My Dog Ate Cough Drops Will He Be Okay?

My Dog Ate Cough Drops Will He Be Okay?

Cough drops can be found in any home, especially during the winter season when people are more prone to get sick. You might be using cough drops to make your aching throat feel better. But what happens when your dog gets his paws on some cough drop? Will your dog be okay if he ate cough drops?

In brief, dogs cannot eat cough drops because they contain dangerous ingredients such as xylitol, menthol, and benzocaine. Another cause of concern is that cough drops can cause a choking hazard and intestinal blockage because of the wrapping. Keep reading to find about it more.

The first thing you should do when your dog ate a cough drop is to make sure that your dog is not choking on it. If you are sure that your dog is okay after eating cough drops, you should check the ingredients list. If you spot any toxic substances such as xylitol, menthol, and benzocaine, you should immediately contact the vet.

There might be more problems coming up if your dog ate a cough drop. Make sure that you read the whole thing for further information about what to do when your dog ate dough drops.

Look at the Ingredients List First

If your dog ate cough drops, you should look at the ingredients list first. It might sound weird to try to find something as irrelevant as the box of the cough drop in the middle of a crisis, but it is necessary. Because you can find out if your dog had some dangerous substances such as xylitol, menthol, and benzocaine.

If the cough drops have one of these ingredients listed, you should go to the vet without losing any time.

However, we want to mention that not all cough drops are the same. That means not all brands and cough drops have toxic substances. Maybe you will find out that the cough drops your dog ate does not contain any xylitol, menthol, or benzocaine. Yet, it is not very likely that cough drops will be free of these ingredients.

Also, you should find out how many cough drops your dog ate. Did he just eat the one you dropped to the floor, or he got the entire box? Other than that, you should also see if your dog has swallowed the wrappings of the drops, too.

Cough drops are already hard to digest for dogs if yours ate them with the wrappers on, the problem gets more serious. Moreover, the plastic wrapping can choke your dog. If you have made sure that your dog is not choking, you should also check in the vet to see if the wrapping caused a blockage.

Wrappings cannot be digested in the system, so it will require surgery for your pup to remove them. Sometimes it is not possible to remove the wrappers, and it causes an immense risk for the life of the dog.

Toxic Ingredients in Cough Drops

We mentioned that some ingredients used in cough drops might be toxic for dogs. Let’s explore these ingredients in detail to see what harms they cause.


If your dog loves counter surfing or just a little curious one, you have probably heard about xylitol before. It is a toxic substance used as a substitute for sugar, and it is a very popular one. You can find xylitol in any kind of product today from candies to medicines. It is present in peanut butter and jelly beans, too.

It is okay for humans to consume xylitol; however, dogs will be poisoned if they ate xylitol. We can say that it is fatal for dogs to consume xylitol. It is harmful because it will make the blood sugar levels drop instantly, and cause long-term damage in the brain, heart, and liver in dogs.

My Dog Ate Cough Drops Will He Be Okay?


Most cough drops use menthol to have a refreshing and soothing effect of releasing the pain of the sore throat. Surprisingly, what makes us release the pain, makes the dogs suffer.

Menthol blocks the breathing activity causes vomiting and diarrhea in dogs. If your dog eats something that has lots of menthol in it in high amounts, this substance can even kill the dog. Also, menthol can make your dog behave weirdly as a side effect.


Benzocaine causes nearly all of the stomach problems in dogs. It can make your dog get diarrhea or even something more serious that requires surgery. But it is almost certain that benzocaine will make your dog sick if it was in the cough drops he ate.

It is also used as local anesthesia in humans. If your dog ate cough drops that has benzocaine in it, his throat would get numb. This situation can make your dog have a hard time breathing.


As a dog parent, you should already know the danger of sugar to dogs. Consumption of sugar is considered bad for the health of humans, and it is the same case with dogs. If your dog gets his pawn on sugary food, he will be immediately more active and cause trouble.

Your dog getting hyperactive is one problem, but sugar can also cause problems in his body. Vomiting and diarrhea are the most common issues related to the consumption of sugar in dogs. If your dog continues to eat sugar on a regular basis, the risk of diabetes, dental problems and liver diseases increase.

Conclusion: My Dog Ate Cough Drops Will He Be Okay?

Cough drops are really effective when you have a sore throat, and we understand why you are keeping it home. If your dog ate cough drops, however, it will be a severe problem for both you and him.

If your dog ate cough drops, make sure that he is not choking on it first. After that, check the ingredient list to see if the cough drops had any toxic substances that might cause further problems. Make sure that you pay the vet a visit before deciding your dog is okay.