Taste of the Wild vs Blue Buffalo (2020 Reviews)

Picking out dog food for your furry friend can be complicated for some pet owners because there are lots of criteria to be aware of. It also gets harder because you as a dog owner probably get recommendations from various people, such as your vet and friends.

And there are also newly released dog foods nearly every month. All of these combined, it gets harder and harder to pick one brand and stick with it. That is why we are here to provide help by sharing the background of some trusty dog food brands and creating a list of their best products.

The issue of Taste of the Wild vs Blue Buffalo can be a difficult one when you try to pick a winner because both of these brands are well known and produce quality dog food options for every kind of dog.

Both brands have been on the market for a very long time to gain the trust of many pet parents that is why it is quite tough to select one. That is why the battle between the Taste of the Wild vs Blue Buffalo is still an issue.

Best Selections from both Brands

Best Selections from Taste of the wild

best selections from Blue buffalo


Taste of the Wild was established in 2007 so it has its 13 years of history that pet parents could build their trust. Taste of the Wild is a family-run, privately-held company. They are controlled by Diamond Pet Foods, Inc. and it is owned by Schell and Kampeter.

According to the company website, Taste of the Wild was established to satisfy a need for high-quality, affordable pet food. They believe in the idea that they need to produce pet food suitable for cats and dogs according to their  intended diet type determined by nature.

On this day, Taste of the Wild distributes their products in five state of the art facilities in the United States. They get their ingredients from manufacturers that have been carefully vetted and sourced locally and internationally.

In almost all of their products, they use healthy grains such as grain sorghum, millet, quinoa and chia seed. They all are naturally high in fiber and rich in protein, so their dog food options will definitely be easy on your furry friends’ digestive tracts.

For the overall health of your pet, healthy immune and digestive functions are important. Their patented K9 Strain Probiotics are made exclusively for dogs and are applied to ensure longevity after the cooking process.

80 million live, active cultures are supported by each pound of food which help sustain healthy digestive and immune systems.

Their goods are modified to meet the nutritional levels defined for all stages of life by the AAFCO Dog Food Nutrient Profiles, including the development of large dogs  up to 70 lbs. or more as an adult.

Other than that, you can find a mix of vitamins and minerals along with balanced levels of omega-6 and omega-3 fatty acids to supply the nutrient need of your dog throughout his life.


Blue Buffalo is headquartered in Wilton, Connecticut. The company was founded by Bill Bishop in 2003 and he had one simple mission to carry out. He simply wanted to produce dogs and cats with natural and healthy food.

Blue Buffalo produces pet food of almost any style you can think of: wet, dry, and treats. You can also find products suitable for any life stage of cats and dogs,which is a huge advantage if you are planning to stick with a brand for the whole life period of your furry friend.

Blue Buffalo has grown tremendously since the first day of their establishment. They made so much money, over $1 billion in sales in 2017 to be exact. That caught the attention of General Mills, who was the one who bought their company for about $8 billion in early 2018.

If you are wondering if Blue Buffalo is the same or not when it comes to the way they produce their dog food, we dug up to find some answers for you.

Blue Buffalo sources and produces all of their ingredients from their own facilities or partners. They supply everything from  the United States, especially the major ingredients and the things they use for the production of their recipes.

The manufacturers they are in contact with are Ainsworth, ANI / Vita-Line, CJ Foods, Triple T Foods, and Tuffy’s.

However, Blue Buffalo is vague about its specific location of origin for smaller ingredients in their recipes. There are tiny details that got our attention in their product packages that we got through their website. They do not really give much information about those.

So, we cannot be sure whether all of their ingredients are from the USA or not. That is why we cannot say for sure which of their products is 100% manufactured in the USA.


Taste of the Wild  is owned by Diamond Pet Company along with some other companies. Diamond Pet was established in 1970 by two men and from the first of their start up, they have been growing fast. We can say that they are one of the best dog food producers in the world.

Although other manufacturers of pet food have had multiple recalls, on May 5, 2012, Taste of the Wild had a single recall. In their South Carolina factory, the recall was related to a salmonella outbreak. Only dry dog food variants have been reported to have salmonella problems.

It does not mention the unique varieties of Taste of the Wild. However, in the ninth figure space, the dry dog food items with manufacturing numbers including two or three and a ‘X’ in the next character position were recalled.

Modifications to the equipment and development process have definitely been effective because there were no more problems with the Taste of the Wild.

There are actually, sadly, 2 pending cases against Diamond Pet Food that directly influence Taste of the Wild. The complaint alleges that the food was tainted with pesticides, heavy metals, acrylamide, and BPA such as arsenic, lead, mercury, and cadmium.

In February 2019, the 2nd lawsuit was recorded. There are, again, claims of pollution. The lawsuit in 2019 claims that the food was polluted with much the same impurities as the court case in 2018.

Taste of the Wild is still a family-owned dog food producer that supplies pet food in the United States. Taste of the Wild produces food in five different locations in the US. But, some of their ingredients are sourced from overseas. Taste of the Wild believes in the idea of using ingredients that are both feasible and ethically raised.


Blue Buffalo is an amazing brand that produces so many different options of good food for dogs and cats. However, it is the best to look at a brand’s recall history before buying their products.

Blue Buffalo managed to run into a kind of trouble in the past regarding misidentifying ingredients on the safety aspect of things. They were sued by Purina in 2014, who claimed they used chicken by-products rather than a more healthful chicken meat in their food.

This assertion proved to be true, leading to Blue Buffalo attempting to correct their error swiftly and trying to blame it on a provider who “mislabeled” certain ingredients. If you’re ever interested to know what one of their ingredients appears to mean, they keep a dictionary on their website.

In their history, Blue Buffalo has had three significant recalls as well. In March 2017, the most notable recall was a voluntary one: their Red Meat Dinner Wet Food for Adult Dogs BLUE Wilderness Rocky Mountain Recipe had high levels of meat thyroid hormones.

Beef Thyroid hormones tend to cause detrimental but non-lethal side effects for pets. So it was a pretty serious one.

In October 2010, some other recalls were made for the increased levels of vitamin D in their dry dog food options. Increased levels of vitamin D can cause dogs to get ill in a quite serious way.

And last but not least, in April 2007, the last recall was for rice protein infected with melamine. So, as you might guess already, Blue Buffalo doesn’t really have the best recall history.

For the safety of their products, they seem to have made so many mistakes in the past. They produce all of their recipes in the USA, but it does not mean that they are the only brand you can look for.



Taste of the Wild has nine different dog food varieties. They produce dog food for both adult dogs, puppies and small breeds.

There is also a more minimalistic ingredient formula called the Prey recipe line. The Prey diet is based on four key ingredients. It is designed to be more straightforward and simple for the ones who want to keep their pet’s diet that way.

This formula contains all of the same additional vitamins, minerals, and probiotics used in the typical Taste of the Wild recipes, in relation to the core main ingredients.

In addition to their dry formulas, they also carry canned foods in four of the Taste of the Wild recipes. So, Taste of the Wild has a wide variety of products to choose from.

In addition to these, they have a better recall history than the Blue Buffalo. That is why we think that Taste of the Wild would be a better choice for your pets if we need to conclude the issue of Taste of the Wild vs Blue Buffalo.


OUR TOP PICK: Taste of the Wild High Protein, Real Fish Dog Food

About: This premium dry dog food is made with smoked salmon as the first ingredient, which makes it a high-quality protein source.

Features: Taste of the Wild never fails to produce good dog food for strong, lean muscles for your canine companions. With the combination of whole grains such as Grain sorghum, millet, quinoa, and chia seed; your pup will get the best nutrition out there in his diet.

Taste of the Wild produces dog food that complies with the AAFCO and FDA requirements, so it is a trusted brand. You cannot find any kind of filler food in this dog food, and it is supported with probiotics to maintain the overall health and well-being of our furry friends.

RUNNER UP: Taste of the Wild High Protein Dog Food

About: Sierra Mountain Premium Dry Dog Food is the best one out there with its optimal amino acid profile. It can provide all of your dog’s protein need without needing any supplements.

Features: Taste of the Wild Premium Dry Dog Food uses roasted real lamb as the first ingredient and it is an excellent source of protein for dogs to maintain lean and strong muscles.

This product is also enhanced with premium ingredients with added vitamins, minerals, and probiotics. What is more, this dog food does not contain any artificial colors or preservatives and does not have any filler foods. That is why is it highly digestible by almost every dog breed.

Taste of the Wild produces their dog food in the USA, so it is a trusted brand. However, their products can be pricy for the ones on a budget.

BEST WITH VENISON: Taste of The Wild Venison Dog Food

About: If you have a small dog, kibble size matters a lot. Dry dog food with a quality protein source is necessary, and Taste of the Wild provides the optimal amount of protein for all kinds of small breeds.

Features: Nearly all of this brand’s products use real meat as the first ingredient, and this one is no exception. You need to feed your dog with high protein ingredients with added vitamins and minerals, especially if he is a tiny one.

Additionally; fruits, vegetables, antioxidants, and probiotics take up a good amount of the ingredient list of this dry dog food. So, it is very efficient for the digestive tract of our canine friends.

Taste of the Wild is very strict about not using any kind of grain, corn, wheat, or filler. However, we think that the price could be a little less.


OUR TOP PICK: Blue Buffalo Freedom Grain Free Dog Food

About: If you are looking for a dry dog food that you can feed to your best friend without feeling any suspicion about what is in the food, Blue Buffalo has the best natural dog food in the market.

Features: Blue Buffalo Freedom Dry Dog Food’s ingredient list starts with real chicken meat as the first ingredient. It is extremely important that the food you’re feeding your canine friend should contain real meat to provide him with a quality protein source.

If your dog has a food sensitivity, most of Blue Buffalo’s products are gluten-free. In addition, they supply their products with omega 3 & 6 fatty acids. These components can help your dog by supporting his skin and coat health for shiny fur.

However, one serving of this food contains lots of calories so you need to be careful about how much you are feeding your dog.

RUNNER UP: Blue Buffalo Freedom Grain Free Recipe Dog Food

About: Blue Buffalo came up with their life source bits to provide every nutrition in one serving for our furry friends. If you are looking for a quality dry dog food that blends antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals; Blue Buffalo Freedom is the one to go.

Features:  A dog food that starts with the real beef in their ingredient list is what we like to recommend to every pet parent. As a plus, Blue Buffalo made this product grain-free for the dogs with food sensitivities

This one is a natural dog food that contains no by-product meals, corn, wheat, soy, artificial flavors, or preservatives so you can feed this to your dog without feeling any concerns.

BEST FOR SMALL BREED: Blue Buffalo Freedom Grain Free Dog Food

About: Small breeds require extra care and attention. The food you are giving to them should be nutritionally sufficient to maintain their health. Blue Buffalo produced this dry dog food for small breeds especially so it is a really good one.

Features: Small breed needs to be fed with real meat, and this one has it as its first ingredient. It is also gluten-free, so it is suitable for dogs with food sensitivities and small dogs tend to have that more.

Blue Buffalo’s specially designed life source bits are also present in this dry dog food, which is a combination of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and omega 3 & 6 fatty acids.

However, most dog owners claim that their furry friend got bored of eating it after a while.

CONCLUSION: Taste of the Wild vs Blue Buffalo (2020 Reviews)

We are sure every dog parent have heard of the Taste of the Wild vs Blue Buffalo while trying to pick the best dog food for their canine friends. However, they are both amazing brands and it is quite a tough choice to select the better one.

We thought some of the pet owners would be confused when they try to pick a dog food between these two brands, so we explained both brands in terms of their background and provided a general overview of them with the ingredients they tend to use.

We hope that this article was helpful when you try to make a choice between Taste of the Wild vs Blue Buffalo dog food products.

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