Living with a Newfoundland Dog in An Apartment. Is it Possible?

Living with a Newfoundland Dog in An Apartment. Is it Possible?

People who want to adopt a large dog often wonder about how such a dog would live in an apartment. Newfoundland is one of those larger breeds. Adult Newfoundlands can weigh between 120 and 150 pounds. They tend to be quite strong and heavy looking dogs that are known for their sweet temperament. They are usually preferred as companions due to their patient and watchful attitude.

If you are wondering whether Newfoundlands can live in an apartment, the short answer is yes. Their affectionate and happy attitude makes them easily adapt to the place that they are living in. They tend to be happy around their parents and other animals. So long as you are with your pup, he should be fine in an apartment.

However, there are many aspects to Newfoundlands living in an apartment. If you are planning to adopt a Newfoundland or thinking about moving to an apartment, then there are certain things you need to know. Essentially, you need to provide a Newfoundland with enough exercise, socialization, potty walks, and proper training. When all his needs are met, a Newfie should not have any problems adapting to living in an apartment.

We have prepared a detailed guide for you to get to know the nature of Newfoundlands. Knowing their nature will allow you to make the right decision for your pup. Let us take a deeper look at the issue.

Are Dogs Allowed in the Apartment?

The one thing that needs to be addressed before considering moving to an apartment or adopting a Newfoundland is to check the apartment’s pet restrictions. While dogs may not be allowed in an apartment building at all, it can also be restricted to the dog’s weight. Sometimes dogs over 55 pounds are not allowed in apartment buildings. In such cases, Newfoundlands are not suitable as they can weight up to 150 pounds.

Training is Important

No matter how easy-going and affectionate your dog is, training him properly will affect getting used to apartment living. Especially if you are going to rent an apartment, crate-training your dog is essential to prevent your dog from damaging anything in the house while you are gone.

Potty training is another vital aspect of training your dog since puppies need to go out quite often. To prevent any accidents that can happen in the apartment, potty training your puppy is significant. 

Elevator and stairs can be scary or challenging for a dog, depending on his personality or age. Therefore, it is essential to train him to use elevators and stairs early on if you do not want to encounter any problems.

Living with a Newfoundland Dog in An Apartment. Is it Possible?

Apartment Dogs Need Exercise

Every dog needs a certain amount of exercise every day to be healthy and happy. However, dogs that live in apartments cannot go out freely and have fun in the backyard. Therefore, pet parents need to be extra careful if they are living in an apartment. They need to take their dog outside for fun adventures such as hiking or running every single day.

If you cannot provide him with enough exercise each day, your dog might encounter many psychological and physiological problems. Such dogs most often become aggressive or depressed. If you are planning to move into an apartment, then you need to carefully plan your dog’s daily routine as well as yours.

Barking will Not Be an Issue

Newfoundlands are quite calm and friendly dogs. Even though they have a loud and deep bark, they are not known to bark a lot in their daily lives. They tend to bark at strangers and other dogs for protection. However, this does not mean a Newfie will not bark at all. Every dog has a different personality. Therefore, some of them may bark a lot.

Dogs that lack socialization also tend to bark more than properly socialized dogs. If you already have a Newfie, knowing your dog is the key. If you are planning to adopt one, then the training and the socialization of your dog is essential for a calm and happy dog. 

Newfoundlands are Big Dogs

Newfoundlands are naturally large, heavy-built dogs. Their size must be considered if you are living in an apartment or planning to live in one. Since they are quite big, the furniture inside the apartment needs to be adapted for such a dog to freely walk around without causing any accidents around the house.

Anything they might accidentally knock down need to be removed. Newfies also love following their parents around wherever they go. This means there needs to be enough room for your dog to easily be around you.

They Can Be Great Apartment Dogs

Newfies might be quite big dogs; however their calm and easy-going nature makes them great candidates for apartment living. As long as they are healthy and happy, there is no reason they wouldn’t adapt to living in an apartment. 

Newfoundlands don’t need as much exercise as some other big breed dogs. As longs as their needs are properly met, and they get enough exercise, socialization and potty walks each day, there is no reason for them to be unhappy. After all, all they need is your love and care.

Conclusion: Living with a Newfoundland Dog in An Apartment. Is it Possible?

You can live with a Newfoundland in an apartment due to their calm, affectionate, and friendly attitude even though they are such big dogs. However, just like with any other dog, there are a few things you need to consider.

The apartment you are living in or planning to live in needs to allow big dogs. You need to be able to provide your Newfie with enough exercise and potty walks every day. If you are renting the apartment, crate-training your dog is essential to avoid any damage. You should also arrange the furniture inside the house to make room for your dog to walk around.

As long as you provide your dog with enough socialization, exercise, and fun, living in an apartment will not be a problem for a Newfoundland.