Should I Wake My Puppy to Pee At Night?

Should I Wake My Puppy to Pee At Night?

Potty training is an essential aspect of having a pup in your home. It is essential training, and you have to do it in order for you and your dog to have a fun time without accidents and problems. Potty training during the day might be an easy task for most dog owners, but what about the night time? Should you wake your puppy to pee at night?

If you have a young puppy, waking your dog up at night to pee is absolutely necessary, and there is nothing wrong with it. If your pup is younger than 4 months, he will not be able to control and hold his pee for all night. So, you should take him out to pee at night.

Potty training at night might be the hardest and trickiest part of potty training if you are new to having and taking care of a dog at home. Potty training, when the sun is still there, might be easier because your pup would be awake. And he can give the signs of he is ready to be taken out for a pee.

However, when night time comes, that is when the accidents will most probably occur. For that reason, you have to always keep in mind that puppies are just newborn dogs and they can have accidents. They still have a lot to learn, and you should not make your pup feel pressured about his pee.

Think of it as you are raising a human baby. Potty training for a puppy is actually the equivalent of it. You need to sleep less and take care of the newborn a lot more during the night. But do not ever give up on the potty training at night because hard work always pays off.

Eventually, your dog will learn how to handle his business outside, and that will save you from a lot of work. So, let’s look at some aspects of night training for puppies and discuss whether you should wake your puppy up to pee at night.

Should You Wake a Puppy to Go to the Toilet?

Many dog owners who are new to the idea of potty training and taking care of a dog overall is curious about whether they should wake their puppy up to go out for a pee. The answer is, yes, you should wake your dog up at night to go to the toilet if you do not want to wake up to a mess in the morning.

Puppies that are younger than 4 months are so little, and they are still learning lots of new things. That is why they cannot hold their pee for more than just a couple of hours. You should wake your puppy to go to the toilet if he is younger than 4 months.

During the night, their body will give the signal of they have to pee. However, they do not know what to do when they get the signal because you have not trained your puppy on it yet!

So, it is only normal that there will be a mess in the room your dog has been sleeping. That might be your very own bed, so it is really crucial that you wake the puppy up at night to pee. You should wake your young pup at least once during sleep time.

If you are planning to keep your pup in a crate, make sure that you are not buying him a very large one. Indeed, dogs do not want to soil their sleeping place, but a crate that is double the size he needs will prevent successful potty training. You can buy bigger crates as your pup grows up.

Should I Wake My Puppy to Pee At Night?

How to Prepare for the Night when Potty Training?

If you are thinking that just setting the alarm will save the day, you might be wrong. When you are potty training your pup, it takes more than an alarm because you also have to be prepared for the night. First of all, decide on sleep time and act on it every day.

You can give food to your pup up until there are 4 hours to bedtime. Do not feed him later than that. Also, make sure that you get rid of his water when there is a couple of hours to sleep time. Some people might think that this is a wrong approach to potty training, but that is perfectly fine. It is just a schedule, after all.

If you feed your pup early and get the water out of the way before he sleeps, you can make sure that he will get done with the pee situation before the bed. Lastly, take your dog out right before he goes to sleep so that there would be nothing to worry about at least for a couple of hours.

When to Go to Pee at Night?

You need to take your pup out to pee after 4 hours from bedtime. Sticking with the 4 hours rule is essential for puppies. You do not want him to be full of pee that he cannot even walk. If he has already had an accident, the next alarm should be 3 hours after you go to bed.

If he was successful holding his pee for 4 hours, then the next alarm would be 15 minutes later than that.

Conclusion: Should I Wake My Puppy to Pee At Night?

People who are new in taking care of dogs might be wondering about some potty training skills. Potty training might be easier when your dog is awake, but what should you do when it is night time? Should you wake your puppy to pee at night?

Of course, you should. Nighttime potty training is harder than morning ones because you have to sacrifice your sleep schedule, but it will be worth it, we promise. Nothing is worse than to wake up to a morning where your dog has soiled the area he has been sleeping in. We are hoping that all the potty training goes well.