Can Shih Tzu Eat Grapes

Can Shih Tzu Eat Grapes?

We all know the health benefits of eating fruits and vegetables. They are full of vitamins, antioxidants and fibers, and they help reduce the risk of chronic diseases. They are usually low in fat and sodium, and they give us nutrients to maintain a healthy body. However, all these benefits of eating vegetables and fruits do not apply to Shih Tzu.

Shih Tzu can’t eat grapes due to its high toxicity to canines. Grapes can cause kidney failure in Shih Tzu and other breeds of dogs disregarding their genders and sizes. If you fed your Shih Tzu grapes without knowing its fatal consequences, contact your vet immediately.

What’s Wrong with Grapes?

We know that the flesh of grapes is extremely dangerous for Shih Tzu as well as for any other dog breeds. However, we have no scientific data as to why grapes lead to serious health problems for dogs.

In this case, the size of your pooch and its gender does not matter. All dogs are susceptible to the toxicity of grapes. Grapes, when consumed by your dog, can cause kidney failure. Also, there is no safe number of grapes to be eaten by your dog. Even a small portion of grapes will lead to serious health problems and can be fatal for your Shih Tzu.

Some dog breeds react in a different way to the toxicity of grapes than other dogs. Even if your Shih Tzu did not show any symptoms after feeding him grapes, do not ever serve him grapes. Not only grapes, but raisins are also to be avoided from the menu of your Shih Tzu. Raisins have the same effect when it comes to the toxicity for dogs. Do not forget to cross these two off of your list of treats to avoid severe health damages for your pup.

Toxicity of Grapes in Shih Tzu

Merck Veterinary Manual says that the toxicity dose of grapes is 32 grams per 1 kilogram of body weight of your dog. Average grape weighs 5 grams, which means 5-6 grapes per kilogram of your dog creates toxicity. The toxicity dose of raisins is lower than grapes. A normal-sized raisin weighs about 0.5 gram, making the toxic dose nearly 6 raisins per kilogram of your pup.

What are the Symptoms of Grape Poisoning in Shih Tzu?

Symptoms toxicity of grapes and raisins in dogs do not have to show up immediately after consuming. The toxicity of grapes or raisins takes time to build up in your dog’s body. The symptoms may take 24 to 48 hours to be visible. 

If consumed regularly, the kidneys of your dog will eventually fail, and it can be fatal. If your Shih Tzu consumed grapes, you could observe lethargy, vomiting, behavioral change, lack of urination, drinking water excessively, abdominal pain, weakness, pain when touched, and loss of appetite. If he shows any change in his water intake, you’ll have to get an examination of his kidneys.

Can Shih Tzu Eat Grapes

My Shih Tzu Ate Grapes, What Should I Do?

Now that you know all the harmful and fatal consequences of feeding your dog grapes, do not keep grapes anywhere reachable for your dog. Keep them in your fridge at all times and inform your family members about the danger of grape consumption for your dog. Also, do not forget to tell them where to store them. If your Shih Tzu ate grapes, you need to call your vet as soon as possible and seek professional help. 

Time is very important when it comes to treating the toxicity of grapes. Since we do not exactly know when the toxicity of grapes would kick in, you may not have enough time to get your pup to your vet. That’s why a phone call will be the fastest way of communication and your vet will give you the necessary information and instructions on how to induce vomiting your dog to expulse the toxins.

Your vet might tell you to use hydrogen peroxide to induce vomiting your dog. In that case, you need to measure 1 millilitre of 3 percent hydrogen peroxide per pound of the weight of your pooch. You should use a syringe to squirt the hydrogen peroxide into the back of his mouth. Do not give him more than 45 millilitres of hydrogen peroxide at one time no matter how much your dog weighs. If the first dose of hydrogen peroxide did not work, you could give the same amount for the second time after 15 minutes. Do not apply this method more than two times and do not forget about the 45 millilitres total limit. After second the second attempt, do not use any method of inducing vomiting and rush your pet to a vet immediately.

Your vet might ask you to give a tablespoon of salt to your dog to induce vomiting. However, do not try any forms of inducing vomiting without the confirmation of your vet. You can cause more damage by giving your dog something you are not supposed to to help him.

When you get to the vet, they might have to operate a gastric lavage or use activated charcoal do expulse the remaining toxins out of your dog’s body and protect his kidneys.

Conclusion: Can Shih Tzu Eat Grapes?

Even though fruits are vitamin-rich foods and generally very healthy for us to maintain a healthy body, they are not always good choices for our dogs. Grapes are one of them to be concerned about.

They are incredibly toxic to Shih Tzu and other breeds of dogs. Grapes, no matter how many of them are consumed, can lead to kidney failure and even death in dogs.

Induce vomiting is going to be the first method to apply to save your pup’s life. Hydrogen peroxide is going to help your dog vomit and expulse the toxins out of his body. However, it’s always recommended to take action with the instructions of your vet.

Dates on the table

Are Dates Good or Bad For Dogs?

It seems like the question of whether fruits are healthy for their dogs always confuse the dog owners because they are natural but also most are filled with natural sugar, also known as fructose. Dates are not an exception, and most dog owners ask the question below before sharing some with their pup.

Are Dates Good or Bad For Dogs?

The short answer to that question is, yes in moderation. Because even though dates have significant nutritional value, they are filled with natural sugar. So, too many of them can cause issues for dogs. Also, dried dates contain a compound called sulfite, which can cause stomach issues for some tail-waggers.

In this article, we will touch all the potential benefits and the side effects of dates in a detailed way. But, first, let’s get to know this exotic fruit a little bit.

Origin of the Dates

Date fruit is the fruit of the date palm tree, which was believed to be originated around Iraq. It is a very ancient fruit, and it has been cultivated since prehistoric Egypt.

Even though it might not be among the most popular fruits in the U.S.A., it is a very prevalent one in the Middle East both for religious and historical reasons.

Nutritional Value

Dates are a nutritious fruit with perfect levels of essential vitamins and minerals.

They contain a good level of potassium, magnesium, copper, iron, and manganese.

They are also very rich in fiber.

Dates have high levels of polyphenols.

Also, they have antioxidant properties.

However, considering that they are mostly sold and consumed dry, they have a relatively high amount of sugar in them.

Dates don’t have any significant amount of calories, but all their calories come from their sugar content.

are dates good for dogs? this dog thinks they are good to eat

Are Dates Good For Dogs?

We should start by saying that dogs do not need carbohydrates to live a healthy and fulfilling life. However, dogs do benefit from some carbohydrates.

To understand that, first, we should make a distinction between bad carbohydrates and good carbohydrates. Bad carbs for dogs mostly come from grains; on the other hand, good carbs for dogs come from good carbohydrates such as vegetables and fruits.

That’s also the case for the date fruit too because it provides a nutritional value that your pooch can significantly benefit from.

First, as mentioned above, dates are an excellent source of potassium, and it an essential mineral for muscle and bone health.

There should always be enough potassium in your dog’s diet because its deficiency can cause all sorts of different problems like stunt growth. Also, in cases where the potassium levels are significantly low, a condition called hypokalemia occurs, which is essentially kidney failure.

Dates are also a good source of copper, which is crucial for your pup’s body to carry out several processes including forming collagen, bone and collective tissue, and it also has a very significant role regarding the absorption of iron.

Dates also have a high fiber content, which makes them an excellent choice of food, especially for dogs with digestive issues. Fiber is also very crucial for your pup to have a healthy bowel because its one of the most important functions is to normalize the bowel movements.

They are also filled with polyphenols, which are the micronutrients found in some plants, and they have very significant health benefits ranging from helping with digestion issues to promoting a better immune system by repairing the damaged cells.

So, there is no doubt that all the benefits that we listed above are very beneficial for your tail-wagger. However, is there a chance that dates are bad for dogs in any way?

these dates look good to eat!

Are Dates Bad For Dogs?

As we mentioned, when talking about their nutritional values, dates are very high in sugar even when they are not dried, and that also becomes more of a concern when they are dried.

Because like all the other dried fruits, dates have very high natural sugar content and it is very typical for owners to be hesitant to feed it to their dogs.

However, the research that has been carried out in the recent years shows that even though they have a relatively very high amount of sugar in them, dates do have a low glycemic index, which means they lower the blood sugar instead of raising it.

So, we can say that even the dogs with diabetes can eat dates because they lower the blood sugar and might be helpful for diabetes.

However, we still advise you to be careful with giving your pup a fruit high in sugar even though the research says otherwise.

We should make it clear that we’re not talking about the candied fruits because they are filled with refined and processed sugar and we advise you not to let your pup to be around any food that has processed sugar because that has some severe consequences like diabetes and extra fat gain.

Are Dates Safe For Dogs?

Even though all of their nutritional values show us that dates are entirely safe for dogs to eat, we should mention some of the reservations we have since we believe they can be significant to some of you.

First, just like every other dry fruit, a chemical compound called sulfite added to the dates. The reason for that is to prolong the shelf life of the fruit. Sulfites can cause some stomach issues such as stomach pain, gas, and diarrhea.

Although sulfite is generally a harmless preservative for dogs, we still suggest you be careful if you have a dog that has digestive issues because it might worsen the problem.

Another thing we would like to say about dates is the pip because even though dates are safe for dogs, pips can cause issues they eat them.

Because they will most likely swallow it without even realizing, so, there is a chance that your pooch might choke on it. So, make sure to take out the pip before you’re feeding dates to them.

Conclusion: Are Dates Good or Bad For Dogs?

Dates have outstanding nutritional values, and they can benefit your pup in many different ways. However, even though they are found to have a low glycemic index, we believe that the research is relatively new, and more research needs to be done for us to say your dogs can eat as many dates they want.

So, we advise you to be moderate and not go overboard with it for your dog’s sake. Also, don’t ever forget to take the pip out!