Best Dog Bed for an Italian Greyhound (2020 Reviews)

Although they have come from the same ancestors, when we look at their characteristics and, physical appearance, an Italian Greyhound and a Greyhound is very different. An Italian Greyhound is very different from Greyhound in the sense that they are much more suitable to apartment life due to their smaller size.

So, you need to be more careful about the dog bed that you’re going to get for your dog since he will spend a lot of time in his bed. So, in this article, we will review the best dog beds for and Italian Greyhound to help you make a better choice after gaining some knowledge about dog beds in the market.

We will get to our detailed reviews but let’s see the best dog beds for an Italian Greyhound in a quick glance:

  • PupRug™ Mini Faux Fur Orthopedic Dog Bed
  • Best Friends by Sheri The Original Calming Dog Bed
  • Brindle Soft Memory Foam Dog Bed
  • Dogbed4less Premium Memory Foam Dog Bed
  • Furhaven Deluxe Chaise Lounge

Our Top Pick: PupRug™ Mini Faux Fur Orthopedic Dog Bed

About: It is always a good idea to our reviews with a very solid dog bed overall. We’re confident that this dog bed will make your Italian Greyhound more than happy because it has everything you want in a dog bed.

Features: Let’s start with the best thing about this dog bed which is the memory foam filling. Because this dog bed has a human grade memory foam filling that even most pet parents find tempting.

Another thing that is worth mentioning about this dog bed is the fact that it is machine washable. So, this will be very easy for you to wash the dog bed when it case gets dirty.

Odor resistant is another reason why we like this product a lot. Because it is very likely that the smell of your Greyhound will get mixed up in the dog bed. So, this product can be very helpful to prevent that odor from spreading inside the house.

Runner Up: Best Friends by Sheri The Original Calming Dog Bed

About: Italian Greyhounds have a short hair which makes them intolerant to cold weather. This dog bed comes to the rescue in that sense because this dog bed will keep your Italian Greyhound warm.

Runner Up: We should start by mentioning that this dog bed comes with all around bolsters which will provide a sense of security to your Italian Greyhound which is essential to provide a comfortable sleeping experience.

As for the material, we should also mention that this product comes with a faux fur cover. That was specially made to remind your dog of his mother’s fur and it does a very successful job at that.

Other than that, we should also mention that you will not have issues while cleaning this dog bed. Because this dog bed is machine washable and that is another reason why we like this product a lot since it is very practical.

However, it might be a better idea to avoid this dog bed if your Italian Greyhound has a chewing habit. Because this product doesn’t come with a chew proof material and it will be destroyed in seconds.

Best for Budget: Brindle Soft Memory Foam Dog Bed

About: We like this product a lot because it is a simple but very comfortable dog bed that will make your Italian Greyhound very happy. Other than that, it has a very reasonable price tag that makes it a very good option if your dog has a chewing habit.

Features: We suggest considering this product if you don’t wan to go over your budget and still want to provide a great sleeping experience for your dog. Because this dog bed comes with a lot of nice features that we will talk about that.

As for the foam, this dog bed comes with a 2 inches of memory foam and 2 inches of regular foam. So, it is not 100% memory foam and even though it provides a very comfortable sleeping experience, it is still a better idea to get an 100% memory foam dog bed if your dog has some muscle problems.

Other than that, pet parents who lives with a senior dog that has an incontinence issue might consider this dog bed because this product comes with a waterproof cover.

Best Waterproof: Dogbed4less Premium Memory Foam Dog Bed

About: It might be a little tough to find an ideal dog bed if your Italian Greyhound some special health needs including Italian Greyhound. If that is the case for your pup, you might consider this product because this is one of the best waterproof dog beds in the market.

Features: Dense memory foam filling is essential to provide great sleeping experience. If you’re concerned about that you might consider this dog bed because it has a five times denser memory foam than other dog beds in the market.

It might be a good idea to get this dog bed if you want to get this dog bed for your Italian Greyhound. Because this product provides orthopedic support for our loyal companions that have some muscle problems.

Other than that, the memory foam dog bed has a cooling gel to provide a cooling sleeping experience. This feature can be godsend if your dog has an overheating issue when sleeping.

Best with Headrest: Furhaven Deluxe Chaise Lounge

About: You might consider this dog bed if you want to get a furniture like product for your Italian Greyhound. Its large sleeping surface and the headrest will make your dog fall in love with this product instantly.

Features: The dog bed can be ideal for your Italian Greyhound whether he loves to sprawl while sleeping or wants to rest his head while sleeping. Other than that, it has an odor resistant cover which makes it the great option for dogs have such a problem.

However, this dog bed doesn’t have memory foam filling. So, it might be a good idea to get a memory foam filling product if you have the budget.

Another thing that is worth mentioning about this product is that it has a waterproof cover which makes it a considerable option for an Italian Greyhound that has an incontinence issue.

Large sleeping surface will make your dog very happy since he will have a lot of space to move around an relax.

Conclusion: Best Dog Bed for an Italian Greyhound (2020 Reviews)

Even though they come from the same breed as the Greyhounds, they are very different from them in the sense that they love spending time much more than them inside the home. So, getting a dog bed for your Italian Greyhound is very essential to make him as comfortable as possible.

Since we know that, we reviewed the best dog beds for an Italian Greyhound. We hope you enjoyed the article!

Jax and Bones Ripple Velour Napper Dog Bed

Jax and Bones Dog Beds (2020 Reviews)

As a pet parent, you are probably aware of different brands of dog beds on the market. They offer different quality, features, sizes, materials, etc. and this can make your choice difficult.

To help you, we will review Jax and Bones, which is a popular brand on the market and give some details of its best selections. If you are thinking about purchase a new dog bed and interested in Jax and Bones beds, we highly recommend reading the entire article.

Jax and Bones makes highly durable items that can withstand many harsh conditions. One of the things that make preferred Jax and Bones beds is its incredible selection of fabric choices. The company offers a wide range of fabric selection with all high-level quality, it is definitely hard to pick!

We tried to give you a comprehensive review of the brand and list its most popular beds! We hope it will help you to decide.

Here are the best dog beds of Jax and Bones in a quick glance:

  • Jax and Bones Ripple Velour Napper Dog Bed
  • Jax and Bones Standard Wool Blend Lounge Dog Bed
  • Jax and Bones 2421-SEAL-NP Luxury Dog Bed
  • Jax and Bones Sierra Fire Premium Cotton Napper Dog Bed
  • Jax and Bones Corduroy Rectangular Pillow Dog Bed

The History of Jax and Bones and Its Main Motivations

As an eco-friendly company, Jax and Bones has started in 2004 and specialized in luxury dog beds and durable dog toys and accessories.  The company operates, and all beds of it are made in Baldwin Park, California.

Tina Nguyen who is the founder of the Jax and Bones decided to create a company to allow her to take her dog to work and meet to her dog’s, Jax’s, two basic needs: sleeping and playing.

She inspired from Jax to create durable and high-level pet products including new bedding shapes and styles and toys for all seasons. Her motivation to start her business was she could not find products on the market that suited her aesthetics.

She defines her goal as providing pet owners with better choices and makes a beautiful home with our pets as a part of our family. She does not design only to make things look good, but also she chooses fabrics and materials that meet every dog and their home appearance.

Jax and Bones beds are completely produced in the USA and stuffed with Jax and Bones’ signature filler. This filler is called as Sustainafill, and it is made from recycled soda bottles.

In addition to providing this brand with a unique quality, it is also the most important indicator of the brand’s eco-friendly approach! The company also produces toys by using eco-friendly vegetable dyes, and the rope toys are all hand-tied.  It also has the main motivation to create beautiful and durable products with as little paw-print as possible.

All these shows that Jax and Bones beds might be a perfect choice for you if you want to purchase a really nice-looking dog bed which does not look cheap and is a completely eco-friendly bed!

Jax and Bones offers a range of beds such as the Sleeper and Napper. It also produces donut, cozy mat, pillow and lounge-type beds. Along with beds, the company is also well known for toys and accessories.

The possibility of choosing a bed that fits you and your beloved dog from Fax and Bones, which offers such different bed options, is quite high!

Let’s review some of the significant characteristics of Jax and Bones beds!

Materials and Fabrics

Jax and Bones beds are 100% handmade, and they are produced in the USA. Each bed is crafted by using high-quality materials sourced from all over the world by skilled craftsmen.

All products are controlled in every step of production and before packing and shipping. Many of its handmade fabrics are formed with luxury bedding scraps with the aim of creating fashionable items and at the same time leaving a tiny paw.

The company is known for its trendsetting unique designs and superior performance value. Fabrics are made with various textures and patterns depending on product qualification. Despite its diversity, all fabrics are easy to care for. Its beds are incredibly comfortable, you can choose a variety of fabrics to fit your and your dog’s tastes!

It tests all of its fabrics for harmful substances or chemicals and gives a guarantee that the color of fabrics will not bleed. Fabrics also do not contain any flame retardants. Its insert filling is produced using recycled plastic bottles and certified to be hypoallergenic.

However, if your friend is a chewer dog, Fax and Bones beds will not be a good choice for you since their materials mostly are not chew-proof.

Size and Colors

The company offers beds for all dogs, of all sizes, which all have innovative designs. We will explain different bed types in different sizes detailed below. It also has a wide range of colours and designs. All beds have own informational details with size information and other features.


All Jax and Bones beds are made in the USA in its facility based in Baldwin Park, California. So, if you care about where the bed you buy and the materials of it, you can prefer Jax and Bones with peace of mind.

Guarantees and Warranties

Jax and Bones offer different warrant policies for each product, and there is no lie time guarantee after 30 days of purchasing the bed. However, all products are checked by various members at Jax and Bones, and they place high importance on quality control and consistency. 

Cleaning and Maintenance

It is recommended to use a front-loading washer on a gentle cycle and tumble dry low for your bed’s cleaning. If you wash it in a washer with an agitator, the bed can be damaged.

Beds have covers with zips, and they can unzip for your convenience, and the tufted center pillows can be washed as a whole. However, you should follow instructions for your bed type. 

Is it for My Dog?

It completely depends on your expectations! Jax and Bones is a really unique brand since it offers eco-friendly dog beds. Dog beds are entirely made in the USA and are not only made of high-quality materials but also distinct from the brand with their magnificent and luxurious look. If these features are important to you and you are looking for a different but high-quality bed for your dog, you can choose Jax and Bones.

On the other hand, if your dog is more significant than 100-110Ibs and you want an outdoor dog bed, Fax and Bones might not be a right choice for you.

Best Selections Of Jax And Bones

Our Top Pick: Jax and Bones Ripple Velour Napper Dog Bed

Jax and Bones Ripple Velour Napper Dog Bed
Jax and Bones Ripple Velour Napper Dog Bed
our top pick

This bed offer incredible quality, and it is comfortable since your dog can take hours of deep sleep with this bed. Its outer bolsters can unzip easily, and the center pad is removable. This helps you to easy maintenance and easy washing. As all other Jax and Bones bed is filled using eco-friendly fiber Sustain from recycled soda bottles.

Jax and Bones Ripple Velour Napper Dog Bed is an excellent choice for senior dogs who need a little extra joint support. The bed includes a heavy-weight micro-denier plush velour. It is designed with a high pile ripple look. Thanks to these features, it provides excellent comfort for your dog!

This bed is produced in four different sizes including small (24x21x7’’), medium (35x27x9’’) large (40x32x12’’) and, x-large (50x42x15’’). The small one is only fit up to 20Ibs dogs. Medium size fits perfectly up to 40lbs dogs while large is for up to 70Ibs. If your dog is up to 100Ibs, you can prefer the x-large one.  It is available in eight different colours you can match easily with your interior decoration.

Runner Up: Jax and Bones Standard Wool Blend Lounge Dog Bed

Jax and Bones 24 x 18 x 7" Standard Wool Blend Lounge Dog Bed, Small, Odessa Mist
Jax and Bones Standard Wool Blend Lounge Dog Bed
runner up

This is a really sophisticated, bolstered dog bed. If you look for a more unique fabric, you really need to purchase this wool-blend lounge dog bed! It is designed like a sofa and guaranteed to provide snooze-worthy comfort. The bed has premium cotton blend fabric which is durable and luxurious to touch.

Its fiber is both sustainable and entirely allergy-free.  It comes with removable and machine washable cover. This small bed, with its 24x18x7 inches sizes, is perfect for dogs up to 15Ibs.

You can choose among three amazing colours, including odessa ivory, odessa shadow, and odessa mist.

Best for Budget: Jax and Bones 2421-SEAL-NP Luxury Dog Bed

Jax and Bones 2421-SEAL-NP Luxury Dog Bed
Jax and Bones 2421-SEAL-NP Luxury Dog Bed
best for budget

It is excellent for dogs who need extra joint supports as the inner tufted pillow in it sits lower than the bolstered sides. It consists of heavyweight, cotton/poly blend fabric. This bed is constructed using a standard printed plush velour fabric which is durable.

This Jax and Bones bed is produced only in one size, and it is perfect for small dogs up to 20Ibs.  The dimensions of the bed is 24x7x21 inches.  It comes with zippered, bolstered sides, and removable cover. Thanks to these, it is washable in the washing machine easily.

The most attractive aspect of this bed is that it is more affordable than other Jax and Bones beds and offers a high level of quality despite its price. If your budget is limited for the dog bed, you may consider buying this one.

Best Memory Foam: Jax and Bones Sierra Fire Premium Cotton Napper Dog Bed

Jax and Bones Sierra Fire Premium Cotton Napper Dog Bed
Jax and Bones Sierra Fire Premium Cotton Napper Dog Bed
Best Memory Foam

If your dog loves curling up, this Jax and Bones dog bed is a great choice for you! It is fit your canine king or queen perfect for hours of deep sleep. The bed is constructed by using medium weight cotton fabric which breathes well, and its fiber filler is allergy-free.

Its outer bolsters can unzip easily, and the center pad is removable for washing. It is overstuffed for senior dogs who need extra joint support.

This bed is produced in two different sizes in medium and, extra-large. While extra-large version fits up to 100Ibs dogs with its 50x42x15 inches, medium (35x27x9’’) is perfect for dogs up to 40Ibs.

Best Eco Friendly: Jax and Bones Corduroy Rectangular Pillow Dog Bed

Jax and Bones Corduroy Rectangular Pillow Dog Bed
Jax and Bones Corduroy Rectangular Pillow Dog Bed
Best Eco Friendly

This simple rectangular pillow dog has very high-quality material. It is designed to give maximum comfort for years to come. Jax and Bones pillow bed is overstuffed and channelled to prevent flattening and condensing.  Needless to say, but it is filled using eco-friendly fiber sustain fill from recycled soda bottles.

It is produced by using best-selling corduroy fabric of Jax and Bones and rated the most durable and most comfortable fabric. It can be a perfect choice to use for a long time. It is soft and plushy.

If you are looking for a bed that is easy to clean, this bed is easy to care and gets softer with each wash. Moreover, it hides dirt and hair and can be vacuumed!

This bed is offered in two different sizes medium with 36x28x5’’ and large with 42x36x5’’. The medium rectangular bed fits perfectly for dogs up to 50Ibs. The large one is perfect up to 90Ibs dogs.

It has four different colours, including chocolate, sand, honey, and midnight. You can choose according to your taste!

Conclusion: Jax and Bones Dog Beds (2020 Reviews)

As a result, we can say that Jax and Bones is committed to providing you with the best selection of dog beds. The brand uses only the finest materials, which are eco-friendly. Its primary attitude to this work that your dog is an important part of your family. Moreover, its eco-friendly style is not just a trend, but Jax and Bones see it as a way of living.

If all of these features we explained with details make sense for you, you can pick up one the Jax and Bones bed among its various options. In addition to its high-quality material, it will also make your home decoration more stunning with its unique design!

cujo dog bed review

Cujo Cot Dog Bed (2020 Reviews)

If you are a mom of a dog or dad to a chew-loving pet, you understand the pain of finding a dog bed that will last at least a decent amount of time. Those beautifully designed foams and beds are made to make your dog comfortable when he sleeps and gets the best effect of his rest.

Providing your dog with a comfortable bed activates his brain, banishing loneliness, and some of those habits that are more damaging. But how should you pick the right dog bed to keep your mischief-maker from destroying it? We will help you with solving that problem.

If you are at your wit’s end looking for a dog bed that your dog would not be able to destroy, check out this cot style bed with us. The company made this bed for dogs who are heavy and persistent chewers.  We will review this Cujo Cot Dog Bed and look into more detail of its features.

cujo cot dog bed
Cujo Cot Dog Bed
our top pick

Cujo Cot Dog Bed Short Review

Cujo Cot Dog Bed is a great option for dogs that have a chewing habit. Because with its sturdy and trustworthy design and materials, your canine companion’s teeth will not work on this bed. We’re confident that this bed will last your dog a long time. No more occasional dog bed purchasing.


We often try to give a place to Cujo Cot Dog Bed in our articles and suggest pet parents purchase it. You might ask why, and we are here to answer that very question. Along with many other excellent features, the first reason why we recommend this dog bed is because it is a very durable dog bed.

We can assure you that it will be able to hold up against even the powerful, heavy, and persistent chewers. It does not matter how big your dog is, this dog bed will survive. So, it is the perfect option to get if you have a dog that has a severe chewing habit. That is not the end of the world, after all. The solution to your problem is in Cujo Cot Dog Bed.

Chew-proof and chew-resistant can be ambiguous for some pet parents who are trying to pick a bed for their chewer dog. You might end up picking the wrong kind of a bed if you do not know the difference. A chew-resistant dog bed is the best choice for your dog if he is a moderate chewer.

However, it is no good for strong dogs that have chewing habits. If you have a heavy and strong breed like a Pitbull or a Rottweiler and he wants to destroy a bed, he will probably succeed. You might need more than a chew-resistant dog bed for this case.

So, if you have a big dog that has a habit of destroying the stuff in your home, a chew proof dog bed is a great option. It will probably stop your dog from shredding his bed all the time. We know that you are tired of buying a new dog bed for you canine every week.

But you will buy no more because Cujo Cot Dog Bed will come to your rescue. Or your dog’s beds rescue. Yeah, probably to that. Because it is a patented chew-proof dog bed, you dog will not be able to destroy it in any means. It is killing two birds with one stone: your pocket will take a breath, and your dog will have a steady bed all the time.

You might be wondering why it is so hard to destroy this bed. The answer is simple: aluminum material and Cordura fabric. Because of its aluminum edges and Cordura nylon top, it is almost impossible for any pup to be able to chew through this bed. We have said that this bed is almost indestructible so many times, we know, but it really is.

That is why Cujo Cot dog bed is designed for strong breeds that have destructive chewing habits, and this is one of the best dog beds in the market that you can possibly buy. With its sturdy and trustworthy design and materials, your canine companion’s teeth will not work on this bed. No more occasional dog bed purchasing.

What holds this dog bed in one place is its frame. The cot frame is made of all aluminum to give it a durable and strong stance. A good fabric is also essential for those dogs that have chewing habits. Because no matter how naughty they are, chewers also deserve to sleep in a comfortable bed.

When we say comfort and chew-proof material, it might sound like those two might not go well together. However, that is not the case for the Cujo Cot dog bed. The comfortable and relaxing fabric is made of ballistic ripstop materials. All of the components of this bed were chosen to survive the strongest dogs.

You might be not impressed with this bed yet. We have only looked at one feature of this bed up until now: its durability. However, that is not the only aspect that this Cujo Cot dog bed is good for. The material used in the bed is also resistant to dirt, hair, water, and odor. 

Those who do not like deep cleaning might find it very hard to clean their dog’s bed regularly. This dog bed will save you from that, too. It is very easy to clean with a water hose when needed. Why a hose, you might ask. Because of its elevated design, this Coju Cot dog bed can be used both outdoors and indoors.

As it raises the dog from the ground, many owners of this bed love to be able to use the bed both indoors and outdoors. You might be thinking to use it as an outdoor dog bed from the first place, or you might just discovered that you can get it out to hose it down. It is your choice. No matter what, it is perfect for both situations.

You might have looked some cute design dog beds that have cushions and fluffy stuffing. Your dog being a heavy and persistent chewer is the reason why you are reading this article, after all. And we all know that those cute and comfortable dog beds are not suitable for your dog. Unfortunately not.

Just remember that this Cujo Cot dog bed is in a cot style. Meaning that your dog cannot find the comfort that would probably come with the cushion style dog beds. But you know that he will also destroy the other styles in the minute you leave him alone with the bed.

Because of the materials used and the almond frame that the bed is made of, it is perfect for placing it outdoors. Because it will not rust at all. It will probably last your dog a lifetime since it is also very durable. We should mention that it is also very easy to maintain this bed thanks to its material.

We always loved the dog beds that come in numerous sizes and colors because that is what makes buying a dog bed fun.  The bed comes in six different colors and four different sizes, and you can go with the one that suits your needs most. Of course, you can pick the one that fits with your home decor.

The manufacturer claims that this Cujo Cot dog bed is very durable, yes. But how can you be sure of that? We know that you might be worried that your dog will destroy this bed like the other ones, but you do not have to fear. Along with all of these great features, the Cujo Cot comes with a 120-Day Chew Proof Warranty.

What this guarantee means that if your canine friend manages to damage the bed in any way in 120 days, the company will send you a new bed free of charge. However, the manufacturer only provides this replacement service only one time. So, if your pooch manages to destroy the second bed, you are out of luck.

Now, let’s talk about the features in a more detailed way, and after that, there will be a pros and cons list prepared for you.

cujo cot dog bed
Cujo Cot Dog Bed
This product is a great option for dogs that have a chewing habit. Because with its sturdy and trustworthy design and materials, your canine companion’s teeth will not work on this bed. No more occasional dog bed purchasing.
our top pick
Whole-body support
Ideal for dogs with joint issues.
Provides air circulation
Cooling sleeping experience
No stuffing to chew apart
Easy to clean
Might be hard to climb for dome dogs
Assembly required



The essential part of every bed is the bedding. This bed’s bedding is made of Ripstop fabric. That is a very strong nylon that can prevent ripping and tearing. However, being resistant to ripping and tearing is not the only aspect that this fabric is good at. Thanks to that nylon, the bed is also water-resistant, odor-resistant, dirt-resistant, and chew-resistant.

Chew-Proof Material

You cannot know if your dog will develop a chewing habit or not. Some do, some do not. No one can predict what breed or what type of dog will show this unwanted behavior. But, like any other dog breed, your pooch may develop a chewing habit during their lifetime.

However, that is not a problem that can be unsolved. The first precaution might be keeping them active all the time and try to stop your dog from showing chewing behavior. The earlier you start to do these, the easier it will be to stop your canine friend. If you give the training from an early age, it might be an excellent solution to that problem.

If we consider the worst, and it comes to the point that you cannot control your pooch’s habit anymore, you should ask for help. When the problem becomes destructive and hard to control, getting help from a professional is the best option.

What causes this chewing behavior is mostly separation anxiety. It is a major cause. Dogs are affectionate and committed creatures. They are so people-oriented, and they develop a strong sense of dependence towards their owners.

Try not the leave your dog alone because when they are lonely, they get stressed. When they are stressed, they try to relax by doing many things, chewing is one of the most common ones.

Therefore, if your pup has a chewing habit, it is the best idea to get a dog bed that is either chew-resistant of chew-proof. If your dog is a strong one, definitely get a chew-proof bed. For determined dogs, getting one of the durable beds like a Cujo Cot is the best thing pet parents can do.

Chew-resistant and Odor-resistant

As we discussed above in a very detailed way, the Cujo Cot dog bed is well-known for its chew-resistant materials. This dog bed is produced and aimed to hold up against dogs who love to scratch, dig, and chew.

Your pup showing chewing habits might not be the only problem. Some dogs really have a strong smell that can spread all over your apartment. Sometimes you might not get rid of that distinct and powerful odor no matter what you try.

What concerns us the most is, some pet parents do not realize that their dog is releasing a strong odor. Because their sense of smell gets numb to it after a while. It might have also happened to you. Don’t you remember that one time you went to your friend’s and it smelled so bad?

Well, that can also be the case for your place. You might need an odor-resistant dog bed for that situation. Because it is almost a guarantee that odor will be stuck on his bed, and your apartment will not smell like dirt anymore.

cujo cot dog bed
Cujo Cot Dog Bed
This product is a great option for dogs that have a chewing habit. Because with its sturdy and trustworthy design and materials, your canine companion’s teeth will not work on this bed. No more occasional dog bed purchasing.
our top pick


The beds that you have been looking up in the net are all the same. Regardless of the material of their filling, the beds that are not waterproof will soak up any liquid instantly like a sponge. If you do not want the bed to let in any liquids, water-resistant material is what you need.

There are some dog beds made specifically for pups that have incontinence issues. Those beds usually arrive with an extra cover that makes it harder for the liquids to go in the bed.

As there is a difference between chew-proof and chew-resistant dog beds, there is also a difference between waterproof and water-resistant dog beds. Water-resistant dog beds do not entirely prevent the liquids from getting into the bed. They have an extra layer that keeps the pee out, but they are not completely successful all the time.

What are water-resistant beds are good for is, they make it easier to clean the mess than regular beds. Because there is an extra cover, it makes all the work of cleaning more and more easier than normal.

Elevated Off The Ground

Some cushion styled dog beds are designed to be placed indoors and provide the most comfortable place for your pup. You can literally use them as your own cushion if you want. However, when beds get more durable, their style also changes.

The Cujo Cot is an elevated dog bed, meaning it has a frame that keeps them off the ground. It is thanks to that frame that your chewer dog will not be able to destroy this bed quickly. Because it is made of very strong and sturdy materials.

For those who plan to put the bed outside so that their canine companion can hang out with them while on a barbecue event, that is an excellent advantage. Or you can place the Cujo Cot dog bed inside to watch the telly together. It is up to you where to put the bed because it can be used both indoors and outdoors.

However, while the raised style may be a major selling point, it is also a drawback for pet parents with senior dogs who cannot quite climb up. It will be hard for those dogs since they will probably be suffering from joint or muscle pain.

Easy To Clean

This Cujo Cot dog bed is very easy to clean. You just will need a hose to clean it down. We already mentioned that the fabric is made of nylon, and the frame is made of aluminum. When those two are combined, nothing other than easy cleaning comes to our minds.

There are two types of pet parents, as we assume: one type is not really into some deep cleaning, and the other side prefers to make their canine companions as comfortable as possible. The definition of comfort for them is sleeping in a clean and fresh bed.

You can stand on any side you want if you buy this Cujo Cot dog bed because you can just hose the dirt off with water for quick cleaning. Or you can use soap, water and brush for deeper cleaning. No matter which method you choose, the bed will be cleaned. We promise.

However, there is one point that we want to warn you about. If you do use soap on the bed, please make sure to rinse thoroughly to remove all residue. Because the excess of the soap might damage the fabric and the frame.

Cujo Cot Dog Bed (2020 Reviews)

In this article, we reviewed the Cujo Cot Dog Bed. It is a great option for dogs that have a chewing habit. Because it comes with a durable and sturdy material.

We hope that you found this review useful!

Kuranda Dog Bed (2020 Reviews)

In this article, we will be reviewing and inspecting a dog bed company. Kuranda’s dog beds have been getting our attention lately, and we thought that we should inform the pet parents who are looking for a trustworthy dog bed company.

Kuranda dog beds company is located in the USA. They are a relatively small manufacturer, but do not let that confuse you and do not start looking for bigger companies. Because they are very successful at what they are doing. And we want to add a fun fact: the name comes from the town where the company started. 

They offer what all pet parents are looking for in dog beds: comfort, relaxation, design, joint relief, hypoallergenic, and chew-proof materials. Those are the things that we came up with just now, but keep reading because we will look into more detail of their dog beds.

We are sure that Kuranda’s dog beds will elevate your dog’s sleeping quality. We included a buyer’s guide about Kuranda’s dog beds at the end. Make sure to check it out to get more information.

Now, let’s look at our selections of Kuranda dog beds:

  • Our Top Pick- Kuranda-All-Aluminum-Silver-Chewproof
  • Runner Up – PVC Frame Kuranda Bed With Ballistic Nylon
  • Best for Crate: Kuranda Reversible Fleece Pad
kuranda fleece pad
Kuranda Reversible Fleece Pad
This product is a great option if you’re looking for a dog bed that you can use in your crate. Because this is a very high-quality dog bed made for crates.
best for crate

Our Top Pick: Kuranda-All-Aluminum-Silver-Chewproof

About: If your canine has a severe chewing habit, this dog bed might be the right choice for your pup. Because Kuranda-All-Aluminum-Silver-Chewproof is one of the best chew proof dog beds in the market. Change your pup’s life with the orthopedic support and comfort of a Kuranda chew proof dog bed. They also have a patent for it!

Features: When Kuranda claim that your dog will not be able to destroy this dog bed in any way, you might think that it is completely covered with study and hard material. That might mean that you have to give up on your dog’s comfort if you do not want to replace his bed every week.

However, that is not very true for this bed. Unlike other durable claiming dog beds, this one is very comfortable. You will not believe how a chew-proof dog bed can be this enjoyable for a pup.

This product is available with an all-aluminum frame that uses a heavy-duty 40 oz. vinyl as the fabric. Aluminum material is what makes this bed this strong and durable against excessive chewers. And the fabric is the essential item to this chew-proof dog bed’s comfort.

The surface of this fabric is so smooth that you might start using it as your own bed. And for the cleaning, you just need a garden hose spray and sponge to wipe down any mess and dirt.

Along with being chew-proof, Kuranda assures that this dog bed is also abrasion-resistant. They claim that this dog bed will last your dog a long time under normal conditions.

Practicality is an important aspect that our daily life requires. Kuranda’s chew-proof dog bed is very practical in the sense that you can use this product both outdoors and indoors.

Want to watch the telly with your dog sleeping on his dog bed beside you? Get his bed inside. Want to enjoy a barbecue together with your canine companion?  Get his bed outside.

We are saying it again, there is no way that your dog can destroy this dog bed. It is literally indestructible. Since it is a raised dog bed, it provides weight distribution, air circulation, and overall orthopedic support. And before we forget, this Kuranda dog bed does not contain any zippers or Velcro.

As you can wash it with a hose spray and a sponge, we can say that it is clearly easy to clean and maintain. Kuranda chew-proof dog bed is produced with ballistic nylon as the fabric for your pup to sleep on. This fabric is highly resistant and durable.

The only downside of this bed is that you cannot adjust the length of the legs of the bed. If you have an elderly dog, he might face some difficulties while getting on and off the bed. If you want, you can just not install the legs to make the bed a little bit shorter. But we do not know how practical that would be.

Easy to clean
Leg length

Runner Up: PVC Frame Kuranda Bed With Ballistic Nylon

About: How PVC Frame Kuranda Bed With Ballistic Nylon differs from the first one in our list is that it is made of PVC frame. The PVC frame is not as strong as the aluminum, but it will be a decent option for light dogs or no chewers. If you just cannot afford the extra expense of the aluminum, consider this Kuranda dog bed.

Features: This dog bed is also a raised dog bed. Kuranda is really the best when it comes to making raised dog beds with durable material. However, this might not be the best durable option you can get from Kuranda. But if you do not need a so much durable dog bed anyways, this one is made of a suitable PVC material.

Do not let the PVC word scare you away because, as we already said so many times, it is very durable on its own. This dog bed of Kuranda company can hold dogs up to 100lbs to 125lbs. That is a decent amount of weight lift that a dog bed can maintain. It makes it an excellent choice for dogs through the lower end of the large breeds.

Unlike our top pick, this dog bed’s fabric is made of Cordura. If you have never heard of this fabric before, we can say that it is almost more durable than our first selection’s fabric. Cordura is abrasion-resistant and is as durable as a canvas. Your dog will spend many years on this Kuranda bed.

The frame fasteners are made of stainless steel. That is another durable material to use on a dog bed to make it last for long years. What we like in dog beds that they come in various shapes and sizes and colors. This Kuranda dog bed comes in five sizes from small (30 L x 20 W) to large (50 L x 36 W).

There are four different beautiful colors that you can choose from also. However, there is something that we want to warn you about. The Walnut color bed is not recommended for outdoor use.

If you prefer to use Kuranda’s dog beds outside, then we recommend picking a dog bed in Almond color or a dog bed that is made of aluminum. Because those beds are better for outdoor use.

This dog bed is cheaper from our top pick. And that might raise some questions in your mind. Here is another warning about this Kuranda dog bed: one thing that some pet parents do not like is that this bed can be a little difficult to line up and put together when you assemble it.

Ballistic Nylon is also one of the materials used in this dog bed. It is abrasion-resistant and durable. While it is not chew-resistant, it will be a bit harder to chew through than the other lighter materials.

Cordura fabric
Different sizes and colors
Ballistic nylon
Difficult to assemble
Not all colors suitable for outdoors

Best for Crate: Kuranda Reversible Fleece Pad

About: A problem is that most crates, along with hard-sided dog carriers, have metal or plastic floors. As your dog may spend a lot of time in their crate, it is essential to choose a mat that provides support and comfort. Luckily, Kuranda Reversible Fleece Pad ranges from raised beds to mats. You will find here what you have been looking for.

Features: The Kuranda Reversible Fleece pad provides a touch of a light cuddle cotton comfort on the one hand, and microsuede softness on the other. The pads used in this dog bed can be utilized as an excellent place for your dog to sleep and hang out in comfort on Kuranda Dog Beds, or by themselves.

The pads come with a 30-day warranty from the supplier against flaws. We do not think that you will face such problems, but it is always nice to shop from a company that assures warranty. Before we forget, this dog bed mat is made in America.

Kuranda warns that this dog bed is not chew-proof. If your dog is a chewer or a digger, we recommend you to look for other options in the market. If that is the case for you, it would be better if you look at our top pick since it is very durable.

If you do not want a thick pad, but still want to increase the comfort of the crate floor, the Kuranda Manufacturing Bed could be a great option. It is made of memory foam with a microfleece cover for extra support. Your dog will not suffer from the hard floor of his crate anymore. You can even cuddle up with your pup on this mat.

Is has a foam interior, which is a good thing. But, this mat is not suitable for dogs with joint pain as it is not thick enough to protect their muscles and joints from the hard floor. The foam combined with the softcover provides a comfortable place to sleep, though. You can also machine-wash the cover when it gets dirty.​

If you still want to get this crate pad for your pup who has joint issues, you can also get a raised dog bed from Kuranda and support the fabric with this pad. It will serve as a double comfort providing a place for your precious canine companion.

There are also six sizes available, making this pad one of the most versatile when it comes to fitting any crate. You will not worry about if the pad you purchased will fit the crate of your dog or not.

Keep in mind that the softcover is not very durable. If you have some extra money that you can spend on dog beds, look for more expensive options for a more durable material. If your dog is a heavy chewer or digger, Kuranda’s this dog pad may not last long.​

Memory foam
Machine washable
Six sizes
30-day warranty
Softcover is not very durable
Not for chewers

Buyer’s Guide

If you have read any of our previous dog bed reviews and recommendations, you might know that we are a big fan of Kuranda dog beds. It is most pet parents’ go-to brand when they are looking for good chew-resistant dog beds as well as odor-resistant beds. Let’s find out why by starting with the top features.

Features of Kuranda Dog Beds

Super study frame: Kuranda produced a dog bed that is made of the aluminum frame. It can hold up to 250lbs, which is very surprising for us because that is ‘very’ durable.    That makes it perfect for giant breed dogs, like Mastiffs, Newfies, and Irish Wolfhounds. 

Just make sure you get one of their all-aluminum models because the other options can carry 100 pounds or so.

Heavy-duty fabric: If you have an aggressive chewer, Kuranda’s got your back. Well, actually, they have got their beds covered with heavy-duty vinyl, but that is practically the same thing. Right? They produce beds with several different fabric options, but heavy-duty vinyl is stronger than the others.

For Indoors and Outdoors: The design of the Kuranda dog bed makes it ideal for both indoors and outside use. If your pup loves to relax and get some sunshine, the raised design helps them stay comfy and cool. The combo of nylon and aluminum also makes the bed super easy to clean with a hose.

Allergy-friendly: Thanks to the raised design and materials, Kuranda’s dog beds are hypoallergenic. Since there is no stuffing, you do not have to worry about dirt, bugs, and other allergens getting piled up in the bedding.

Replacement Parts: Kuranda can give replacement parts for just about every part of the bed, so you do not have to buy a whole new bed if just one piece is missing or broken. The prices are pretty affordable. Most of them are only a few dollars.

Cons of Kuranda’s Dog Beds

Only One Year Warranty: Kuranda dog beds come with only a 1-year warranty that covers the frame and the bedding material itself. While that is not too absurd for a dog bed, some of our favorite dog beds come with a 5, 7, and even a 10-year warranty.

Hard to Assemble:  If you are an expert when it comes to putting some random parts together, then, of course, you will not face any difficulties. The directions are not so hard, but to tightly assemble the whole bed means that you will need to give it some elbow grease.  

Some pet parents, however, said that the pieces simply would not fit together.  However, the number of customers that claimed this problem is very few. It happens even to the best manufacturers.

Not the Most Comfortable: This might be the biggest problem. Because if your dog is not o-comfortable on it, he will not use it. It will be just a waste of money. The Kuranda raised bed design is different from a traditional dog bed, and some pups just do not seem to love it.

Not All Materials Are Chew-Resistant: This is not a warning at all because Kuranda is pretty clear about which fabrics are “chew-resistant” and which are not quite as strong in their product descriptions. You just need to pay close attention when you are ordering.

Height Is Not Adjustable: Keep in mind that you cannot adjust the legs on the Kuranda beds. However, Kuranda will let you choose different heights for no extra charge. You will just need to call their customer service for that.

Conclusion: Kuranda Dog Bed (2020 Reviews)

In today’s article, we reviewed a company that had been our attention for a very long time. We wanted to inform you about them to make this fantastic company known more.

They offer what you might be already looking for in a dog bed: comfort, relaxation, design, joint relief, hypoallergenic, and chew-proof materials. They offer all of these qualities in their products.

Shedding Dogs

Best Dog Bed For Shedding Dogs (2020 Reviews)

Is your dog shedding a ton? Does the hair of your pet stick throughout its dog bed? The dog beds are not all made equal. If you have a shedding dog, then you will need an easy-to-clean dog bed.

In a natural process, dogs lose the old and damaged hair, thanks to shedding. Even though it is a normal thing for them, the amount and frequency of shedding and hair might mean something else. No matter what reason is, if your dog is shedding a lot, you are in the right place, because we will review the best dog beds for them.

Most dog beds manufacturers say that their products are washable. Not all dog beds are easy to wash, or sufficiently durable to survive daily washing. Read on for ideas on dog beds, which are the best for a dog who sheds a lot.

We reviewed some of the best dog beds that are good for shedding dogs. There is also a buyer’s guide included at the end. So, make sure to check it out.

Now, let’s look at the 5 best dog bed for shedding dogs:

  • Our Top Pick: PupLounge™ Memory Foam Bolster Bed & Topper
  • Runner Up: Brindle Waterproof Designer Memory Foam Pet Bed
  • Best for Budget: Super Value Dog Pet Bed Pillow by Majestic Pet
  • Chew Resistant – K9 Ballistics Tough Rectangle Orthopedic Dog Bed
  • Best Sofa Style: – FurHaven Pet Dog Bed | Orthopedic Plush & Suede Sofa-Style Couch Pet Bed for Dogs & Cats

Our Top Pick: Barksbar Gray Orthopedic Dog Bed

About: PupLounge™ Memory Foam Bolster Bed & Topper for shedding dogs is an orthopedic dog bed that comes with cotton-padded walls to support the neck and head of your pup. It also has a removable and washable cover, which is very beneficial for pet parents. Because that makes it quite easy to clean it.

Features: With its sleek and luxurious quilted design, Barksbay is aiming to improve any family’s home decor. This dog bed for shedding dogs is produced with a built-in nonslip rubber bottom to prevent any sliding on wooden and tiled floors. You will always find this bed wherever you left it.

What makes this bed the best when it comes to shedding hair is, it is easy to clean and maintain. The cover is removable and machine washable. You can simply remove the cover and toss it in the gentle cycle. It will be even easier to spot clean and remove shedding hair.

When buying a dog bed online, you might have a lot of questions in your head. Or you might face some problems after the purchase. Many users of this company’s products claimed that they have fantastic customer service. They have a well-run support team which eases a lot of work for you.

Dog beds with rim-cushions will be your dog’s future-favorite one if you get this bed. A lot of canines love to rest their head on the rim because it provides extra support, joint and muscle relief for them. That is another nice touch that we like to see on dog beds.

What we liked the best of this dog bed for shedding dogs is the ease of taking it apart and assembling again. Removable cover changes everything because you can quickly take it off if there are any spills or accidents. It makes the cleaning and reassembling process much easier.

Over some time of use, some buyers complain of the foam sagging. Any bed, particularly over extended use, will have some minor sag. That is even truer when you buy a cheaper one. As we said before, a few bucks extra can sometimes be worth spending on your dog bed!

Runner Up: Brindle Waterproof Designer Memory Foam Pet Bed

About: We always add a bed that is a good option for pet parents who are mindful of their budget, and sometimes there is a lack of quality in those items. Yet Brindle Waterproof Designer Memory Foam Pet Bed is not really like that. Because it is a beautiful product with features no less than our other selections.

Features: The first reason why this dog bed is best for shedding dogs is affordable is that the manufacturer decided to use both memory foam and regular foam in this product. However, it does not mean that your dog will not love it and make it his favorite place to sleep.

It does not matter if the foam is mixed because the inside of this bed is made of high-quality premium material. We should mention that it is also breathable, which means that it allows air circulation, providing extra comfort for your dog on hot summer days.

This extra breathability prevents the build-up of mold and mildew. It makes it easier for pets with joint problems and suffering from discomfort while sleeping on the hard ground.

Another aspect that we liked about this dog bed is the fact that its zippered velour cover is 100% waterproof, and you do not even have to worry in cases of accidents. The cover successfully hides any fur and hair, that is why this dog bed for shedding dogs is the runner up in our list.

You just need to pick the cover that matches your dog’s fur, so it will make it easier to deal with the hair by covering it. It will definitely stand out to the eye a lot less. Also, this product comes in six different designer colors. We are sure that you can find one that fits your pup’s skin.

With so many options of colors, you can also pick the one that matches your other furniture in your apartment. It is available in three different sizes, and that makes this bed perfect for dogs that are from every breed.

We already mentioned that the soft microsuede cover can be removed and laundered. Just be sure that you wash in the machine cold or hot with bedding on a gentle cycle. Tumble dry it low. Unfortunately, the pad itself is not washable.

Best for Budget: Super Value Dog Pet Bed Pillow by Majestic Pet

About: Super Value Dog Pet Bed Pillow by Majestic Pet is an excellent option for pet parents who are on a budget. If you cannot spend that money on our top pick, this is a fantastic affordable alternative. Because this is a very nice hair resistant dog bed that will make your pup very happy, and it comes at a great price.

Features: This dog bed is made in the USA with a very large amount of stuffing. That much of stuffing gives this dog bed for shedding dogs its massive size. Along with that, it comes with an easily removable cover that will make your cleaning days a lot effortless.

Since it is stuffed and big, it will be a very comfortable place for your dog and convenient for you. We already mentioned how this dog bed eases cleaning with its removable cover, but it is not the only aspect. It is suitable to wash on any washing machine.

Washing lower quality dog beds can be a pain, and they often get ripped up in the wash. Not so with this option, because the entire outer cover can be removed for fast machine washing. Simply place the entire bed into a washing machine only on the gentle cycle, cool. Do not use washing machines with agitators.

The main reason why we included this dog bed in this article is that it can be purchased at a reasonable price, and it will not damage your economy at all. Do not let the price tag confuse you, this dog bed for shedding dogs has all the features that our top pick offers. Since it is for shedding dogs, especially, it does not show any dog hair or fur.

What we loved the most about this dog bed is that its cover is of soft faux suede fabric. It is very beneficial for a couple of reasons. The first reason is, it will not make the stains and dirt pop out. Secondly, it provides a cooling sleeping experience thanks to the fabric choice. It will be a great option if your dog has overheating issues when he sleeps.

The dog bed is filled with environmentally friendly and hypoallergenic Premium High Loft Polyester Fill. It is also a great option for environmentalist pet parents. The only thing that bothers us that this dog bed is available only in one size.

Chew Resistant: K9 Ballistics Tough Rectangle Orthopedic Dog Bed

About: Pet parents who have a dog that has a chewing habit may already have done some research on the net about the chew resistant dog beds. If that is the case for you, you’ll love K9 Ballistics Tough Rectangle Orthopedic Dog Bed.

Features: K9 Ballistics build this bed for tough dogs who behave badly to their beds. By avoiding dirt, fur, and moisture, it makes life easier for pet parents. The added technology makes the cleaning process incredibly easy because you can simply wipe the dirt with a damp cloth.

If your dog is a chewer and a shedder, this dog bed is the one you have been looking for so long. K9 Ballistics produced this dog bed for shedding dogs, especially for diggers, scratchers, and light to moderate chewers.

Your dog will not be able to destroy this bed with its teeth. What is a plus for us is that this dog bed is also waterproof. The manufacturer used perfect quality material on the cover because it is chew resistant, waterproof, scratch, and bite proof. All at the same time.

The material used in the whole cover is not toxic. You can wash the bed in the washing machine with ease. We want to mention that this dog bed was produced in the USA. It somehow manages to be chew resistant and also comfortable at the same time.

However, it is not made for severe chewers. We are sorry to say that, but if your canine friend is an excessive chewer, you have to keep looking. If he is showing light to moderate chewing habits, then you are good to go.

The company provides the customers with 120 days chew proof warranty. It means if your dog damages the bed within the first 120 days of purchase, you can get your money back.

Best Sofa Style: FurHaven Pet Dog Bed | Orthopedic Plush & Suede Sofa-Style Couch Pet Bed for Dogs & Cats

About: FurHaven’s dog beds are regular in our articles because we love their work. They make every kind of dog bed that becomes the favorite instantly, and FurHaven Pet Dog Bed | Orthopedic Plush & Suede Sofa-Style Couch Pet Bed for Dogs & Cats is a sofa style product.

Features: This dog bed for shedding dogs’ material is plush faux fur. The mattress cushion comes with silken suede bolsters. Along with providing good support for your canine friend, those features make this product odor resistant.

This feature can be a lifesaver, being odor-resistant we mean. Because most dog breeds, no matter their size, usually have a unique odor, they spread around the house. We know how annoying that can be. Even though you might be used to the smell, your guests will definitely complain about it.

As we are reviewing hair resistant dog beds, this one is among them. The most appealing difference is that this dog bed is in a sofa shape. The material of this bed makes it hair and fur resistant. It will not keep a lot of hair on it, and also it will make it not stand out to the eye thanks to its cover quality.

We should also mention that this product is an egg crate, not memory foam. This can be expected since the price is very reasonable and affordable.

Yet, if your dog has issues like herniated disc or arthritis, keep in mind that memory foam will always be a better option for them. We assure you that your canine friend will immediately love to sleep while resting his head, and this dog bed will become his favorite spot instantly.

It will be fun to watch your pup snuggle near the sides for a sense of warmth and comfort. Still, there is one more thing that we want to add. You should keep in mind that it takes a while for the bed to reach its full size because it will be shipped in its minimum size.

Buyer’s Guide

Memory Foam Filling

Giant breeds like Greyhounds tend to be vulnerable to troubles with the muscles. The signs include dysplasia in the hip, arthritis, etc. That is why a lifesaver might be having a dog bed that has a memory foam covering.

Memory foam beds are produced to protect the muscles of your precious pup. They also have therapeutic value in them. In fact, people started using memory foam filling in dog beds in hospitals first.

The main reason why memory foam filling was used was to help the canine patients that have muscle issues. Today, our dogs get to enjoy the benefits of memory foam dog beds without being hospitalized. If your pup has such issue, buying a memory foam dog bed can provide amazing comfort for him.

Size: If you are following our articles regularly, you can see that the dog beds we included among our selections have various features. But there is no way your pup will feel comfortable in his bed unless it is the right size for him. That is true for even the best dog bed that you can get for your shedding dog.

Every dog loves to feel cozy and secure in their sleeping environment. That is why getting a dog bed that fits the size of your pup is crucial. If you want to find the right dog bed size for your canine friend, you can measure him while he sleeps peacefully in his bed and then add 4-6” (10-15 cm’s).

Odor Resistant Material

We know that having a dog is already a blessing. It is a fantastic experience from the start till the end. That might be the reason why you cannot hear a dog parent complaining about their pup. They are just wonderful creatures, and no breed is an exception.

However, you know that there are always buts. Of course, there is an exception to that rule. Dealing always with the overwhelming dog odor might be very annoying for everyone, and no one can blame anyone.

If you are in the same situation, we have great news. Odor-resistant dog beds are a thing, and they can be a lifesaver if you have such a problem in your house. With the special materials and covers, odor resistant dog beds do an amazing job of blocking the unwanted smells. 

Hypoallergenic Material

As you might already know, dogs and humans are very similar in a lot of ways. Their biological system and functions are very similar to us because they are also classified as mammals.

They can feel sick, they can have intestinal problems, or they can even get cancer. But, the most common problem might be allergies. Yes, dogs can get allergies just as we do. The way we get allergies and the kind of allergies we can get is also similar.

They can get all kinds of allergies, such as seasonal allergies, food allergies, and skin allergies. Hypoallergenic dog beds can be your savior if your dog is suffering from any of these. However, those kinds of dog beds cannot do much for food and skin allergies, though. Contacting with a vet is essential in that situation.

But hypoallergenic dog beds can help your dog if he has a seasonal allergy. Hypoallergenic dog beds do not let the allergy-causing agents into the bed. That is why they are called hypoallergenic. So, they will help you create an allergy-free environment in the place where your dog sleeps all the time.

Cooling Feature

If you are seasoned with dog beds, you might already know that there are different kinds of stuffing used in dog beds to serve different purposes. Companies tend to use egg crate foam, memory foam, and regular foam in their products. They sometimes mix and match them to achieve something more comfortable and affordable.

We try to include dog beds with memory foam filling since they are used in the best comfortable dog beds. When a dog bed is made memory foam, there are also different options where they insert a cooling gel. The aim is to make the bed cooler and to be used in warmer climates.

Or, you might consider getting a dog bed with a cooling gel to help your pup if he has an overheating issue.

Conclusion: Best Dog Bed for Shedding Dogs (2020 Reviews)

It is hard to come up with a con of having a dog. However, there are certainly exceptions to the rule. That is especially true if you have a dog that sheds a lot.

Luckily, there are some things you can do to make your life easier in that sense, and getting a hair resistant dog bed is certainly one. Since we know that, in this article, we reviewed the best dog beds for shedding dogs!