Acana vs Fromm (2020 Reviews)

If you are a wary owner of your dog, you might be looking at the back of the packages of your pet food or the cans and wonder what all those terminologies that are written there might mean and if they are of any importance for your pooch. In that case, you will also watch out for the brand you are shooting for as different pet food makers use different techniques and ingredients before their products take their places on shelves. 

Acana and Fromm are both very popular and preferred products by pet owners and both of them gained reputation and popularity over the years by ensuring good quality and safe products for pets. If you are about to buy a can of dog food from Acana or Fromm and not sure which brand would do the best job in feeding your dog valuable nutrition while keeping it tasty and affordable, we prepared this detailed article for you so that you could have a better shape of these two brands in your mind.

History of Acana

Acana is owned by Champion Petfoods, a Canadian award-winner pet food maker with a high reputation and popularity among the pet food producers. Their goal in pet food production is to use fresh regional ingredients that are biologically appropriate for pets. Speaking of biologically appropriate food for pets, Acana’s suppliers for the kitchen are farmers, fishermen, and ranchers in order to produce the most natural and appropriate food for pets.

They also highly value no-outsourcing policy which means that they cook their own pet food in their kitchens instead of just marketing pet food. If you want to know whether the pet food you are using is cooked by the brand of your food, you should check the packaging of your pet food and see the labels of ‘made by’ or ‘produced by’. If you see any labels such as ‘made for’ or ‘distributed for’ on the package, it means that the brand did not produce the food, they just market it.

Acana pays attention to the evolutionary necessity of pets when it comes to nutrition because the eating of modern pets is the same as their ancestors who lived thousands of years ago. Breeds and looks of pets might have changed quite a lot over time, however, their needs are the same.

Acana foods have five specific rules that they follow. Their rules include producing a pet food rich in protein and meat, high fresh and meat inclusions, an abundant variety of fresh meats, wholeprey meat ratios, and carb-smart.

Acana gained reputation and popularity among pet food producers by sticking to their rules and satisfying the needs of pets.

History of Fromm

Fromm is a pet food producer that is present in the market for more than a century. They joined the pet food market in 1904 and started as a family business. Currently, the 5th generation of the family is running the business.

As a company, their first focus was on fox breeding and ginseng production. They developed a range of vaccines that help foxes live longer which later expanded and started curing the diseases for dogs and cats. Later on, they decided to produce pet foods rather than vaccines and opened their first pet food production facility in 1925 which still operates today.

In order to fulfill the nutrition needs of pets, Fromm uses fresh and natural ingredients in their products. They value the quality of protein in their products rather than the quantity which helps pets digest their products easily.

Ingredient Comparison Between Acana and Fromm

You, as a responsible parent of your dog, want to be knowledgeable about what goes into the stomach of your pup as the nutrition that your pup receives is highly important on his energy levels, bone, and coat health, weight, and mood. Therefore, we always recommend that you read what is written on the back of your pet food packaging as the information that is written there will be very important for your dog’s health. As you might know, there is plenty of food that is unhealthy for dogs if not toxic. 

Fromm has a variety of flavors in their products, probably the one that has the most flavors in the market. Their popular flavors are Salman A-la Veg, Salmon tuna pate, Chicken duck pate, and Shredded beef in Gravy. They use many different versions of ingredients in their products such as real meat, fish, duck, fruits, vegetables, potatoes, cheese, pork, chicken, and many more.

Acana prefers to use natural ingredients together to generate their flavors and recipes. Lamb, duck, pork, eggs, pear, squash, fish, vegetables, pumpkin, fruits, red meat, and poultry products are ingredients of their most common pet foods.

Macronutrients and vitamins should be your priority when you check the labels behind the packaging. Sufficient intake of protein, fat, and fibers as well as vitamins is crucial to your dog’s health. 


Proteins are one of the most essential parts of the dogs’ diet. They play a great role to build hairs, nails, muscles, tendons, ligaments, skin, and cartilage. They are also key nutrients when it comes to hormone production in dogs. There are two sources of proteins in pet foods: animal sources and plant sources. It can be the combination of these two sometimes.

Proteins that are supplied by animal sources will have all the necessary amino acids dogs need, but proteins that are supplied by plants will not have all the amino acids your dog needs. Therefore, you may want to pay attention to the source of proteins that are used in your pet food.

Using the dry matter basis method, Fromm has 24% protein in their products which is near average among dry pet foods. On the other side, Acana products contain 33% protein leaving behind Fromm by 9% which is quite important considering your dogs’ protein needs. Acana obviously and easily takes the lead here when we compare the protein amounts of both brands. Let’s keep going, who is going to win?


Fats in the pet foods are as important as proteins because of the possible impacts it can have on your dogs’ health. Fat is a macronutrient, and therefore an essential part of your pup’s diet. It generates energy, cushioning, insulation, and other important roles in your pup’s body functions. The amount of fat your dog receives daily is important because both too little fat and too much fat can cause problems. It’s best if you take a look at the fat content of the pet food you are about to buy for your dog.

Fromm products have 18% fat on average which is near-average. The Fat-to-protein ratio of Fromm products is 56%. On the other side, Acana products have 19% fat content which is also near-average and their fat-to-protein ratio is around 55%. In this case, we can observe that the fat content of both brands is quite similar which will not be a deal-breaker for any of these brands. 


More often than not, pet owners do not pay enough attention to the fiber intake of their pets since it is not mentioned as much as other macronutrients. However, fiber intake is crucial for your pup in order to prevent constipation, digestion problems, or colon cancer. Fibers help your pet digest the food easily and make things easier for them in the bathroom.

Utilizing the dry matter content, Fromm products have an average of 6.1% fiber in their products whereas Acana products contain 6.8% of fibers. 0.7% difference in the fiber amount between these two brands might look not of a big importance, however, it can create a big difference in the long run. 

Controversial Ingredients

Pet food makers sometimes use substitute ingredients in their products to make the product more affordable for the customers. They often use high-quality ingredients but sometimes include cheap substitutes to lower the cost and price of their pet food. They could make all their ingredients high-quality, but in that case, customers could look for other more affordable options. Therefore, a combination of both high-quality ingredients and some more affordable substitutes is a method used by many companies and is actually quite understandable.

Acana and Fromm both have some controversial ingredients in their products in terms of their necessity for pets’ diet. Also, some dogs can be allergic to some specific ingredients which means that the labels on the pet food cans or packages should be of high importance for you.

The most common controversial ingredients found in Acana’s products are heart and kidney. The reason hearts and kidneys are controversial ingredients is that you may not know from which animal the heart comes from. When the ingredient is anonymous, it will raise suspicion and make you think that it is low quality. These ingredients are not unhealthy or toxic to dogs, it’s just the anonymity of the products that make them controversial.

In comparison to Acana, Fromm seems to have more controversial ingredients in their products. Among these controversial ingredients of Fromm’s products are dried tomato pomace, brewer’s yeast, pea flour, white rice, alfalfa meal, and garlic powder. These are not unhealthy nor toxic ingredients to your dog.

However, if your dog is allergic to brewer’s yeast, for example, it might cause problems for you. Some dogs are known to be allergic to brewer’s yeast, that’s why you should be extra careful of ingredients in case your dog is allergic to some specific ingredients.

Tomato pomace is high in fiber which is pretty good for your dog’s tummy, however, some customers might think that it’s a cheap product to fill your dog’s stomach. The same thing goes with pea flour and alfalfa meal. They are high in protein, but this means the product you are holding is high in plant-based protein and not high in meat-based protein as these plant-based products will make up most of the protein content of that specific product.

White rice will lose the competition against the brown rice day and night. That is because white rice is made by removing the husk, germ, and bran of grains which ends up making the product much less valuable in terms of its nutritious value.

On the other side, brown rice will have all the fibers and other important nutrition since it contains the bran and germ. Therefore, it’s a good habit to check what kind of protein is used in the product you want to buy, not only the amount of protein it contains. Last but not least, garlic powder is worth attention in Fromm’s products as garlic is a highly toxic ingredient for dogs. It won’t cause issues if consumed in very small amounts but still, you may want to watch out for that.

Recall History

Recall histories of both Acana and Fromm are one of the decisive moments of this review prepared for you. It’s one of the most important criteria when you want to know which brand is more reliable. While both of these brands deserve to be hailed, there is a slight contrast in their recall histories.

If companies detect unnoticed wrongdoing in their products or on their labels, they may schedule recalls on their products to prevent further purchases of the products and ensure safety.

On March 14, 2016, Fromm recalled three of its products named as Fromm Gold Chicken Pate Dog Food, Fromm Gold Chicken& Duck, and Fromm Gold Salmon& Chicken Pate because of suspected elevated levels of vitamin D in these products. The company discovered this by itself, which is a good sign despite the recall. There haven’t been any reports by customers, however, Fromm notified that the continuant consumption of these three products with elevated vitamin D levels could cause depression of appetite.

On the other side, Acana has no recall history which is a great green light for a company’s reputation and popularity among the customers. The only case they had was the accusation of the company by the customers for not stating the heavy metals and toxins in their dog foods. However, the judge concluded that the food was safe and data was not interpreted correctly.



After this comprehensive analysis of both Fromm and Acana brands, we have decided that Acana’s products take the lead in comparison to Fromm’s products. They both provide quality, healthy food for dogs. However, there are a few things that put Acana forward. Acana’s non-existent recall history will be the first reason why it’s head of Fromm with regards to the safety of products. Also, the fact that they do not outsource their pet food and cook in their own kitchen is a game-changer.

Best Selections by Acana

Our Top Pick: ACANA Red Meat Formula

About: Acana Red Meat dog food contains a high amount of protein and vitamins that are crucial for your dog’s health. The product is made in the Kentucky kitchen of Acana.

Features: This particular product contains whole ranch-raised beef, Yorkshire pork, and grass-fed lamb which makes its protein content quite dense and biologically appropriate for dogs. 

As you might have noticed, the way their animals were raised is worth mentioning because of the fact that those animals were raised in their natural habitat, which makes the quality of the meat even better.

Acana strongly supports the evolutionary diet of dogs coming from wolves, therefore making this particular dog food rich in natural, fresh meat. According to Acana’s information, 29% of this product is crude protein, 17% of it is crude fat and 6% of it is fibers.

The product contains 60% animal products which are meat, organs, cartilage, and bone providing your dog quality proteins. 

40% of this product contains fruits, vegetables, and botanicals to complete your dog’s diet to be healthy besides the necessary proteins.

The product does not contain grains at all, as the given number of grains on the package is %0.

The taste of this particular product is flavored by the freeze-dried liver which will make this food drop-dead delicious.

Runner Up: Acana Singles Duck & Pear Formula Limited Ingredient Diet

About: Limited ingredient does not mean less meat or less protein. It is still full of proteins and vitamins for your dog. This product brings duck meat and Bartlett pears together which will make your dog’s mouth watery. It was made in Kentucky kitchens of Acana.

Features: Acana used free-run duck and delicious Bartlett pears in this product with rich inclusion of animal ingredients, vitamins, and minerals. Meat, organs, cartilage, and bone were used in this product. 

‘Limited ingredient’ on the packaging means only one type of meat was used in this product. It does not mean that the nutrition values were compromised.

This product is grain-free, and it does not contain gluten, potato, or tapioca that are common in today’s pet foods. The product is carefully made in order to make it biologically appropriate for dogs.

31% of this product is crude protein, 17% is crude fat and 6% is fibers. It also consists vital nutrients such as Omega-6 (2%) and Omega-3 (0.8%) fatty acids, phosphorus (%1) and calcium (1.4%).

Metabolizable energy of the product is given by Acana as 3405 kcal per kilogram which makes 409 kcal per 8 oz. cup.

Best with Sea Food: Acana Fresh Water Formula

About: Acana, realizing the needs of dogs as carnivores present this product with seafood in order to fulfill the nutritious needs of dogs. Acana Fresh Water Formula is a premium dry dog food for your pet.

Features: In this seafood product for dogs, Acana used high quality, nutritious ingredients such as trout and catfish. As you might know, fish are very rich in Omega-3 fatty acids, and this product has more Omega-3 fatty acids than any other Acana products.

Besides its high-quality protein, this product contains good carbohydrates supplied by legumes which also contains a good amount of fibers that helps digestion.

Acana Fresh Water Formula contains various vegetables and fish ingredients which could be a good choice for pups who are allergic to meat-based products.

29% of this product consists of proteins, 37% of it consists of fats and 37% consists of the carbon hydrates.

Fresh Water formula also contains calcium which covers 1.2% of the total nutrition and 1% of phosphorus.

Foods that are high in protein and fat are recommended more than the foods that are high in carbon hydrates for dogs. This product has average levels of proteins and fats and a relatively higher amount of carbon hydrates. Some of the carbon hydrate amounts could be exchanged with proteins to make it richer in proteins that are more beneficial for dogs’ health.

As in other Acana products, this product does not contain grains, gluten, potato, or tapioca and is made of biologically appropriate ingredients.

1 kg of this product contains 3475 kcal which is 396 kcal per 8 oz cup.

Best Grain Free: Acana Feast Formula

About: Acana Feast Formula is a high-quality, nutrient-dense, dry dog food that mainly consists of free-run duck, turkey, quail, and vegetables and is for all life stages.

Features: This product consists of mainly poultry animals which happen to be turkey and duck in this case. 

The amount of fat and proteins as well as Omega 3 and Omega 6 fatty acids are very satisfactory in this product and are worth the attention. The carbon hydrate source of this product is also a high quality which is legumes in this product.

Even though the levels of proteins and carbs are satisfactory, the amount of legume used in this product could be a little less and exchanged with proteins. Proteins make 29% of the product, while carbs make 33% and fats make the rest 38%. Please be aware that the percentage of carbs here shows the maximum proportion of calories after the calculation with the guaranteed analysis. The amount of carbs in the product can be quite lower in reality.

The product also contains a medley of vegetables, fruit, and botanicals to make your dog’s diet complete and balanced.

This product does not contain grains, gluten, potato, or tapioca and is made of biologically appropriate ingredients.

1 kg of Acana Feast Formula contains 3475 kcal which is 396 kcal per 8 oz cup.

Best Selections from Fromm

Our Top Pick: Fromm Grain-Free Dog Food

About: Protein is essential for dogs when it comes to their diet, and the game bird is one of the most important sources of proteins for pups. Game birds include pheasants, grouse, quails, guinea fowl in general. Fromm provides high-quality poultry ingredients with its Grain-free product.

Features: This product mainly consists of turkey, quail, duck, and pheasant. Besides these protein-rich ingredients, fruits and vegetables are used in order to maximize the nutritional value to fulfill the necessary vitamins and minerals of your pooch.

The game bird meat blend is known to be very delicious for dogs. Once you introduce this food to your dog, you will see how much he loves it!

While fulfilling your dog’s protein needs, this product provides your dog a healthy diet and is for all stages of life, which means you can use this product regardless of your dog’s age.

The meat in this product is quite lean meaning that if your dog needs to gain weight, this may not be the most suitable product for your dog. 

In contrast to Acana’s products, this Fromm product contains potatoes. According to Fromm’s website, 30% of this product is crude protein, 18% is crude fat and 6.5% is fibers. 1 kg of this product contains 3765 kcal which makes 399 kcal per cup.

Runner Up: Fromm 4 Star Lamb & Lentil Recipe

About: This product is a grain-free dog food inspired by Greek cuisine. It is a high-quality dry dog food prepared with lamb, lamb meal, lentils, and a combination of fruits and vegetables.

Features: The protein and fat amount in this product are remarkably above average. The carbohydrate amount could be a little lower for dogs’ diets. The product contains pork as well besides lamb. It also contains high-quality carbon hydrates such as lentils and peas. 

The fiber amount in the product will surely help your dog’s digestion process and make his work easier in the bathroom. 

Since the product has two kinds of meat and a variety of vegetables in it, you may need to be careful about allergic reactions if your dog has one. If your dog is allergy-free, you don’t need to concern about it.

29% of this product contains protein, 32% contains carbs and 39% of it contains fats.

While the product has high-quality ingredients such as lamb, lamb meal, lentils, chickpeas, whole eggs, peas. Pork liver, salmon oil, and flaxseed, pea flour content of this product is seen as low quality. 

It has a good amount of Omega 3 fatty acids and high levels of Vitamin B12. Eggs that are used in this product will provide Vitamin A, Vitamin B12, and Selenium as well as phosphorus and many others.

Since it is a grain-free product, legumes are intensively used in the forms of lentils, chickpeas, and peas in this product and these ingredients are very high in protein for a vegetable. They also contain lots of fiber. However, they should not be a replacement for meats for your dog’s diet. 

Conclusion: Acana vs Fromm (2020 Reviews)

As it goes without saying, what goes into the stomach of your pup is very important for its health and maintenance of a happy, long life. Depending on the weight, health condition, breed, and possible allergies of your dog, it is best if you talk to your vet about what to feed your dog.

In this article, we made a comparison between Acana and Fromm. Not only in their company values and missions, but Acana will also be a better choice in terms of the controversial ingredients pet food makers use in their products as Acana has only two controversial ingredients that do not cause much concern. As you will remember from the ingredients section of this article, their products are also more nutritious than Fromm’s products.

Big Barker vs Bully Beds (2020 Reviews)

We all know relaxing and rejuvenating good sleep has vital importance in our life quality. This is true not just for people, but for dogs, too! Dogs sleep approximately 12 – 18 hours a day.

Good sleep is essential for your dog to stay healthy. It is especially vital for older dogs and larger breeds who need more sleep. Unlike the floor, a bed will keep your dog warm, support arthritic joints, and prevent calluses. Instead of a couch or human bed, with a dog bed, your dog can have all to himself.

As a dog parent, you are probably aware of various choices of dog beds on the market. They have different quality, features, sizes, materials, etc. and this can make your choice overwhelming.

To make this decision easier for you, in this article, we will make a comparison between Big Barker and Bully Beds, which are the two of the most preferred brands with their high quality in the market.

If you’re trying to choose a great orthopedic bed for a large breed dog, we hope that this Bully Beds vs. Big Barker dog bed comparison will help you a lot!

The first thing is needed to say both offer excellent beds, but still, you need to choose one of them depending on your expectations. We will look at the major features of each one and describe their most popular beds. Then, we will pick one of them as a winner.

Let’s look at their foundation stories and principal motives and values of brands, first.

Our Top Pick: Big Barker 7" Pillow Top Orthopedic Dog Bed
Big Barker 7" Pillow Top Orthopedic Dog Bed
our top pick
Big Barker Mini - 4" Pillow Top Orthopedic Dog Bed
Big Barker 7" Pillow Top Orthopedic Dog Bed
Best for Small Breeds
Best for Crates: Orthopedic 4" Dog Crate Pad by Big Barker
Best for Crates: Orthopedic 4" Dog Crate Pad by Big Barker
Best for Crates

The History of Big Barker

The foundation history of Big Barker is based on a personal story of Erick and Hank. Hank, as a 92 lb dog had hip dysplasia in 2005. When Hank and Erick visited the vet, the vet put two options to save Hank’s life.

The first option was surgery. The other option was making everything possible to keep stress off his hips. Surely, keeping the stress of his hips was not easy, there were some necessities. One of them was keeping him sleeping on hard surfaces. His parent Eric was scared of surgery and, also, he had no budget to compensate for its costs. Therefore, Eric started to do something for the second option.

Eric admits that even though he knew to feed and to exercise Hank properly, he did not know the importance of his sleeping place. After his hip dysplasia, he realized that he should ensure Hank always slept on a comfortable, supportive surface. After he searched deeply on the internet, he could not find a bed that actually felt like a real bed to protect Hank’s hips.

This situation led him to solve the problem himself. Eric founded a company called Oh My Dog Supply in 2006. The main purpose of this company was to sell high-quality dog products produced by small manufacturers that they did not sell in the big pet stores. Then, the company specialized in dog beds and became one of the most popular dog beds in the market.

However, there was still a problem to be needed to solve! It was still not easy to find good quality items for big dogs, especially dog beds.  Eric decided to start a new company to produce superior dog beds to serve the special support needs of big dogs.

He worked with one of America’s most talented foam engineers and they together formulated 3 stage foam construction, combining comfort with durability in 2012. The company has still stuck to these three principles from a tiny little dog bed company to a member of the Inc. 5000.

Values of Big Barker

Its primary motivation that normal dog beds weren’t supportive enough for big dogs, so Big Barker wanted to build something better.

Every Big Barker product is handmade and produced by craftsmen in its workshops in Delaware and Pennsylvania. Big Barker workshops employ more than 20 experienced craftsmen and craftswomen with extensive backgrounds in upholstery and furniture production.

Its main ingredient is supportive and durable American made foam. Big Barker is proud to be made in America.

It also offers a 1-year risk-free trial of its product and gives guarantee money back if you’re not satisfied with your order.

The History of Bully Beds

The story behind the foundation of Bully Beds is also based on a personal story, the story of Bull, which was Cane Corso mastiff and was no longer alive. In 2015, Bull had hip discomfort, and his wet told his parents the reason for hip discomfort was insufficient to support of hard surface under the bed.

Then his parent Joe started to search several beds and saw that the products which are promoted as therapeutic or orthopedic are much more expensive than pet parents would like to pay, but he still wanted to provide a comfortable place to Bull. Even though Joe and his wife spent countless dollars, they did not provide enough support for Bull, which was a 150-pound frame.

Joe realized that most expensive beds were produced with poor material, and they were not waterproof. He and his wife decided to make their own. Their motivation was to produce an affordable, high-quality dog bed that provides comfort and support for a big dog.

Bully Beds did not work with engineers since they believe that foam engineers only care about the numbers. They would like to produce the products which the dogs like them. They made several pieces of research and learned the ins and outs of foam manufacturing from density to its ILD rating. When they succeeded in the formulation, they started to look for the right manufacturer.

After Bull passed away in 2016, they named their company Bully beds in his honor. Today, Bully Beds produce big dog beds not only support the weight of very big dogs, but also their products will last for decades. The company still operates in Florida as a small family business.

Values of Bully Beds

Bully Beds sells products that benefit every size of dogs, and it aims to improve dogs’ overall life qualities. Its main motivation to produce orthopedic beds for any large, aging, or arthritic dog.

It offers value at a fair price that any dog parents could afford. Bully Beds guarantees its beds for twenty years.

Bully Bed crafts dog beds made from the same memory foam used in high-end mattresses made for people. Each Bully Bed comes complete with a waterproof liner and 20-year warranty.

Comparison of Different Features


The material of the dog bed is a very important element for your dog to be comfortable and to use the bed for many years without any problems.

Both Big Barker and Bully Bed are orthopedic.

Big Barker’s main characteristic is that it has 7 inches of high-quality memory foam. Its memory foam is more than just memory foam, but rather it means a furniture grade, American crafted foam.

The Big Barker uses 2 inches of H10 comfort foam at the bottom, 3 inches of firm H45 support foam in the middle layer and, 2 inches of H10 at the top. While H45 foam holds the shape and structure of the foam, H10 foam makes the bed more comfortable.

With this sandwich design, The Big Barker offers both support and comfort in one bed. It also offers optional waterproof liners. It is completely made in the USA from foam to zipper.

On the other hand, Bully Bed offers 7 inches thick bed with 2.5 inches of 4.5Ib memory foam on the top and 4.5 inches of 2Ib support foam on the bottom. In combining these advanced functional materials, Bully Bed creates a surface that is both ultra-soft and strong – two orthopedic benefits large dogs appreciate.

Each Bully Bed products have heavy-duty, chew-resistant zippers. It offers a waterproof liner for every product and a special non-slip base.

Size and Colors

When it comes to the size of the dog bed, Big Barker is unique. It is the only brand which is designed specifically for large, extra large and giant breeds. For large dogs, they have 48”x 30” 7” beds, which are best for Labs, Golden Retrievers, Boxers, etc. If your dog is more significant than a Lab but smaller than a Great Dane you might choose extra-large one with 52”x 36” x 7”. The last option with 60”x 48” x 7”, giant one, is appropriate for Great Danes.

On the other hand, Bully Bed comes in 4 different sizes including medium, large, extra-large with 52” x 34” x 7” and, extra-extra-large with 60” x 48” x 7”.  Bully Beds also produces beds for small and medium-sized dogs. While medium offers 34” x 22”x 4”, large is designed 48” x 30” x 7”.

When it comes to color, it completely depends on your tastes! Two brands have different color options. While Big Barker offers three color options like burgundy, khaki, and chocolate, Bully Beds Dog Bed is available in the chocolate and tan colors.


If your dog loves to cuddle up on the couch with a pillow under his heat, you might think of purchasing a bed with headrest. For Big Barker, you can choose the headrest edition, which features a raised surface for your dog to lay his head-on.

Bully Barker only offers a normal version with a level surface. However, it might not be a big factor to decide rather, it completely depends on your puppy’s habits. 

The Country of Production

If you have a question of why this is important, you need to know that the vast majority of foam inside dog beds made in China with not CertiPUR-US approved foam. However, both Big Barker and Bully Bed produce their foams in the USA with CertiPUR-US, which shows their durability and safety.

It is worth to mention that uncertified foam can also be quite dangerous, as some contain nasty chemicals like formaldehyde, phthalates, mercury, and other toxins. So, if you care about your friend’s safety and health, you should not ignore it.

Big Barker beds are 100% made in the USA. Even the zippers are made in America. Even though Bully Beds are made in America, the brand does not specify the exact type of foam.

Guarantees and Warranties

As mentioned before, Big Barker has a 10-year warranty that foam will retain 90% of its shape. If your dog’s bed flattens, Big Barker will replace it for free. It also provides a 365-day trial period, you can return it for a full refund in the case of you, or your dog do not like the bad because of any reason. 

On the other side, Bully Bed comes with a 20-year warranty and guarantees your dog bed will retain its shape and not flatten for at least 20 years. If it flattens by more than 2 inches anytime within those 20 years, Bully Bed replace it one time with no charge. This warranty is not transferrable to any other dog.

Both Big Barker and Bully Bed with their warranties probably will be the last dog bed you need to purchase for your dog!


Like many dogs, your dog will probably also dirty your bed, and you will need cleaning often. That is why you need to purchase an easy-to-clean dog bed.

Both brands are easy to clean and offer removable and washable outer covers to prove it.  For Big Barker, the removable cover can be zippered off easily and is made to withstand cycles in the washing machine.

On the other hand, Bully Beds adds a second cover, and a fully waterproof one to boot. If you want a waterproof cover for Big Barker, you’ll have to buy it separately.

Which One is Better?

The Big Barker and Bully Beds dog beds are very similar. Both are very high quality, are designed specifically for big dogs, and have lots of positive feedback, and both offer a long-time guarantee against the foam sinking or flattening.

However, we came to a conclusion that the dog beds of Big Barker are better when it comes to providing support for XL canines. If you have a giant dog, you can prefer Big Barker.

Since Big Barker invented a proprietary 3-stage method of construction, with a cloud-like top layer, an extra-supportive middle, and a base layer compare to two layers of foam of Bully Bed, we think that Big Barker is slightly better. On the other hand, it should be noted that Bully Bed offers cheaper options if you have a limited budget.

Winner: Big Barker

Best Selections of Big Barker

Our Top Pick: Big Barker 7" Pillow Top Orthopedic Dog Bed

Our Top Pick: Big Barker 7" Pillow Top Orthopedic Dog Bed
Big Barker 7" Pillow Top Orthopedic Dog Bed
our top pick

This product offers a 10-year warranty that it will 90% of the original shape after your purchase. It also has a 100% microfiber cover, and it has a very soft surface. 

We should state that this is closer to a human bed than a normal bed. It offers your dog a feeling like you would expect your bed to feel. It is engineered to keep your dog youthful for longer and in this therapeutic mattress, you can feel the difference even when you lay on it yourself.

Its foam is a therapeutic foam which is used expensive furniture and high-end human mattresses. The foam is also durable, comfortable, and meets CertiPUR-US standards. The Big Barker is designed to prevent sinking through the bed for the big dogs!

It supports extra relief if your dog suffers from joint pain, recovers from surgery, or faces with conditions like arthritis, hip dysplasia.

It is also easy to machine washable. This Big Barker bed is water-resistant, but not 100% waterproof.

Best for Small Breeds: Big Barker Mini - 4" Pillow Top Orthopedic Dog Bed

Big Barker Mini - 4" Pillow Top Orthopedic Dog Bed
Big Barker 7" Pillow Top Orthopedic Dog Bed
Best for Small Breeds

Although we say that Big Barker is specially designed only for large dogs, you can find nice options for small dogs in Barker Junior, a sub-brand of Big Barker. For this reason, we wanted to review this bed for you.

This Big Barker mini has the same foam technology with its best large beds, yet it specially designed for small and medium-size dogs.

This product consists of 2” H10 comfort foam and 2” H24 support foam. Its size is 27” x 18” x 4” and it comes with headrest with 2.5 contoured foam. 

Best for Crates: Orthopedic 4" Dog Crate Pad by Big Barker

Best for Crates: Orthopedic 4" Dog Crate Pad by Big Barker
Best for Crates: Orthopedic 4" Dog Crate Pad by Big Barker
Best for Crates

If your dog loves spending his time in a crate, then Big Barker Dog Crate Pad will be the perfect choice for you and your dog because of its many advantages.

It perfectly fits inside the raised lip of plastic tray in a standard 48” x 30” large crate. It offers you the highest quality foam for a crate pad. It protects your dog from touching hard plastic and metal in the crate.  This Big Barker product is 100% waterproof and protects against accidents, nesting, and digging.

This crate bad offers deep, unprecedented cushioning to your dog’s most sensitive and injury-prone areas. It is a perfect bad to avoid touching hard metal and plastics. It also helps to reduce the physical stress of your friend! 

Conclusion: Big Barker vs Bully Beds (2020 Reviews)

It is clear that both brands offer high-quality beds and are preferred by many dog parents with high-rate reviews. As we mentioned before, Big Barker looks a bit superior to Bully Beds with its foam quality, 3-layer structure, and a headrest option.  

On the other hand, however, it may be an advantage that Bully Bed offers waterproof lines in every product, and it is a bit cheaper than Big Barker.

At the end of the day, the choice depends on you and your dog’s needs. In any case, we would recommend you make sure your dog’s sleeping habits and his size requirements before choosing the dog bed that is best for your friend.