Why Won’t My Dog Sleep with Me Anymore?

Why Won’t My Dog Sleep with Me Anymore?

Some pet parents love to snuggle with their pooch at night. Surely most dogs love it too. But sometimes they may reject sleeping with your out of the blue, and you may wonder “why won’t my dog sleep with me anymore?”

Dogs need to sleep somewhere that is comfortable for them; not too small, soft, hot, cold or bright. He might be stressed, excited, or he may need exercise. If you adopted a puppy, he might want his mother. In some cases, he may be sick.

Let’s take a look at the possible causes of your dog refusing to sleep with you.

The Mattress Is Not Suitable for His Taste

Dogs have different personalities. Even when you buy them the most expensive and beautiful dog bed, they may prefer sleeping on the couch or inside an old box. This is because every dog prefers a different surface to sleep on.

If your dog likes to sleep on relatively hard surfaces such as the floor or the sofa, your bed may be too soft for his taste. Don’t force him to sleep with you if this seems to be the problem. After all, your furry friend needs to get enough and quality sleep. If he is uncomfortable on a certain surface, he might not get a good night’s sleep. 

The Bed May Be too Small

You may like sleeping with your dog regardless of the space you have on the bed. However, dogs love some room when they are sleeping. If your bed is too small or if you have a partner, your dog might not want to sleep with you.

Let him sleep somewhere with enough room for him to splay and turn around freely. Your pup must be comfortable while he is sleeping.

It May Be Too Hot or Too Cold

Especially during summer, your room and your bed can be a lot more hot than usual. Dogs don’t like to sleep in places that are too cold or too hot. You can either open the windows to let some air in or turn up the heat if it’s cold for your pup to sleep comfortably.

It Might Be Too Bright

If you like to sleep with lights on or if the tv is on in your room, your dog might not want to sleep with you. Because dogs don’t like sleeping in an environment that is too bright. Try to dim the lights, turn the tv off and see if it works.

Cats Have Been Sleeping on The Bed

We all know that cats and dogs are not necessarily best friends for life. If you also have cats in the house, they may have claimed the bed already. If this is the case, they won’t allow your dog to sleep on the bed. After all, that is their territory. 

Why Won’t My Dog Sleep with Me Anymore?

Your Puppy Wants His Mother

If you have recently adopted a puppy, it is quite normal for him to not want to sleep with you. While some puppies may bond very easily with you and be happy to sleep with you, some puppies may have a hard time adapting to be away from his siblings and mother.

If this seems to be the case, give your puppy some time to adjust to the situation. Give him lots of attention and care throughout the day so that he doesn’t feel lonely. In time, he will get used to you, and things will be great between you two.

Your Dog May Need Exercise

If your dog does not sleep with you, it may be because he doesn’t want to sleep. Dogs need to exercise every single day. While some breeds don’t need to exercise that much, other breeds need to have proper playtime outside, run and release all that energy he has.

If your dog is mostly alone in the house all day long while you are away at work, he might not have gotten the exercise he needed. For some dogs, going for a potty walk is not enough to release the energy. So, your dog might want to exercise or play if he is refusing to sleep with you.

Your Dog May Be Excited

Dogs have acute senses that we humans don’t have. They can sense the animals that are outside the house. They may be excited to hear or smell them. Depending on the type of animal that is outside, your dog may even be scared or stressed. This can be why he is not sleeping.

He Might Be Stressed

Your dog might have gotten through a traumatic event. He might be recently adopted. It may take time for him to get used to you and your relationship with him. Keep in mind that he might have been abused by his previous owners.

If you have recently moved to a different house, it can also be quite stressful for your dog to adapt to a new environment. He might miss your old place. Give him some time to adapt to the changes, and he will be fine.

If your dog had a fight with another dog or if he was scared of loud noise such as fireworks or gunshots, he might be scared and anxious. Normally, this behavior should last a few days, and your dog should go back to being happy. If it seems to last longer, you might want to get professional help.

Your Dog Might Be Sick

Your dog may not be feeling well. If he is feeling any pain, he might not be able to sleep. Observe your pup to see if he is acting differently. If he starts whining or crying, licking his joints or pacing, it may be a good idea to contact a veterinarian.

Conclusion: Why Won’t My Dog Sleep with Me Anymore?

If you have been wondering “why won’t my dog sleep with me anymore”, you don’t need to worry about it as the problem may be fairly easy to solve.

Your bed may be too small, hot or cold. Your room may be too bright. Your dog may be excited, stressed or anxious. He may need to exercise. Your cats may have claimed the bed. If you have a puppy, he might miss his mother and siblings. Lastly, he may be sick.

Consider each scenario and see if you can figure out the problem. If you decide that your dog may be sick, contact a veterinarian immediately.