Dogs are Pooping in Their Crates

Reasons Why Dogs are Pooping in Their Crates and Solutions

There are many reasons why dogs might poop in their crates, and the causes are often alarming for pet parents. Because dogs are known to keep their sleeping place clean naturally as an instinct. If your pooch is making a mess in his crate, it is definitely a problem.

To understand why your dog is showing this unwanted behavior, you should look at some factors. Look at the poop as starters, because it is a reaction of what is going on inside his body. Diarrhea or constipation in dogs is a very common symptom of many medical conditions.

Another reason might be a behavioral issue. If your dog is acting nervous in his crate, that might be why your dog is leaving his stool in the crate. Anything that you will observe about your dog will be a clue to solve this accidental pooping with your vet.

Why My Dog Pooped In His Crate?

There are many reasons why dogs might have pooped in their crates, but the most common ones are:

  • Still in progress with potty training
  • His crate is too big for your dog
  • Your dog is afraid of being left behind
  • Gut diseases
  • Muscle diseases
  • Incontinence
  • Pills and medication
  • Traumatic events

As we listed above, why your dog popped in his crate can differ for many things ranging from behavioral issues to medical reasons. The most general reason why your dog cannot hold his poop when he is in his crate is that he has diarrhea or loss of bowel control.

Your Dog Might Be Still In Progress With His Potty Training

As simple as it sounds, your dog might still be learning where to poop, or maybe he is too little to hold his poop for longer periods. Puppies need to poop more frequently than grown-up dogs. Typically, a two-month-old puppy can only bear not to poop for a little over two hours.

But there is nothing to worry about because it is normal to have accidents in the crate for a puppy. Also, the progress of potty training might take longer for each individual dog. However, no dog can hold it for 8 hours or 10 hours if you are leaving him in his crate while you are at work.

Your Dog’s Crate Might Be Too Big For Him

Make sure that you have the right sized crate for your dog since it makes a lot of difference in this situation. Because when there is extra space, your dog might try to poop in that place. Since he has a very big space to sleep and lay, he will not care if there is a dump in his crate.

Dogs are naturally clean animals because they do not poop where they sleep. You should use this to your advantage when training your puppy or your elderly dog who needs to be reminded of the rules. 

Your Dog Is Afraid of Being Left Behind

Separation anxiety is another very common problem in dogs. It occurs when you leave him for a while, so he needs to be in his crate alone. He might whine, cry, or start to breathe heavily as a defense mechanism. Or worse, he might poop in his crate. 

Gut Diseases

Your dog might have a gut disease that is preventing him from controlling his own poop. There might be an allergic problem in the intestines that blocks the ability to process and digest the food he eats properly. The most common thing you can see is diarrhea or vomiting as the case what makes your dog poop in his crate.

Muscle Diseases

Though not very common, several illnesses might affect the muscles in dogs’ bodies, especially the ones related to the rectum. You should definitely consult a vet if that is the problem with your dog.


Another common problem is incontinence. This medical condition prevents dogs from controlling their bladder and poo. Yet, this problem is generally seen in elder dogs because of the old age.

Dogs are Pooping in Their Crates

Traumatic Events

Another reason might be the wounds caused by injuries or tumors that may have developed near the rectum. These types of traumas can damage the control of the anus and make it extremely difficult for your pup to control his pooping.

Pills and Medication

Your dog might be in a certain treatment with a certain medication. If you think that medication he is on is making his poop uncontrollably in his crate, you should talk about the side effects with a vet.

Solutions to Prevent Pooping in the Crate

  • Make sure that you let your dog go to the bathroom before putting his into his crate.
  • Make sure that you have completed the potty training with your dog, and he knows when and where to poop.
  • Give him enough playtime to tire him out. He might be just too bored in his crate and make a mess.
  • If your pup has separation anxiety, make sure to solve it before putting him inside his crate.
  • Organize the feeding time, because most of the dogs tend to poop after 30 minutes following the feeding time. Do not put him in his crate at least for an hour after he has his meals.
  • Feed your dog properly so that he does not get diarrhea or upset stomach.

Conclusion: Reasons Why Dogs Are Pooping in Their Crates and Solutions

Dogs might be pooping in their crates for many reasons. It might be a behavioral problem or some serious medical condition. The best thing to do is observing your dog and trying to find out what is wrong.

After that, you should try to come up with a solution. We included some of the most common reasons why dogs might be pooping in their crates. We also included some solutions.  I hope this article was helpful to some pet parents out there.

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