Can Dogs Eat Tape?

Can Dogs Eat Tape?

Pups love exploring the world by putting any kind of object in their mouths. They love to taste new things and play with them. During the process of this innocent exploration, your dog might get himself into trouble. What to do when your dog swallows a tape? Can dogs eat tape? What to do when your dog eats tape?

The answer is pretty obvious, but dogs cannot eat tape. If your dog ate tape and you see symptoms such as lack of appetite, unusual bowel movement, blood in stool or vomiting, then go to a vet immediately. If the amount of tape was too small, dogs usually pass it through their digestive system and can be fine afterward.

Dogs of all ages can love to explore things around them by chewing different items. As a result, you might find yourself in the vet worrying about the health of your naughty dog. Also, dogs can swallow many weird things if a toy breaks off. Or you can find your dog making a mess of your study table.

Well, we are guessing that you are here because your dog ate something, he should not have no matter the reason. Eating objects such as tape in puppies can be a life-threatening emergency that will cost you money, and more importantly, it may cost your dog his life.

We should warn you that you should never pull the end of the tape coming through your furry friend’s butt or mouth. It might be still intact or connected to the internal organs at some point, and pulling it can injure intestines and you might kill your pup.

Let’s explore what tape is made of further and look at possible solutions in the case of your dog eating tape.

What is a Tape Made of?

Tapes are used for combining materials without using fasteners, screws, or glues. It is a really quick way of sticking two things together. Tapes can be preferred over any other combination method if you are concerned about the surface of the item you are going to stick together.

Tapes consist of a material called carrier that is usually made of paper, plastic film, cloth, foam, or foil. This layer is also coated with another substance. Tapes are sticky without any heat or solvent for a combination of items and can adhere with only light pressure. It is a really convenient item to have in the house, and your dog can accidentally eat it at any time.

But mainly, tapes are made by melting a substance called cellulose acetate. Then, the melted product is turned into the clear part of the tape. This part is usually called plastic, and it is a chemical that has its own side effects when consumed by dogs.

 Let’s take a look at the effects of plastic when consumed by dogs.

Can Dogs Eat Tape?

Tapes are Made of Plastic. What Does it Do to Dogs?

Some dogs might especially love to chew on or destroy and eat hard plastic items, but we will mainly talk about the tape here. The tape is made of plastic, and if your dog managed to eat some tape, then it might be a good idea to know what tape does to your dog.

If your dog has eaten something that is not edible and made it through his stool, you might be surprised how dogs can get things out of their system without a problem. That might be the case for the case of eating tape this time. However, it is a gamble, and you cannot know for certain whether your dog will be fine or not after eating something he should not eat.

Eating plastic in very small amounts is not a serious problem for most cases, because it usually passes right through the digestive system. However, for other cases, it might cause some severe damage to the dog, and eating plastic can even be fatal for some canines.

The first thing you should do after realizing that your dog has eaten plastic tape is making sure that your dog is not choking on it. It is the most common danger for the case of eating the plastic tape. If your dog is coughing or gagging, call the vet for further help or go there immediately.

What Will Happen if My Dog Ate Tape?

First of all, we are hoping that your dog is fine. If the tape was just a small piece that is less then 6 inches, he could pass it through in his stool. However, if the tape was longer than that, you should look for symptoms because it can be dangerous.

If your dog ate the tape, observe him for a while to see if he vomit or get diarrhea. If he has blood or color change in his stool, then a visit to a vet is essential.  If you see the tape coming out through his stool, but he cannot get it out completely, do not pull the tape out. It will only make things worse.

Just wait for his next poop session to get the whole thing out. Alternatively, you can go to the vet and let them figure it out. However, small pieces would pass right through the stool without causing any problems.

Conclusion: Can Dogs Eat Tape?

Tape is a very convenient and handy item to have in every house. If your dog is a curious one and loves to get everything in his mouth, there is a high chance that he can also get in trouble with some tape.  The tape is basically made of plastic, and plastic has its side-effects.

Dogs cannot eat tape. If the piece your dog ate was a small, it usually passes through the stool without a problem. If it was a long piece, your dog might be in trouble. You should look for symptoms such as bloody stool or vomiting after your dog has eaten tape. If you see something unusual, go to the vet immediately.