and it is very well known fact that that especially Pugs are not picky eaters and they seem to gulp down every food they have access to. We could say that it is not that different for Puggles.

Puggles just love eating, and if the owners are not careful about the situation, because of their small size, they can get overweight quickly. There are two factors in dogs that can cause obesity, and they are diet and exercise.

Puggles can be considered as an active breed, and even though they don’t require a prodigious amount of exercise, they still need their daily walks.

The other cause of obesity is diet. As mentioned above, Puggles seem to devour every food they have access to and the best thing their owners can do for their dog would be mindful of their daily proportions of food.

Other than that, what they eat is also very important. We already mentioned that a diet that contains a lot of unhealthy carbohydrates would cause problems for your dog’s system, and it would either get obese or get diabetes.

To prevent that, you should always look for the foods that have high enough protein content and low carbohydrate content. Also, you should always try to get the dog foods that contain healthy carbs instead of unhealthy carbs.

Hip Dysplasia

Hip dysplasia is a condition that happens when the hip joint moves abnormally, and it causes the ball part and its socket do not meet each other properly. Pugs are known to be very susceptible to hip dysplasia, and the situation is no different for Puggles.

It is true that this problem is inherited and even a healthy diet might not be a solution to it. However, it is a known fact that protein makes it easier for dogs to recover from injuries. Therefore, for owners of the Puggles that have hip dysplasia, we always suggest going for a high protein diet because feeding them a dog food that is full of carbs will not worsen the symptoms at best.

Conclusion: 5 Best Dog Food For Puggles

As a crossbreed, Puggles have both characteristics of Pugs and Beagles, and that makes them sweet, funny, and playful companies. However, being a crossbreed also comes with issues and Puggles are susceptible to several health issues such as skin conditions and food allergies.

So, we believe that to avoid those issues, it is necessary to provide them with good nutrition based on their dietary needs. We always advise you to try to provide your dog with a high-quality protein diet and avoid bad carbohydrates as much as possible.

That is why we prepared this list for owners of the Puggles to help them to find the best dog food for their pooch without hurting their budget.

We hope you found both our list and our buyer’s guide helpful!