Why Does My Dog Rub His Face on Me?

Why Does My Dog Rub His Face on Me?

After introducing the bully sticks to your dog, you may sometimes notice your dog rubbing his face on you. There are several reasons why your dog rubs his face on you. It may be a way to request a bully stick, or the dog is trying to signal that it’s time for a chew.

Your pet may only be trying to get your attention. A dog may also exhibit this behavior if you give them a treat whenever they disturb you. It will help if you become aware of when you do when your dog rubs his head on your leg or face.

There are other reasons that your dog may exhibit that behavior. If you are asking yourself ‘why does my dog rub his head on me,’ you need to know that it is normal. Dogs rub their heads on surfaces, and people all the time for different reasons. It would help if you looked at the overall postures of the dog to understand the meaning of the gesture. Here are some other reasons why dogs rub their faces on their owners.

Marking the Territory

A dog can rub his face on you to rub pheromone that other dogs can sense. There are glands on a dog’s face that emit pheromones to let other dogs know something or someone is taken. In such a situation, the dog is staking a claim as the alpha in the relationship. You need to bring back the power and become the alpha in the relationship.


Dogs rub their faces on people to show love and affection. In return, you need to pet your dog to show appreciation. It can also be a sign that the dog loves you, and they are ready to do your bidding.

Itchiness or Skin Disease

Sometimes dogs can feel itchy due to small insects like dust mites, ticks, or fleas. You need to maintain high standards of hygiene on your pet to prevent insect infestation.

Also, treat your grounds and keep an eye on other dogs at the park. Insect bites can grow itchy, and your dog has to rub their face to relive the itchiness. Symptoms of skin diseases in dogs include itchiness, balding, red spots, rubbing the body on surfaces. It would help if you took your dog to the vet to check whether your pet has a skin condition and get treatment as soon as possible.

Conclusion: Why Does My Dog Rub His Face on Me?

Dog parents need to understand the right time to take away a bully stick. They are a great way to remove food particles and plaque from a dog’s teeth. However, you shouldn’t let a dog spend all day chewing on a bully stick.

You may notice a queer behavior that makes you ask yourself, ‘why does my dog rub his head on me?’ It may be a signal that your dog wants to get his favorite chew toy. There are many benefits to bully sticks, but they tend to have a repulsive smell to humans. The scent is excellent for dogs, and it encourages the dog to chew on the stick. Just ensure you choose the right size for your dog whenever you go to the pet store.

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