Why Does My Dog Lick the Bed Sheets?

Why Does My Dog Lick the Bed Sheets?

It is only natural for dog owners to feel like they need to know why their canine companions are licking their bedsheets. What is the reason for this weird behavior? What can dog owners do about the issue of dogs licking the bedsheets? Why does my dog lick my bedsheets?

The most common reason among the ones why your dog is licking your bed sheets is that he might like the taste of it. Another reason is that you might be rewarding him when he licks the bed without knowing. Or your canine friend might feel more secure by turning this licking habit into compulsive behavior.

We will try to come up with several reasons why your dog is licking your bedsheets and what can be a solution for this weird habit of your dog. Because there are many things that you should consider when you try to figure out why your dog is licking the bedsheets.  Once you figure out the main reasons, the rest will be much easier.

Why Does My Dog Lick My Bedsheets?

Your dog might be licking your bedsheets because of many reasons.  And each reason comes with many clues that you can act on. We will emphasize on some of these reasons and why your dog might be showing this awkward behavior of licking your bedsheets.

Why Does My Dog Lick My Bedsheets?

Your dog might love the taste of your bedsheets. Your bed is the place where most of the gross but not seen parts of your body, such as dead skin and sweat collect. All of these things might taste salty to the tongue of your canine friend, and that might be the reason why he is licking it.

However, the scenario is more likely if you are someone who sweats a lot. If you do not sweat at all and you are a hundred percent sure that your bedsheets are clean, then the reason might be something else.

If you found out that your dog is licking the bedsheets because he likes the taste, it might also indicate that there is something wrong with your dog’s diet. It is possible that your dog started showing this behavior after a change of the things he eats regularly.

Your dog might have separation anxiety if he licks the bedsheets. Separation anxiety seems to be the cause if your dog is doing it only when you are away or your canine friend acts anxious when you are getting nearer to the door.

Dogs can also develop compulsive behaviors. With your dog, this might be the case. He developed a compulsive behavior where he cannot resist the urge to lick the bedsheets. This is more likely to be the cause, if your dog has been regularly doing it at least for a week. If this is the case, take your dog to a vet to solve it.

You might have given your pooch the wrong idea. You might actually be rewarding your dog when he licks the bed without actually knowing that you are rewarding him! If you gave treats or toys to your dog when or after he licks the bedsheets, he might have got the wrong idea. 

Luckily, you can reverse this by not paying any attention when he licks the bed sheets or giving him treats and toys when he does not lick them. Easy, right?

Why Does My Dog Lick the Bed Sheets?

How to Find out Why My Dog is Licking the Bedsheets?

Try to remember when was the first time your dog showed this behavior. It would definitely help when you try to find out why your dog is doing it. Because most likely, this action was triggered by an event.

If your dog suddenly started licking the bed sheets without anything in particular, then it is most likely to be because of rewarding and punishment. Or, he might be smelling a drink or food on the bed that has spilled two months ago. Dogs are good sniffers, and it might be the case if you changed your dog’s diet.

Another important clue is the time window where your dog is licking the bedsheets. Does he especially do it in the mornings or in the evenings? Does your pooch lick the bedsheets when the clock hits 1 PM? If there is a certain time when your dog engages in this behavior, then the time has something to do with it.

How to Stop My Dog Licking the Bed Sheets?

If your dog insists on licking the bedsheets, then you should keep him busy with something else such as toys. Giving your dog toys that he can chew or lick will definitely reduce his need of licking something as awkward as bed sheets. A simply bone toy would work wonders, for instance.

Make sure that your dog is eating what he needs. Dogs should be fed on the appropriate amount and quality of nutrients. If you are not sure about your dog eating enough, you can get advice from a vet.

There is another approach to make your dog stop licking the bed sheets: limiting the access to the bed. You can lock the door of the bedroom, for example, so that your dog can have no way of licking the bedsheets.

Conclusion: Why Does My Dog Lick the Bed Sheets?

Your dog might be licking the bed sheets for many reasons. He might like the taste of the bedsheets, or he has developed separation anxiety. What is more, he might be doing it because you reinforced him without even knowing about it.

It is important to observe your dog and come up with reasons why he is licking the bedsheets in the first place. It might because of the change in his diet or some other medical condition.

If nothing works, try to consult a vet about the issue. We are hoping that your pooch is fine!

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