Why Does My Dog Gets Hyper Before Bed?

Why Does My Dog Gets Hyper Before Bed?

It’s nighttime, you have had a long day at work, and all you want to do is get some sleep. Just when you put your comfy pajamas on and get ready to sleep, your dog starts to go all crazy. He becomes hyper and wants to play, runs around the house. If this becomes a recurring theme, you may ask, why does my dog get hyper before bed?

There can be several reasons as to why your dog gets hyper before bed. He might not be getting enough exercise during the day, he may be eating foods that make him hyperactive, or he might be eating too late at night, there may be too much activity in the house, your dog might be suffering from separation anxiety, the sleeping environment may not be great, or you might have encouraged it. 

Let’s take a deeper look to find a solution.

Your Dog Might Not Be Getting Enough Exercise

Dogs need a certain amount of exercise each day. Depending on the breed of your dog, the amount of exercise that your dog needs may change. Some breeds are hyperactive in nature and need quite a lot of exercise to let the steam off.

If your dog cannot get enough exercise during the day, he will likely become hyper towards the end of the day. That hyperactivity during the night is the energy built up in your dog all day long.

Especially if you are living in an apartment and working long hours, your dog might not get enough chances to actually go outside and have fun. Going for a potty walk might be enough for some dogs that do not need as much exercise. However, some breeds need to run or play actively to release energy.

Wrong Eating Habits

Having a healthy diet is crucial for a dog to live a happy life. Choosing a trusted brand for dog foods and treats is essential to make sure your dog is getting the nutrients he needs. Some pet parents might share their own food or drink with their pups as a treat.

This is not recommended because foods that are made for humans contain many additives that can be toxic to dogs. You might have given a treat that contains sugar, which can make your dog hyper for a while due to increased blood pressure.

If this isn’t the case, then you might have fed your dog late at night. This tends to make them quite active. Try feeding your dog earlier so that he will calm down by the time you go to bed.

Too Much Activity In The House

If your dog tends to be alone all day long, he might become really excited and happy to see you arrive. Especially if everyone is coming back from school and work in the evening, your pup will be happy to see all of you and want to play with you. If you arrive late at the house, your dog’s reaction can be the same.

You can wait for a short while before playing with your dog to let him know that he needs to calm down and give him enough attention until he feels better. You will realize that he will calm down once he gets a chance to be around you and play with you.

Why Does My Dog Gets Hyper Before Bed?

Separation Anxiety Kicks In

Especially with puppies, separation anxiety is a common occurrence. Some dogs might become stressed and get anxious when they are alone or away from their humans. The breed of your dog can also affect your dog’s situation as some breeds like being around the family.

If your dog is not sleeping in the same room with you, this might be why he is getting hyper at night. He might start pacing around the room. If the anxiety is too much, he can begin to whining or crying.

Training the dogs that have separation anxiety is essential. Try not to leave your dog alone for a long time because they tend to get anxious when they are alone for too long. Especially if your dog is suffering from the fear of abandonment due to past experiences, he might think that you will abandon him too.

Leave him alone for a short time and reward your dog when you come back if he is not anxious. Try not to leave him alone long enough for him to become stressed and anxious. That way, he will learn that he doesn’t need to be anxious and that you will be back for him.

Sleeping Environment Is Important

There may be an issue with the sleeping environment, and your dog does not know how to let you know, so he becomes hyper before bed. He might not like his bed or crate for some reason. The room he is sleeping in may be too hot or too cold for him. There may also be too many lights, making it too bright to sleep.

Consider all these possibilities and solve the issue if there seems to be any. Your pup should calm down soon enough.

You Might Have Encouraged It

As pet parents, we can make mistakes without even realizing it. If your dog has been hyper at night for some time and you have been giving him much more care, attention, or toys, you encouraged his behavior unintentionally.

Now your dog thinks that he can get all the attention and everything else that he wants by acting hyper before bed. If this seems to be the issue, try not to reward him when he is hyper before bed.

Conclusion: Why Does My Dog Gets Hyper Before Bed?

You might be wondering, why does my dog get hyper before bed? Well, he might need more exercise each day, his diet may make him hyper, he might have separation anxiety, there may be too much activity in the house, sleeping environment may not be suitable for him or you might have unintentionally rewarded his behavior. Once you figure out the source of the problem, you can quickly solve it and calm down your dog before bedtime.

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