Can Dogs Eat Gingerbread Cookies

Can Dogs Eat Gingerbread Cookies?

Cookies are delicious, we are not here to argue that. But are you giving your canine friend gingerbread cookies just because of that? That is an important question. As you know, most of the human food is not appropriate to share with dogs. Because many of them can be toxic and cause unwanted medical conditions on dogs.

It does not matter if your dog is looking at you with his puppy eyes -even though he is a senior one- when he wants to eat the thing you are eating. At least you should look it up online to find out if it is okay for canine consumption.

Since you’re reading this article, you’re probably doing that and you have this question in mind: Can dogs eat gingerbread cookies? Are gingerbread cookies safe for dogs to eat?

To briefly answer these questions: no, you cannot give gingerbread cookies to your dog. Because gingerbread cookies have nutmeg and baking soda or powder in them. Both of these ingredients are harmful to dogs.  

There are other ingredients that are not good for your canine friend in gingerbread cookies such as fat and sugar. Well, let’s look at the nutritional value and effects of gingerbread cookies in detail.

Nutritional Value of Gingerbread Cookies

Holidays are the best time for those who enjoy delicious food. Dogs also love them, because they get to taste many other human food options. But you might already know that all foods are not good for dogs.

Gingerbread is the most common bakery you can eat during the Christmas season. But unfortunately, gingerbread cookies are not good for dogs. Dogs should not eat any kind of cookies because they are so high in sugar.

But gingerbread has some other ingredients that pet owners should look out for, such as nutmeg and baking powder. Nutmeg is poisonous to dogs and can cause serious gastrointestinal distress, resulting in vomiting, diarrhea, and other digestive problems.

Gingerbread cookies might also include a spice named anise, and this can be safe for dogs to eat.  If would be very tasty for them if given in small doses.  Though, it may have a bit of a weird effect on dogs, making them incredibly active.

Gingerbread is also high in fat and sugar. Food with high-fat content is considered to trigger kidney problems in dogs in addition to many other medical problems. A heavy-sugar diet can trigger dogs to put on weight and diabetes or heart disease, and therefore should be prohibited.

The high sugar content of gingerbread cookies can also disturb your dog’s stomach, give him diarrhea, or cause him to experience nausea.

Why Gingerbread Cookies are Bad for My Dog?

As we have said before, dogs cannot eat gingerbread cookies. You might be thinking that gingerbread is dangerous because of the ginger, but that is not it. It is another ingredient in gingerbread cookies called is nutmeg. We can even say that ginger can be beneficial for your dog’s health, but only if you feed him in small amounts.

Well, gingerbread has nutmeg in it for most of the cases. Nutmeg is a spice that has a toxin called myristicin. Myristicin is not good for dogs, and it can even be toxic. If your dog eats this substance, his stomach will be sick. What is worse is he will have hallucinations and delusions which will definitely mess up with his psychological condition.

Can Dogs Eat Gingerbread Cookies

What If My Dog Ate a Little Piece of Gingerbread?

If your dog only took a little bite of a gingerbread cookie, we can say that there is no need to panic over it. Dogs are not likely to suffer poor health effects with a very small quantity of bad food. However, it is always a good idea to call your vet to check.

If your dog has not eaten gingerbread cookies and you were just curious about it, the best thing to do would be keeping the cookies away from your dog’s reach. Keeping it as far away as you can from your dog will prevent any unwanted scenarios. Remember that prevention is always better than treatment.

Symptoms to Look for If Your Dog Ate Lots Of Gingerbread

If your dog has had only a small piece of gingerbread cookies, there is usually no need to panic over it. But, if your dog is showing any of the symptoms we listed below, you must take him to vet right away. Because he probably is having a nutmeg toxication.

These symptoms will probably occur if your dog had lots of nutmeg:  disorientation, dry mouth, high blood pressure, elevated heart rate, abdominal pain, diarrhea, changes in behavior such as lethargy or refusal to eat. In any case, you must call the vet even if your dog has not eaten lots of gingerbread just to be sure because it is always a wise thing to do.

We know that we said small amounts do not hurt, but it is always better to check it with your vet. Small amounts of nutmeg can also cause these symptoms. It is the best idea to not give your dog any gingerbread at all.

Conclusion: Can Dogs Eat Gingerbread Cookies?

Gingerbread cookies are so delicious and you might feel tempted to share one with your dog. However, think twice before giving any kind of human food to your canine companion. Because most of them can be toxic for dogs, just like gingerbread cookies.

In this article, we tried to explain why it is a bad idea to give gingerbread cookies to canines. Even though small amounts of gingerbread cookie will not hurt your dog, it is better to not give him any of it at all. We hope that this was helpful and cleared the questions in your head!

If you really want to give your dog this treat and looking for some gingerbread treats that are safe for dogs, you can buy dog safe treats that have ginger flavoring. They will not cause anything harmful and do not contain harmful ingredients like nutmeg or xylitol.