Can Dogs Eat Sriracha?

As humans, we love adding spices to our food and Sriracha is one of most popular hot sauces. It is used as a dipping sauce, especially seafood and omelet. It is true that we love Sriracha in our tables but what about dogs? Can dogs eat sriracha?

Can Puppies Drink Almond Milk?

It is not appropriate to feed your dogs and puppies with cow’s milk, because it is high in lactose. But you might be questioning if there is any type of milk that you can give to your puppy to strengthen his bones and body. But dogs do not work that way. For most of the cases, dogs do not even need to drink milk other than their momma’s.

Is Cereal Good or Bad For Dogs?

It is so funny watching dogs crunching on cereals with pleasure. There is no doubt that they love it and would gobble down a bowl of it if they have a chance to. But would it be safe for your dog to do that? Is cereal good or bad for dogs? We will answer all these questions in this article.