Why Does My Dog Roll Around on My Bed?

Why Does My Dog Roll Around on My Bed?

Dogs love laying down on the ground and showing their belly, asking for belly rubs from their humans. This sight always puts a smile on our faces. We love seeing our pooch just roll around and be the jester. Sometimes they roll around the bed as well. Dog parents may wonder and think, “why does my dog roll around on my bed?”

There are a lot of different reasons why your dog is rolling around on your bed. Such behavior is not something you need to worry about. He might simply be happy to be there with you, he might want to play with you or get some affection, he may be trying to hide his scent due to survival instinct, he might just like the feeling, or he is just scratching his back.

It is important that you observe your pooch and see why he is acting the way he does. If he is after play or some affection, don’t hesitate to give your dog what he wants. It may be because he doesn’t get to see you or play with you that often. Let’s take a look at every scenario and see what you can do about it.

Your Dog Is Probably Happy

When dogs are happy, they show their happiness through their actions. You see them wiggle their tail and open their mouth as if they are smiling. Just like all these physical signs of happiness, dogs also roll on their back to show that they are happy. As a bonus, he might be asking for a good belly rub as well. If this seems to be the case, just enjoy the moment and join your dog in his happiness.

He Might Want a Playtime With You

If your dog does not see you all day long or doesn’t get enough exercise during the day, he might roll on his back. He is inviting you to play with him since he couldn’t see you all day and now he doesn’t want you to go to sleep before playing.

The same behavior can occur if your dog didn’t get enough exercise and wants to release the energy built up before going to sleep. He is basically telling you that it is not the time to be sleeping. It’s playtime!

He Is Asking for Affection

Dogs that are alone for a long time during the day miss their humans. Since they cannot get enough pets and any sign of affection in the daytime, they might ask for it before bed.

If you have been too much focused on your work and have not spent quality time with your pup, it is time that you show some affection. Pet your dog, talk to him, give him some good old belly rubs. Not only will he be extremely happy, but also you will feel happy and relaxed as well. 

Why Does My Dog Roll Around on My Bed?

He Is Trying to Hide His Scent

Don’t forget, dogs have been domesticated. This means that they still have their wild instincts that show itself from time to time. Their main ability is to survive. In the wild, their wolf ancestors used to roll around on the ground to hide their own scent. The preferred anything that could potentially mask their own self to hide from predators.

Even though your dog has no reason to believe that he is under threat and needs to hide his scent to defend himself against the predators, he does it purely due to his survival instincts that tend to kick in occasionally. He might roll around on his back when you are walking in the park. Don’t be mad at him if he chooses to roll on mud. That is an excellent opportunity to cover his own scent. 

Similarly, your dog might roll around on your bed because your own scent is all over it. He might do it to mask his own scent or because he loves your scent a lot. We may never know.

He Likes the Feeling

It really could be anything. Your dog might love the softness of your sheets or how comfy your mattress is or that fluffy throw blanket you have. If he likes the feeling when he rolls around on your bed, that may be why he is doing it all the time.

You might have also noticed that dogs sometimes roll on their toys. While it can be due to their scent, it is also because your dog likes the feeling. Don’t forget that dogs are very playful animals and love enjoying themselves when there is a chance.

Your Dog Is Scratching His Back

Imagine bears. You have probably seen videos of them scratching their back against a tree. That is so clever because a bear cannot reach his back to scratch it. If you think about the anatomy of dogs and that they are not as flexible as cats, they cannot scratch their back either.

The easiest way for them to scratch their itchy back is to roll around on the ground. If your dog feels the need to scratch his back while he is on your bed, then that is why he is rolling on your bed.

While it is normal for dogs to get itches here and there, you need to be observant and see if he is rolling on his back more than usual. If the behavior seems excessive, then your dog might have fleas. Sometimes skin allergies and dryness can also cause itching. If you are suspicious of a health problem being the cause of the itching, contact a veterinarian.

Conclusion: Why Does My Dog Roll Around on My Bed?

So, “why does my dog roll around on my bed” you may ask. There can be many different reasons why your dog is rolling on your bed. Your pooch may simply be happy, asking for some play or affection, he might be trying to hide his scent, he might like the feeling, or he is just itching. 

After figuring out why he is rolling on your bed, it is easy to act accordingly. No matter what the case is, make sure to spend enough quality time with your dog every day and show him the care and affection that he deserves.

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