Why is Your Dog Humping Cats?

Why is Your Dog Humping Cats?

Dogs can do pretty strange things that make their humans either entertained or confused. Sometimes they might make us get worried. One of these habits that makes dog parents worried is humping. Dogs tend to hump a lot of things. Trees, stuffed animals, your leg… Even though it may be funny at times, when you see your dog humping cats, you might be worried about the well-being of the cat.

Generally speaking, you need to understand that dogs hump due to sexual needs, out of excitement or stress, as a form of play, to establish dominance or due to a health issue. As long as the behavior is not excessive or hurtful, it is completely normal for dogs to hump objects and other animals.

To understand why your dog is humping your cat, you need to see the underlying reasons behind why dogs hump and in which situations you should actually be worried. We have tried listing all the reasons why dogs hump, why dogs hump cats, and when you should be worried. Let’s take a look.

It Is Natural for Dogs to Hump

The first thing you should know is that it is natural for dogs to hump. Humping does not necessarily need to be sexual for dogs, it can be a result of many other situations. We will explain each reason why dogs hump to help you figure out why your pup is acting the way he does.

Sexual Tendencies

Sexually speaking, dogs tend to hump other dogs, especially when they are not neutered. As you may guess, this usually results in them mating and having fur babies. If this is the case, and you do not want puppies, keep dogs separate to prevent it from happening.

Sometimes, during puberty, dogs might hump as a form of masturbation. Neutering your dog might help with the problem; however, they may keep doing it out of habit. 

Being Excited or Stressed

Humping does not need to be sexual. As it is a form of reaction, dogs may start humping when they are excited or stress to relieve themselves off that excess energy build up. Not every dog humps when they are excited or stressed.

Depending on your dog’s personality, he might run, jump or bark when he is excited about something. If your dog is humping in such a situation, you do not need to worry about it because it is quite normal. However, if the behavior becomes frequent, it may become problematic, and your dog may need the training to express himself differently.

Some dogs may also hump to draw attention or get rid of excess energy. If this seems to be the case, you need to provide your dog with enough exercise and attention to solve the issue and prevent him from humping.

Being Playful

Dogs play a lot of games. Sometimes humping can be a game between the dogs. This is completely normal behavior for dogs if the humping is not excessive or one of the dogs is not annoyed by it. If one of them seems upset or annoyed, you should break them up. If the humping gets excessive, you also need to break it up. No matter what the situation is, observe your pup, and don’t let it become excessive.

Establishing Dominance

Dogs might hump other dogs or other pets in the house to establish their dominance over others. If humping happens occasionally, it could be because he wants to prove his dominance to your cat.

Health Issues

In rare cases, dogs may hump because of health-related problems. Skin allergies and urinary tract infections may cause itching and therefore, humping in dogs along with many other behaviors such as licking the genital parts and rubbing against objects. Therefore, it is always better to consult a veterinarian before training your dog to prevent him from humping. If the cause of humping is a health problem, the behavior will most likely stop once your pup is cured.

Why is Your Dog Humping Cats?

Why is Your Dog Humping Your Cat?

When dogs feel the need to hump for any reason, they may hump anything that is in their way; a toy, your couch, a cat or your leg. In fact, it is quite common for dogs to hump cats. What you need to pay attention to is the situation in which your dog is humping your cat.

When you catch your dog humping your cat, observe them carefully. Is your dog humping the cat while they are playing? As we mentioned earlier, humping as a form of play is very normal for dogs. As long as your cat is not disturbed by it, you can let them play.

Observing the cat is the key in such a situation. Because cats never do anything that they don’t like. They immediately show resistance to it, fight or leave. If your cat is disturbed, he might scratch your pup, hiss or simply run away. This is a situation that you want to be careful especially if it is happening frequently.

However, if your cat is not upset or disturbed by his action, he will let your dog do his thing for a while. As long as the behavior is not excessive or frequent, there is nothing to worry about.

How to Prevent Humping

If you have decided that your dog’s behavior is excessive, then you need to prevent him from doing it. Neutering a dog is an important step to take if the humping is a result of sexual tendencies and your dog is not yet spayed. If your dog is very active, he needs to exercise to get rid of excess energy which will reduce humping that is related to excitement.

If your dog is humping out of stress, eliminating the source of stress may be helpful. Train your dog to stop humping under command with rewards to prevent excessive behavior. If you cannot seem to stop your dog from humping, then you should get professional help to solve the issue.

Conclusion: Why is Your Dog Humping Cats?

Dogs hump when they are excited, stressed, sexually aroused, playful, when they want to establish dominance or when there is a health issue. You need to observe the situation in which your dog starts humping and act accordingly. As long as the behavior is not excessive or the animal your dog is humping is not upset or annoyed, you should not be worried.

However, if the behavior is excessive and disturbing, then you need to provide enough exercise for your dog, neuter him if necessary, train him to stop humping on command or seek professional help if you cannot solve the problem on your own.