Why does my dog lick my cat?

Why Does My Dog Lick My Cat?

If you got a dog and a cat in the same house, many situations can occur regarding their behavior to each other. Have you ever wondered why your dog is licking your cat like they just fell in love? Is it something you should worry about, or is your dog just being cute?

First of all, dogs licking kittens are not bad behavior, and there is nothing to be worried about. It is actually an instinct shown by dogs. Most dogs lick cats to show that they consider them one of the family. It might also be possible that your dog sees himself as the parent of the cat.

We agree that a dog and a cat being friends is the best thing that can happen. But are you worried about your cat because your dog is licking her continuously? It is understandable why you are wondering your dog licking your cat is whether an acceptable behavior or not.

In this article, we will answer all questions related to the dogs licking cats issue. If you are wondering why your puppy is licking your kitten, make sure to read.

Reasons Why Your Dog Is Licking Your Cat

As we have already mentioned, there is nothing wrong with your dog if he is licking your cat all the time. Some dogs can show maternal instincts and pretend to be the parent of other animals such as cats. That might be why your dog is licking your cat: because he thinks he is a parent!

However, it is probably a fact that your dog became attached to the cat already if he is licking her. If you think that dogs licking cats are so rare and your dog is doing something unbelievable, then you might be wrong. Because dogs and cats hating each other is actually a myth and they can get along quite well.

Dogs licking cats is not an uncommon thing if you think about it. Actually, it is quite normal because that is the only way that your dog can show he is accepting another animal as part of the family. Because they cannot talk, you know.

If it is the first time you bring your cat home and your puppy licks the kitten, they are doing it out of love and attachment. If your dog is licking a kitten you just brought home, he is doing it to say that he feels safe around the cat, and he wants to protect her.

For that sense, most dog owners might start to think that only female dogs can show this instinct of claiming a cat to their family. However, that is not the case because both male and female dogs can show licking when they encounter a cat. Because both male and female dogs have the same duties and responsibilities in packs.

If your dog is licking the cat you brought home, he might be doing it to protect the cat because he thinks he is the parent of her. He will groom and protect the kitten if he feels like the cat is in danger. So, do not be surprised when your male dog is acting like a mother to your newly adopted kitten.

There are lots of videos on the net showing that our point is actually true. You can find lots of videos about dogs licking cats or puppies licking kittens. Your dog might even carry the kitten around the house by the back of the kitten’s neck. This might seem like it is uncomfortable for the cat, but this is how their cat mother actually carries them.

So, there is no problem for your dog carrying your cat around the house by the back of their neck if your cat is not crying. There is no reason to worry about your dog hurting your cat, he will never do such a thing. However, there are some behaviors that you should be worried about if your dog is doing them to your cat.

Why does my dog lick my cat?

Conclusion: Why Does My Dog Lick My Cat?

It is definitely the best when you see a dog licking a kitten. You can take lots of photos of these cute friends, but you might also be wondering why your dog is licking your cat. What is the reason for this behavior, and should you be worried about it?

There might be several reasons why your dog is licking your cat. Dogs licking cats are often associated with them, seeing themselves as the parents of the cats.  If your dog is licking your kitten, it means that he accepts the kitten as a new member of the family.

If your dog shows this kind of behavior, there is nothing to be worried about because most probably he will protect your cat no matter what. However, if your dog starts to growl at your cat, it is not a good sign, and it is a good idea to keep them separated.

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